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"One looks forward eagerly to the next issue of Gibecière [...] if anyone can unearth ancient accounts of conjuring, it will be Kalush and his merry band of scholars."
- Martin Gardner

Below is a sample of what you can find in our back issues.  Find summaries of each of the 10 available issues on our Gibecière page at

Volume 1, No. 1
Winter 2005
The heralded premiere issue of Gibecière features:
  • Volker Huber on the history of the Himber Wallet
  • Vanni Bossi chronicling Mnemonic Decks
  • Robert Jutte on card mechanics of the Middle Ages
  • Ricky Jay on the Davenport Brothers & Fay

Volume 1, No. 2
Summer 2006

In this issue Mitsunobu Matsuyama begins a series of articles investigating magic in Japan after the opening of the country.  Also:
  • A study of R écr éations Math ématique by Albrecht Heeffer
  • Mike Caveney on Del Adelphia, the Cowboy Magician

Volume 2, No. 1
Winter 2007

In his introductory Pocket Notes, editor Stephen Minch writes, "This issue furthers our desire for the international exploration of the history of magic, featuring four articles by scholars in Germany, Italy, and Japan."
  • The Educated Swan - Volker Huber
  • Part II of An Investigation into Magic in Japan After the Opening of the Country - Mitsunobu Matsuyama
  • Notes on Pietro Aretino's LE CARTE PARLANTI - Aurelio Paviato
  • Abraham Bamberg: The Augmentation of a Dynasty - Peter Br äuning

Volume 2, No. 2
Summer 2007

In a brief departure from our usual style, we dedicate this issue to the translation and analysis of one of the rarest and most important books in the history of magic.

In 1593, Venice, Italy, Horatio Galasso’s Giochi di carte belissimi (Most beautiful card games) was printed for the first time. No less important for our history than Scot’s Discoverie of witchcraft or Prevost’s La premiere partie des svbtiles, et plaisantes inventions, Galasso’s book broke new ground in early card magic. During the late 16th century we have numerous accounts of great sleight of hand men traveling around Europe performing card magic, but with Galasso’s seminal work we now have a book with numerous methods. Here for the first time is the explanation of what became the famous 21 card trick, as well as the system that would later be attributed to Si Stebbins.

This rare treasure, which is only known in two examples, has been translated into English by Lori Pieper.

More importantly, we have the distinct pleasure of publishing the esteemed late Vanni Bossi’s detailed analysis of this wonderful book.

Volume 3, No. 1
Winter 2008

In this issue is another first-time English translation, this one a brief biography of Bartolomeo Bosco, first published in France in 1851 and, shortly after, appearing in Italian edited by F.A. Rosental.  Ricky Jay is back to provide the introduction to The Adventures of Bartolomeo Bosco.  Also inside is:
  • Part III of Mitsunobu Matsuyama's Investigation into Magic in Japan After the Opening of the Country
  • William E. Spooner traces the dubious and fascinating history of the ideomechanic pendulum commonly known as The Sex Detector.
  • Max Beckmann and His Magic Mirror by Volker Huber

Volume 3, No. 2
Summer 2008

In this issue, along with Part IV of Matsuyama's in-depth analysis of Japanese magic history, are two articles that dip into the rich and frequently turgid depths of the symbiotic relationship between magic and deception.  They are:
  • Vernon the Mesmerist - Peter Lamont
  • Lessons Written with a Small Gimmick - Loren Pankratz

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