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Question of the Month: Space?!

 Space: mental, emotional, physical. I used to be someone who needed a lot of space - at least that’s what I thought. A room of my own and lots of time alone in it. Whole days, preferably several at a time. However, since becoming a mother six years ago I have had none of this. I feel lucky at present if I get a chance to visit the loo unaccompanied, and invariably, even if I have managed to sneak off unseen, one of my children will come find me or holler to me that they need something urgently when I am still mid-pee. I am still somewhat shocked and perplexed by this, by the contrast between my pre-motherhood identity, as someone who required a great deal of space in order to survive, and the reality of my life with children – days and nights of constant company. I have even managed to dispossess myself of a room in our house – at the moment I sleep in the children’s room so that my son refers to the other bedroom as “Daddy’s” – Mummy doesn’t have, or apparently require, a space of her own.

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A New Producer!

I am delighted to announce that Lizzy Humber will be stepping into the role of MWM’s producer from mid-April onwards. Lizzy is a mother, producer, community artist and actor based in Devon. Lizzy is in the middle of setting up a MWM hub in Exeter with a collective of mother-artists. I am looking forward to our first face to face date next weekend where we are expecting to drink lots of tea, fill a couple of notebooks and stick all our MWM ideas up on the wall on many, many post-it notes - the children will be sure to join in too!

You will be hearing from Lizzy more over the next few months as we plan and plot the new website and branding, announce our artists commissions and support the development of the 27 MWM hubs across GB! Yes 27! Also we will be sending out your crowdfunding rewards! Thank you for your patience on this.
It's both exciting and slightly scary....

Regular Listings
Meetings are at Bristol Old Vic
Wednesday 18th April
Wednesday 16th May
Wednesday 13th June
10 - 11.30am

Meetings are at Craft Locker
Tuesday 17th April
Friday 18th May
Wednesday 20th June

Meetings are at The Spark Arts
Monday 21st May

South London:
Meetings are at Battersea Arts Centre 
Saturday 21st April 

North London:
Meetings are at JW3 
Friday 20th April

Meetings are at HOME
Monday 30th April
Monday 21st May
10.30am - 12.30pm.

Meetings are at Northern Stage
Wednesday 2nd May

Meetings are at Crucible Lyceum Studio 
Wednesday 11th April

Meetings are at York Art Gallery
Wednesday 9th May
Wednesday 11th June
Wednesday 13th July
New Groups coming up
New London City group coming soon to Theatre Deli – look out for dates. 

Also watch this space for hubs opening in Exeter, Dartington, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Frome, Liverpool.

Is your area not on the list?

Get in touch to make a MWM hub happen near you:

Warm wishes,

PS from our friends ... 
Procreate Project is launching a new platform for the promotion and dissemination of original art-works, prints and publications made by contemporary artists who are mothers.
To further ensure professional development of contemporary female artists with caring responsibilities, the online shop will promote and sell original art worksincluding painting, photography, sculptures, drawings, illustrations and prints.
The art works don’t have necessarily to respond to or be related to the theme of motherhood as the Procreate Project shop aims to promote the work made by mothers, no matter what the theme is. 
We will also be selecting hard-to-find publications related to the themes of motherhood, womanhood and feminism.
To apply, visit the website
Desperate Artwives presents SHE SHOWS in collaboration with Leyden Gallery.
We are looking for female artists who work with with film, video, spoken word and performance to participate in
SHE SHOWS a series of performative happenings.
Work must be no longer than 20 minutes duration and have a feminist/womanist agenda.

Submit proposals by 9th April 2018 to
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