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Tincture Making Troubleshooting

I remember making my very first tincture. It involved a pile of herbs, my mom’s ancient crock-pot, and some old mason jars I dug out of our pantry. I am pretty sure my concoction was devoted to the beautifying of my skin, as were most of my herbal experiments at that time. You’d think I’d remember my first tincture, but really, it was so long ago I cannot summon the exact mixture of herbs I used. What I do remember is that it did not turn out exactly as planned. Before I could even test it out, the glass jar broke in several pieces in the crock pot, and I discovered that I was not quite the master herbalist I had thought I was, and that I still had a little to learn.

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The world of herbs is simpler than most would assume, but still tricky at the same time. As with every art, profession, skill, interest, ability and passion, you have to learn, study, and experiment before you become good at what you do.

My mom is an incredible cook, but she didn’t pass down the instant-master-chef gene down to me. I have had to experiment, fail and repeat until I learned how to serve consistently tasty meals that keep everyone wanting more. Don’t worry though, because herbs are a lot easier to make than dinner. Yes, there are specific methods of using life-giving herbs that will help to promote your success and help you achieve your ultimate goal. Once you get the few Basic Methods down, and with a little help of a good Research Aid, you will be well on your way to master herbalist in no time.

The Bulk Herb Store has devoted their entire YouTube Channel to showing you how simple it is to learn and live well with herbs. Shoshanna demonstrates in over a hundred different videos how to brew tea to herbal perfection and everything in between. From creating tons of beauty recipes like natural hairspray, lotions, scrubs, hair treatments and toothpaste; to mastering delicious dishes and dessert recipes; to concocting disease-fighting tonics and tinctures, Shoshanna covers it all. In this week’s YouTube, Shoshanna is tincture troubleshooting. She’ll give you the tips and the tricks of the trade and explain in detail just how to make sure your tincture is a success. From when to strain them, how long to brew them, how to ensure your glass jar does not crack, etc. Shoshanna explains how to store them, how long to store them for, and more. Perhaps if I had watched this as a young girl, I would not have had so much of a hard time with my first tincture.

Shoshanna has a lot of experience under her belt. She has researched, tried, failed, and started again, settling for nothing but the best. Due to all that hard work, research, experimenting, learning, and plain old experience, she delivers to us the finished product: tried and true recipes and methods to ensure the rest of us are success stories, just as she is now. She made all those little first time mistakes so we don’t have to. As a walking encyclopedia of herbal and natural health, she has never, and I mean never not known the answer to any question I have presented her in that arena. So don’t miss this week’s video or any of the other ones to come. Whether you want some dinner inspiration, a project for your kids, a project for yourself, or want to see an experienced, wise and beautiful herbalist demonstrate a recipe using God-given medicinal plants, don’t miss checking out our rich YouTube Channel today!

Learn & Live Well!
Hannah Stoll


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