Young Global Changemakers Award 2023 !

Gender Just Climate Solutions Award Honoree at COP27!

Gender & Climate Action Summit in New York

Sustain The World and SEFY International participated in the Gender & Climate Action Summit in North America CXC with ChangemakerXchange. The summit connects young climate changemakers around the world.


Featured Solar PV projects

In the face of persistent power shortages in Lebanon, the need for renewable energy solutions is only growing bigger. As part of the RISE2030 initiative teams installed PV solar systems providing Aitannit’s wastewater treatment plant and Jeb Jannine Waste recycling facility with renewable energy.

The projects are funded by the German Government in partnership with Traunstein District and GIZ.

Featured Projects

Circular economy: DAWWERA initiative

Designing Alternatives for Water, Waste, and Energy in Rural Areas (DAWWERA) initiative aims at empowering stakeholders in the water-energy- waste, and food nexus through integrating the circular economy approach that considers the linkages between these sectors while capturing the social, economic, and environmental aspects.

The DAWWERA steering committee – including AUB, Berytech, Democracy Reporting International (DRI), Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA), Difaf, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Recycle Lebanon, Sustain the World, and the Waste Management Coalition.

The event is co-funded by the UK Embassy in Lebanon.

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Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development

Sustain The World executed a sustainability and renewable energy training in Bekaa through the generous support of the CG fund.

Women’s Economic Participation Project (WEP)

Sixty women installed Solar PV systems in North and Mount Lebanon as part of the WEP training.

Women’s Economic Participation Project (WEP) is funded by the Canadian Embassy and implemented by UNDP and RMF in North and Mount Lebanon.