Green Circles

our newest, fully sustainable climate action initiative!

Green Circles, our renewable energy-powered initiative, aims to reduce material use and recapture “waste” as a resource to manufacture new materials and products.

The initiative offers education, training, and work experience to the underserved, helping them back into employment and independent living :

  • A fully sustainable climate action initiative

  • Implements a circular vision

  • A collaborative, community-led initiative

  • Practical, scalable, and replicable

  • Women-led and women inclusive

  • Creates green jobs

  • Empowers women, youth, & refugees

  • Eco-innovative


Green Circles’ model

WEP: A renewable energy training program for women in the South and Bekaa.

Funded by the Canadian Embassy and implemented by UNDP in partnership with AUB in the South and Bekaa regions, Women's Economic Participation Lebanon supported women’s integration and progression in the Labor Market.

فتيات ونساء تحدّين الأدوار النمطية في مجال الطاقة البديلة
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Green Circles
is funded by the European Union and under the auspices of CESVI through the Youth Empowerment for Social Impact (YESI) project

Women's Economic Participation in North and Mount Lebanon (WEP) is funded by the Canadian Embassy and implemented by UNDP, AUB, and Sustain the world (Rise2030 project)