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Solve Training Needs Now with Course Bundles

We know you're busy. That's why we made course bundles to make finding and buying the courses you need even easier.
We know training managers are busy, so we're very pleased to announce our latest time-saver: Course bundles, or “playlists” of training courses purchased as a group. Whether you're shopping for a complete competency-based curriculum or just interested in providing a wide selection of course options to your learners, course bundles are complete solutions for your training needs.

We're proud to offer flexible course purchase options, including buying courses as you need them, purchasing course bundles and our new Pay-Per-Use option.

OpenSesame means solving your training needs, instantly. When you shop for courses on OpenSesame, look out for the bundle banner or contact us for help finding the training courses you need. 
Business Skills for a Global Audience from Cegos 

Cegos is the leading global provider of finance, marketing, sales and operations courses, with more than 200 courses available in 11 languages. With respected subject matter experts in a wide range of business topics, Cegos courses unlock online learning for today’s global workplace, enabling companies to reduce expenditures on custom content development and translation.

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