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Does your business have soul?

In this blog post, I wrote about my observations that led me to start my own business. Having been laid off in February 2009, I was seeing a disconnect between the needs of employees and employers.  Employees want full time jobs with benefits.  In this economic climate, employers can't hire full time employees, but they have work that still needs to be done.  I was also seeing that many folks who were laid off were starting their own businesses.  They were frustrated because they couldn't devote the time they wanted to their new business because they had to do all of the other "stuff" associated with running a business.  Unfortunately, they weren't yet in a position to hire a permanent employee. 

This is where I come in; I work contractually when there is a need. This is a win-win situation.

All of these observations over a nine month period led me to create my own business. I bring my passion for helping others to every client meeting and project. "How can I help?" I ask this question everytime I interact with a client or prospect.

TIP: Product Launch Event 

I recently attended an event where the organization did a good job of creating hype. The attendees only knew that something fabulous was going to happen at a certain location at a certain time. I bought into the hype and attended the event. It turned out to be a new product launch event. There was a brief introduction provided by the President about the importance of the product and what drove the organization to invest in it. While he was speaking, volunteers were dispatched around the room to hand out the product and accompanying promotional t-shirt. 

Can you guess what happened? Everyone was too busy playing with the product to listen to the instructions on how to use it! The product was technical in nature, so the instructions would have been helpful, but the crowd started talking to each other trying to find out what the device was and how to use it themselves. The result was a speaker trying to yell over the crowd to reign in their attention and frustrated guests leaving the event not knowing how to use the product. 

If you’re organizing an event to launch a new product that you plan to give to the guests, hand it out AFTER it’s been introduced and instructions have been given. Better yet, include a flier with this information. 

TIP: How to Suck at Facebook 

I found an extremely lighthearted post from the folks at http://theoatmeal.com about what NOT to do on Facebook, especially if you’re using it for business. Take a look at the post, enjoy a few laughs and in the next newsletter, I’ll share some tips on how you SHOULD be using Facebook for business. Note: If you’re conducting business on Facebook as outlined in this post, please STOP. 


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Suzanne Hull, Owner

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I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them save time and money by working virtually, on an as-needed basis, as an event planner, business support specialist, social media guru and translator.

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About Stein's Way Suzanne is a Des Moines transplant who has realized the Power of being a Free Agent. Well-versed in many and varied skills, she has a passion for helping organizations and people achieve their potential. Suzanne = wife, traveler, multi-linguist, triathlete and cook.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Suzanne as both a job seeker when she was blogging as Unemployedindesmoines and as a vendor to my company now that she is consulting through her new venture – Contemporary Business Solutions.  She has always impressed me with her energy and enthusiasm.  Her attitude is infectious.  She has also always “gotten it”.  Her business acumen is unbelievable.  She has been able to help me aim my efforts and resources in a way that has had a measurable positive effect on my bottom line.  This combination of spirit and business savvy is rare.  If you get the chance to have her help you out – take it.

Ben Stone, RPO Consulting

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