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Question of the Month:
What are your Resources?
By Matilda Leyser
“Under Pressure, Under Pressure….”, my seven year old son is being Freddie Mercury. He sings with impressive pop-star intensity into the karaoke microphone we gave him last Christmas. He understands this song. He likes the video that goes with it: crowds of people pouring through the streets, tower blocks exploding, bridges collapsing. It seems to serve as a way to release some of the pressure in him, to sing into the mic in front of the blue sofa in the living room, as if he were onstage facing thousands.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling under pressure…”
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Invisible Motherhood

By Lizzy Humber

Lizzy writes about her recent miscarriage and invites others to share responses to aspects of motherhood that are often invisible in society:

“I’m standing in The Real Food, my eyes darting across each shelf scanning, analysing each item for it’s potential. A shop assistant appears keenly, sensing my urgency and specificity, I explain I want a small cloth or paper bag that will biodegrade in the earth. I notice simple hemp bags hanging pristinely at the zero waste stand and hurriedly buy some cornflakes and pumpkin seeds. I forget to weigh them and have to fluster with this at the counter. I’m terrified the assistant knows I am trying to buy a shroud for my baby…”
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Mother of the Month: Lucy Bell

Lucy Bell is a playwright, theatre producer, director and mother of three, who’s cracking on with her career despite the noise:

“I’d like to say I’m doing this out of an altruistic urge to set an empowering example to my elder daughter, but I think she’d prefer it if I was a full-time PTA mum. However, if that creative urge is in you, you may as well humour it (within reason) because it won’t go away, and you’ll be a miserable and/or bitter parent otherwise (which is worse). I think when you’re creative you can be quite abstracted; your head is always off somewhere else, and you’re often clock-watching for some solitude to try ideas out, so I feel a bit bad about that. Andrea Dunbar got round it by locking her kids in a room. Sue Townsend and Victoria Wood seemed to manage being mums and total geniuses without taking such drastic measures. Writing is very flexible so I’m there for most of the school runs, breakfasts and suppers.”
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Let's try a 2-week rehearsal over 3 months!
Matt Harper-Hardcastle, Director of York based Theatre Company, Next Door But One, is trying something radical. Having employed two actors who are mothers, the company has been exploring ways in which the rehearsal and production schedules can be inclusive and accommodating for parents. Matt and actor Anna Rogers share an interview about their work:

“So many companies fail to take into account that being a mother (or parent in general) doesn't automatically mean you become a drain or liability to the business; it can actually mean the opposite. Mothers are multi taskers, hard workers and they thrive on results ... isn't parenting all this and more?” - Anna
Anna on Radio York with youngest child
Read Next Door But One Interview
Thank you!

Thank you all so very much for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Mothers Who Make movement. We have read with interest your ideas and responses and this will help shape what comes next – more on that soon. The winner of the 1-hour mentoring session with Matilda Leyser will be contacted next week.
Join us at your local hub
We’re seeking new facilitators to supporting running the following hubs as a collective at Cambridge Junction, Theatre Deli London, Atelier Arts Stroud, Northern Stage Newcastle, Sheffield Theatres and Oxford. For more information please contact

If you are interested in starting a hub in your local area read more here. We will be supporting a new phase of hubs to launch in the Spring.
Events Coming Up
Occupy The Airwaves
Dreadnaught SouthWest take over Phonic FM in Exeter as part of International Women’s Day. Join Lizzy Humber and women from MWM Exeter Hub for a 1-hour radio show about mothering and making. Listen live online here: 
Friday 8th March, 11:00AM - 12:00PM 

Motherhood, Makers and Female Artists
Afternoon at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge with Mothers Who Make.
Sunday 10th March, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Mothers Who Make: Poetry Special
With Helen Mort, Rachel Bower and Toria Garbutt
Thursday 28 March, 10:00 - 13:00 at Cooper Gallery, Barnsley
From our Friends

From Jenna Norman, Campaign Coordinator for Women for a People’s Vote:
"There are less than 50 days until the United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union. Thanks to gridlock in Westminster and Brussels a deal is looking less and less likely.

Women for a People’s Vote is working to point out that it will be women who are disproportionately disadvantaged by a Brexit of any kind, not least a no deal scenario. This is because the European Union safeguards our hard earned rights, particularly for working mothers as well as our services and income.

Every single economic analysis of Brexit shows it will lead to economic downturn, inflation, increased cost of living and less money for public services including the NHS where women are 77% of staff and overrepresented users. If we’ve learnt anything from 10 years of austerity it’s that when money’s tight, it’s women and working mothers who suffer most.

We could also be left behind the EU on gender equality: for example the European Parliament is currently working on a paid carers leave directive, why would we turn away now?

A People’s Vote is the ONLY way to get an affirmative decision. Now that we know what Brexit means for women, we should demand a final say. If you agree or would like to know more please follow us on Twitter or join our #MyVoiceMyReason campaign today." 
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