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Employers, learners and education providers all agree that the gap between education and employment is growing. TechBac has been developed to bridge that gap. This new gold standard curriculum has been designed and endorsed by industry to give 14 to 19 year olds the technical and professional skills needed to progress onto an apprenticeship, into university or into the modern jobs market.

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Apologies for sending this twice. Somehow, after spending a few hours putting it together, I fell at the last hurdle. <sigh>

Anyway... I don't know about you, but I've had a pretty great week. I worked four days, spending a couple of them down in London. While I was there I met up with some really intresting people and did some enjoyable work. More about that in my weeknote.

Since relaunching this newsletter with a new name and format, I've had a little bit of feedback by email and social media. Most people seem to welcome the change, while others have their reservations. What do you think now we're a few weeks in? Just hit reply to this email to have your say. I always enjoy hearing from subscribers and reply quickly. :)

My blog posts this week:

TIDE podcast

TIDE Ep.25: No-Tech Peeple

Today In Digital Education is a regular podcast hosted by Dai Barnes and Doug Belshaw, focusing on education, technology, and everything in between.

In this episode we discuss shorter workweeks, a ‘no-tech’ school, a new rating service for humans, Edward Snowden, Evernote and bookmarking apps, and more!

Tweet of the week

If Google’s self-driving car is designed by the same people who make Google Docs, I’ll never be able to find the vehicle anytime I need it.

Links of the week

Toolset, Skillset, Mindset

I'm late to this August blog post from Tom Barrett. In it, he talks about ways he's using it from a Design Thinking approach in an educational context.

The Blockchain Might Be The Next Disruptive Technology

The Blockchain Might Be The Next Disruptive Technology

Things that are difficult to explain using homely metaphors can be difficult to understand. That being said, this TechCrunch article does a pretty good job - as does this post likening the blockchain to a distributed journal.

How to be agile in a non-agile environment

How to be agile in a non-agile environment

This post by the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) explains how you can introduce new ways of working in a traditional environment. Good stuff.

Also worth exploring

The human cloud: A new world of work
The lost rivers that lie beneath London

The human cloud: A new world of work

A Financial Times article that explains the concept of the 'human cloud', a way of algorithmically-allocating work. Scary and awesome in equal parts.

The lost rivers that lie beneath London

I knew that the River Fleet was covered over in the 19th century, but this BBC article explains what happened to other Thames tributaries...

What disruptors really want
How to Optimize Your Hotel Room to Get a Good Night's Sleep

What disruptors really want

Great post by Prof. Martin Weller, riffing off work by Audrey Watters, and rightly mocking a recent Richard Branson-headlined event about 'disrupting education'.

How to Optimize Your Hotel Room to Get a Good Night's Sleep

Unless you're very lucky, trying to get to sleep in even the best hotel room can be a hit-and-miss affair. This Lifehacker posts helps increase your chances.

GIF of the week

I really like this gif that Ian O'Byrne shared in our super-secret Slack channel this week.

It works on so many levels! It's perhaps the best thing I've seen to include in an email after you've just performed a slightly passive/aggressive action...

Quotation of the week

"You were placed on this earth to create not to compete."

Robert Anthony
Until next week!
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