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Contemporary Business Solutions
Volume #80

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Feedly: My New Google Reader

In case this earth-shattering news hasn’t landed on your doorstep yet, as of July 1, 2013, Google will be shutting down their product called the Google Reader.

For those unfamiliar, Google Reader is an aggregator of RSS feeds. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” and by using a feed aggregator you can view every post made on a website without going to the actual website itself. In this way, users can follow the updates of hundreds of sites at once.

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Social Media Defined By Kids [VIDEO]

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Top 10 Ways to be Rude in Business

Here are the top 10 petty annoyances people in the business world inflict on others (in no particular order -- they're all equally annoying depending on the context). In other words, if you catch yourself doing any of the things below, stop:

  1. Being late
  2. Communication evasion
  3. And the abuse
  4. Inviting messages, then ignoring them
  5. Being ungrateful
  6. Demanding instead of asking
  7. The cloak of anonymity
  8. Dropping names
  9. Dissing job applicants
  10. Annoying the other 95 percent of the world

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Suzanne Hull
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Contemporary Business Solutions

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As the "Get It Done Girl", I help small businesses become more efficient by offering a variety of services on an as-needed basis:
  • Social Media Coaching and Community Management
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Event Planning and Conference Management
  • General Business Support
  • Basic Website Development
  • German/Spanish Translation & German Tutoring
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I have office hours on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at Smokey Row from 9-11am. I set aside this time to answer people's questions regarding social media, their websites, general marketing, starting their own business and anything else they want to talk about. FOR FREE!


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Suzanne is a Des Moines transplant who has realized the Power of being a Free Agent. Well-versed in many and varied skills, she has a passion for helping organizations and people achieve their potential. Suzanne = wife, traveler, multi-linguist, triathlete and cook.


I have worked with Suzanne on several projects and have been more than impressed with her. Suzanne is committed to understanding my business needs, she is extremely empathetic to our needs and she is wonderful at creating solutions that work within the scope of those requirements and resources. She is a consummate professional and she always provides value to the working relationship. Aside from being a great business person, she is also wonderful to work with and an absolute joy to be around. Suzanne can help you on so many levels and her expertise would be a feather in the cap of any business...big or small. I would gladly hire her again and would highly recommend her.

Brian VanHeuverswyn
Electronic Media Director
August Home Publishing
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