KBGA E-Newsletter

January 2016
Happy New Year from KBGA!
 Funds Raised for Educational Kitchen and Indoor Farmers Market

Funding of 370,000 dollars has been raised thanks to grants from the City of Knoxville ($250,000), the Siddiqi Charitable Trust ($50,000) and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture ($70,000), allowing for construction to begin that will renovate the historic Mule Barn. This renovation will accommodate both an indoor farmers market and commercial community kitchen.
The kitchen will have three main focuses: to cultivate community by celebrating the local, plant-based harvest and the diversity of traditional foods, to teach basic cooking skills and kitchen knowledge, and to create jobs by renting the commercial space to local entrepreneurs ready to start food businesses.

"Instead of teaching nutrition from the book, we'll be introducing a sustainable world of healthy eating by showing the importance and ease of whole-food cooking and building a business incubator that promotes food production and processing for years to come!"
                            - Charlotte Rodina
Our December Volunteer Day was a success! We enjoyed decorating a tree for the Welcome Center. 

The next KBGA Volunteer Workday will be held January 23rd, 2016 from 9am to 12pm. To register please click here.
Start the new year off with this delicious green goddess detox soup courtesy of the Rumble Cure!
Click here for recipe.