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Improbable's Devoted & Disgruntled Satellite
I have a baby HELP- how can parents have arts careers?

Hosted by Improbable

Wednesday 25th April, 7.00-10:30pm
The Clare, Young Vic, Waterloo

An invitation from Matilda Leyser and all of Improbable
Are you a parent working in theatre, in any capacity?
Would you like to be a parent but are afraid it would end your career?
Did you not get that acting job because you were pregnant?
Do you want to take your baby into rehearsals, onto the stage?
Do you want everyone to shut up about the baby and ask you a
proper grown-up question?
Is childcare eating up all of your pay?
Are you sick of juggling family and career and feeling behind on both?
Are you sick of other people's kids?
Are you a young person whose parent works in the theatre? Do you wish your mum or dad would get a proper job?
Do you feel that you should never work with people with children or animals?

Matilda writes:
At the first big annual D&D I attended in 2008 I remember going to a session on having children and keeping a career in the arts. This year the issue came up again, and this year I had a baby to bring along to it. So now I am more aware than ever of how, as an artist with a child, I feel I should be seen but not heard, whilst the baby should be neither seen nor heard in many rehearsal rooms and theatres. I am also aware of how hot an issue this is from every angle - those who have children, those who don't, those who want them, those who didn't have them....everyone has a position, and I am surprised how hard it is to talk about, how even the conversations feel as if they must be given their own creche, their own separate, safety-locked area.

This satellite is an opportunity to bring your perspective out into the open, to be seen and heard whether you are a parent, work with a parent, or have suddenly realised that you might, at some point, like to be a parent, then this conversation needs you.
All ages, genders and opinions are welcome. Look forward to seeing you there, along with any family member that wants to come too!

Full Details 

25th April
7:00 - 10:30pm 
The Clare
Young Vic
66 The Cut
Waterloo, London

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This event is free!
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