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According to my good friends at Wikipedia, August was originally Sextilis because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar, 753 BC. The days are shorter. People are traveling. And I'm so happy to sit by my back porch and write this for you. Happy Rest of Summer!
Local News
BASIC YOGA for Advanced Misfits
at Collaboraction Theatre: Room 300
1575 N Milwaukee Ave
Flat Iron Building in Chicago, IL

the come-as-you-are basic yoga class.

sundays 11am-noon: i teach
tuesdays 10-11am: i teach
thursdays 10-11am: judson clariborne teaches

this beginner's yoga class is for actors, rockers, artists, thinkers,  and for those who don't feel comfortable trying yoga in a yoga studio. you know who you are! i love this class. $10 cash.

Family Devotions

by David Henry Hwang

Through September 4, 2011
I play a 70 year old Chinese grandmother in this early play by Tony Award and Pulizter Prize winner, David Henry Hwang. This is really funny and really dark. Do you love God? You'd better. 


Chicago School of Thai Massage
 begins several 6 month training programs across the Midwest. Click on the photo for info on your career in the healing arts.

Everywhere News


I'm so excited to share my yoga teacher's new book with you. This book will change your life. Based on ancient yogic philosophy, this is book is like a spiritual The Artist's Way. Read more about it here and get ready for positive and real change.
And, as always...
I frikkin' dig Groupons. Lookie here.
Half price theater and spa tickets for everywhere found here.
Micro-lend to hard working folks here.

and ParaYoga®

Photo by Jim Newberry
I'm currently inspired to practice and teach expansive poses in order to expand our highest potential out to the world and to create space to receive what we need to become our best selves. This is a serious goal! Let's have fun achieving it.

My yoga website, and my yoga blog are happening. I want to blog more often, so can you clean the litter box for me so I'll have more time? Seriously, I want to create more time to do what I love, so keep an eye on my yoga blog for more frequent updates. I'll write about my process with The Four Desires book. 

As you can see to the left, I love this class!

Designer: Antonio De Castro

Our TV show pilot, "Yoga Park: Yoga with Mia Park" is now a 3-5 minute demo reel. Woah! More soon...very exciting stuff.

I teach private yoga classes.
Go deeper with your personal  yoga practice physically, energetically, and mentally. I offer mindful private yoga instruction to individuals and groups. You'll receive a custom catered practice that will benefit you greatly. Group discounts and gift certificates available. Email me for details. 

My public yoga classes:
Sundays, 11AM-Noon
@ Flat Iron Building

Tuesdays, 10-11AM
@ Flat Iron Building

Tuesdays, noon-1PM,
Level 1-2
@ Moksha Yoga

I also teach at LPAC, LVAC, WACAkal Yoga and to private clients. My full teaching schedule is here.  Be my guest to any of my gym classes. Email me. Bring a swim suit!

Yoga Workshops
Agni : Our Spiritual Flame
Tapestry Yoga Center
10/23/11, Viroqu, WII

Autumn Fire Practice
Moksha Yoga Center
11/20/11, Chicago, IL

I'm proud to be a certified ParaYoga Level I teacher. This is the culmination of studying with tantric teacher Rod Stryker for six years. 

I assist my teacher next at the Estes Park Yoga Journal Conference. This year, I also assisted Yogarupa Rod Stryker in Minneapolis, Chicago, Mexico, at Wanderlust, and studied with him in NYC.

   Friend ParaYoga on Facebook.


I am an alien in "Spaceship Convent"

BOSS airs on the Starz network starting October 21 and I hope to be in all four of the episodes I shot.

Our play, Family Devotions
runs until September 4th.

The Catastrophe
was a great shoot.  This is my 3rd film with director, Michael Smith - what a great cast and crew!

...and I'm so looking forward to a busy commercial Autmumn and to take more acting classes.

you're receiving this because we know each other through acting. yoga, music, taiji, playwriting, socializing or another magical connection.

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“all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
– martin buber
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