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I am not sure whether it is that things have got worse, more complex, frightening, depressing, dangerous since I became a mother or whether it is that motherhood has made me more aware, political and at the same time more sensitive, more easily overwhelmed by the state of the world. Probably it’s both.

What to do? About the overwhelm and about the world and my part in it? Some people have told me that they do not ever want to have children because the world is in such a sorry mess it doesn’t seem right to bring new life into it. Whilst I respect this view I don’t share it. In response to the sorry mess having a child and bringing him/ her up with care seems like a hopeful strategy, equipping the next generation the best we can with the means to meet the challenges ahead.

The only other hopeful thing I know to do is to make art. It isn’t necessarily overtly political work but on some level it is a response to being alive here now. Neither mothering nor making are quick fixes. From day to day I often feel scared, grief-stricken, anxious and helpless. Longterm however I do believe that both the things I do - making and caring - can be world-changing.

Here then are my questions for the month: How do you cope? How do you manage the overwhelm? What gives you hope? How, if at all, do you engage with the change you want to see in the world as a mother or as a maker? 
Come to our London meeting to share (details below) or visit our FACEBOOK page to join the discussion there.  
Next meetings ... 

Tuesday May 23rd

The South Bank Centre
Violet Room within The Royal Festival Hall building.  
Enter via the Clore Ballroom level and then head down the stairs one level and follow the signs. 

Every kind of maker welcome, professional and/or passionate, and every kind of mother. Please also feel free to bring along your children of any age, whether they are inside you, beside you or running round the room. Mothers of older children are also extremely welcome. Bring toys or whatever creative materials would make you and/ or your child feel most welcome.

£5 or £3 concessions requested.

It’s always useful to get a sense of numbers beforehand so please drop me a line at to say if you intend to come. 

Future London dates: June 27th

BRISTOL: I am delighted to announce the start of a new group based at The Bristol Old Vic 
Our first meeting will be Wednesday May 17th from

MANCHESTER: Meetings are at HOME
22nd May, 12th June 10.30am-12.30pm

THANET:  Meetings are at
10th June 2-3.30pm.

 7th June, 5th July 10.30am-12pm 

I look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it to The South Bank on Tuesday 23rd.

Warm wishes,


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