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Volume #8


Thank you for your interest in this newsletter. Through the discussion, I hope to give you a sense of what it is that I do as well as tips and tricks that you can apply to your business.


There are still a few seats left!

Tue, 18-May *FREE* Social Media for Small Business Workshop Overview

In this FREE workshop, learn why it’s important to engage in social media as a small business owner and how best to engage in which platforms to get the most out of your time. Register:


Create a WordPress Website/Blog Session I $25, Tue, 25-May

Bring your laptop and we’ll create a basic website/blog for your business using WordPress. WordPress allows you to develop a website/blog for free. If your business does not currently have a website or blog this is a great start. We’ll create a few critical pages for your site and focus on the techniques of blogging. Prerequisite: General computer skills. Register:


“Training for the Hy-Vee Triathlon Has Taught Me…”


In addition to growing my business, my life lately revolves around training for the Hy-Vee Triathlon which takes place on June 13th. This coming week, I’ll spend close to 9 hours training – and that doesn’t include the commute.


How do I find the time? I schedule it and I stick to it. Just like blogging, I’ve got to schedule time, otherwise the day gets away from me.


Read the blog post to find out what other similarities I’ve found between training for a triathlon and being a business owner…I’ve got a lot of time to think about these things out on the bike for 2 hours!


TIP: Before you hit “Send” reread and proofread your content


This goes for anything that you write, be it blog post, tweet, Facebook status update or email. While you can delete a tweet or Facebook status update pretty quickly, there is still the chance that someone has seen it. You can retract a blog post, but you can’t remove it from the Google Readers of your RSS feed subscribers. The damage has already been done. We’ve all tried to “unsend” an email. It doesn’t work. Take the extra few seconds/minutes to reread what you write both for content and for grammar and ask yourself the following:


  • Could what I’ve written possibly be taken the wrong way
  • Is what I’ve written clear and concise for my audience (does it need to be?)
  • Could my words hurt another person (Maybe this conversation should be had over the phone)
  • With email, could there be any fallout if my message is forwarded to an unintended recipient
  • Spell check only gets you so far – it doesn’t catch the to, too and two slipups


Could taking this extra time help you avoid sticky situations?


TIP: The CMO’s Guide to the Social Media Landscape from


I found this really nifty tool that provides a clear analysis of which social media platforms you should be involved with based upon your marketing strategy The CMO’s Guide to the Social Media Landscape. Do you want to communicate more with your customers or boost traffic to your website? Check it out and let me know what you think.



Let me know how I can help!

These newsletters are meant to be a resource to help you in your business. Between the publishing of these newsletters, I create and share content through
blog posts, Twitter and Facebook. Connect with me here.


As a newsletter subscriber, what would you like to learn about? Where do you see the need for efficiencies within your organization? To whom will you forward this newsletter?


Email me your thoughts, tweet them or leave me a note on Facebook. Let me know how I can help you and your organization realize your potential.


Suzanne Hull

Contemporary Business Solutions


Business Solutions

As the "Get It Done Girl", I help small businesses become more efficient by offering a variety of services on an as-needed basis:
  • Social Media Coaching and Community Management
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Event Planning and Conference Management
  • General Business Support
  • Basic Website Development
  • German/Spanish Translation & German Tutoring
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Office Hours

I have office hours on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at Smokey Row from 9-11am. I set aside this time to answer people's questions regarding social media, their websites, general marketing, starting their own business and anything else they want to talk about. FOR FREE!


Need help with social media? Sign up for one of seven workshops here
About Stein's Way Suzanne is a Des Moines transplant who has realized the Power of being a Free Agent. Well-versed in many and varied skills, she has a passion for helping organizations and people achieve their potential. Suzanne = wife, traveler, multi-linguist, triathlete and cook.


Suzanne was wonderful to work with from designing our website to educating us on all areas of social media. She is very knowledgeable, and if she doesn’t know the answer, she finds it! The social media coaching she provided has completely changed our ability to reach and market to customers! I very highly recommend Suzanne!

Gretchen Sandfort, PT, GKCC, Ponderosa Valley Wellness
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