Styling vs Decorating Workshop

I shot all the styling ideas for Nomad at locations around Sydney (thankyou to all my friends!) with my brother, Chris. It shows that you can use any decorative background and restyle and change according to your desires and recent inspirations. Any of these locations could have been changed to suit any of my current fads. Don’t theme your spaces, simply add flavour from your recent adventures or life experiences.

This workshop is not about expensive renovations or construction changes, but about adding and subtracting and rearranging your existing things, it’s about lo-fi and being clever and upcycling with the things you already have.

I will talk about these ideas of lo-fi and upcycling and demonstrate my edit process. I will also discuss what I feel are the differences between stylists & decorators and what each offers. This will be a fun one with lots of demonstrations!!

Location TBA

BYO TBA (depending on where it's held grog will be BYO or available there)

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27th March 2012 - 6:30pm


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