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Volume #92

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Digital Marketing and Social Media Workshop

Last week, I attended the Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Workshop presented by Register Media.


  • A popular phrase in the digital space is, “Content is King”. A spin on that phrase, “Optimized content is king; conversion is queen.”
  • Consumers now want 10 info spots, not the 4 or 5 info spots that sufficed 10 years ago. Info spot options: customized landing page, website, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, e-newsletter, newspaper advertisement, reviews, deals/offers, QR Code…

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Charitable Auction to Benefit Mike Wasike Family

I was recently made aware of this community event and wanted to share it with my audience. Please take some time to make yourselves familiar with Mike Wasike’s situation and help if you can:

On Sunday, Nov. 17, a group of Des Moines-area volunteers, led by the 50-person Maple Grove United Methodist Church, will host a charitable auction event to raise money for the Mike Wasike family. All proceeds from the event and all freewill donations will help fund the Wasike family’s medical and living expenses.

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18 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros
  1. Stay top of mind using Linkedin tags
  2. Post in “micro-opportunity” windows
  3. Research popular content from your competitors
  4. Increase views on YouTube using these thumbnail creation tips
  5. Limit your social media platforms
  6. Find work with Twitter's advanced search
  7. Grow by giving away your best stuff
  8. Connect with Twitter's mobile users
  9. Find prospects online with twitter
  10. Easily connect with your email subscribers on Linkedin and Facebook
  11. Find content to share using platform searches
  12. Make your podcast easily consumable on mobile
  13. Think of social media as a publicity engine and distribution channel
  14. Include an original photo in your new piece of content
  15. Allow employees to advocate for your business
  16. Attend live events
  17. Build authority relationships with Google+ reverse image lookup
  18. Actively use SlideShare pro to acquire subscribers

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Suzanne Hull
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I have office hours on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at Smokey Row from 9-11am. I set aside this time to answer people's questions regarding social media, their websites, general marketing, starting their own business and anything else they want to talk about. FOR FREE!

Suzanne is a Des Moines transplant who has realized the Power of being a Free Agent. Well-versed in many and varied skills, she has a passion for helping organizations and people achieve their potential. Suzanne = wife, traveler, multi-linguist, triathlete and cook.


Suzanne Hull, the Get It Done Girl, is a great resource for helping "techno-scaredy cats" get up-to-date with the social media world. She is knowledgeable, patient and gentle in her one-on-one instruction, and her tips and help lead to measurable results in viewership and contacts. In addition, Suzanne is a top-notch workshop presenter and a skilled group facilitator. Two thumbs up to Suzanne Hull, the Get It Done Girl, of Contemporary Business Solutions!

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