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Monday 23 May
Caring for your church - news, advice and more. Sent to all Clergy, Readers, ALMs, LLMs, Churchwardens and Deanery Lay Chairs.
In this Issue:
  • Welcome to churchwardens
  • Filming template
  • Pro-forma for terrier and inventory
  • National Churches Trust Survey
  • Temporary protection of historic features during building works
  • Environmental matters
    • Net zero carbon
      • Upload your energy use information for 2021
      • Parish buying energy audit
      • Guidance for Faculty (Amendment) Rules 2022
      • Environmental fundraising
    • Eco Church scheme
  • Upcoming Events
    • Greensand Country Festival 2022
    • Love Your Burial Ground Week
    • Sustaining God's Creation: Eco Church
  • Heritage Lottery Fund priorities
  • Church Halls survey
  • A piece of good news!
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Welcome to churchwardens

Welcome to everyone who has recently been appointed as a churchwarden and thank you to everyone who is continuing to serve as a churchwarden for a further term. You do a tremendous amount to ensure church buildings are cared for so that they are fitting for worship as well as for ministry and outreach in each community.

If you are new, please do get in touch with us in the DAC team to say hello. We hope to see some of you at the Archdeacon’s Visitation services.

There are lots of resources on the Church Buildings pages of our website, including about annual maintenance, applying for a faculty and fundraising as well as a range of individual subject Advice Leaflets.

As part of the annual cycle of Churchwardens’ Training, there will be sessions in the autumn with a focus on churchyards, so do look out for details.

Filming template

From time to time you may get enquiries about filming in the church or churchyard, ranging from students producing coursework to big-budget productions such as The Crown. There is guidance about the steps you should take to ensure filming is appropriate and the church receives a proper fee on the website. The Diocesan Registry have provided a template agreement which we can forward on request.

Pro-forma for terrier and inventory

The Church Buildings Council have produced an editable file for the terrier and inventory. These are available in Word and PDF format and have been added to Dropbox from where they can be downloaded. In the longer-term they hope to provide an online version of these documents.

Log Book (editable)
Log Book (PDF)
Church Property Register (Terrier and Inventory) (editable)
Church Property Register (Terrier and Inventory) (PDF)

National Churches Trust Survey

An overwhelming majority of people think that churches are still needed, despite the growth of digital worship during the COVID-19 pandemic. That's one of the main findings of the National Churches Trust consultation about the future of the UK’s church buildings. The report has a dedicated web-page and has identified a good level of public support for churches as a public building, that should enjoy public financial support.

Temporary protection of historic features during building works

Historic England has recently published guidance on temporary protection of historic features during building works. It discusses direct and indirect measures for protection.

Although the advice relates to all kinds of historic buildings, including houses, it is definitely relevant to church buildings where features such as monuments and organs may need special protection.

Environmental matters

Net zero carbon

Please upload your 2021 energy use information

So far, fewer than 10% of churches have provided data on last year’s energy usage via the Energy Footprint section of the diocesan portal. It’s really important that we have this baseline information for as many churches as possible before the deadline of 31 July.

Individually and as a Diocese and national Church, we can’t work towards Net Zero Carbon if we don’t know what our starting point is!  You may feel that 2021 was so affected by Covid that it’s not worth uploading the figures, but it is – the national Energy Footprint Tool uses data from 2019 to estimate what energy use would have looked like if 2021 had been a normal year. There is information about how to upload the information – including a video guide – on the Energy Footprint page of the website and we are running a webinar on Monday 23 May at 7.30 pm.
Parish Buying Energy Audit subsidy programme has re-opened

Each year, for a limited period, parishes can apply for a subsidised specialist Energy Audit of the church building. This can be a really useful starting point for identifying how you can reduce both your energy use (and bills) and carbon use.
Guidance for Faculty (Amendment) Rules 2022

The amendments to the faculty rules, including Minor Matters List A and B come into force on 1 July. We will make sure that the new version of the Minor Matters list is available as a DAC advice leaflet for that date. One element of the amendments is a new requirement for parishes to have due regard to advice from the Church Buildings Council on net-zero carbon.

The CBC has provided a list of the core net-zero carbon guidance to which parishes are to have 'due regard'. Further information can be found on the Church of England website.
To make the rules workable this section highlights core documents that must be given due consideration when they are relevant. There is plenty more helpful guidance on the net-zero carbon church page
Environmental Fundraising

There is now a new environmental fundraising page on the Church of England website

Eco Church Scheme

from Rachel Johnston, Diocesan Environment Officer

"There are now 92 churches registered for the Eco Church scheme in our Diocese, and I'm pleased to be able to share the good news that 31 have now reached Bronze level and this month All Saints' Leighton Buzzard have achieved silver, becoming the fourth church in our Diocese to achieve this award.

We hope that this number will increase, and since we have already achieved the required numbers to satisfy the Eco Church section of the Eco Diocese Bronze award, our current target is now to achieve 40% of churches in our Diocese registered (176) and 30% with awards (132), the new criteria for silver Eco Diocese level.  To help us on our way, five experienced churches have volunteered to act as mentors to any church that would like support in the initial stages of registration or working on the route to Bronze.  Please contact me if your church would like a mentor and I will be happy to send further details."

Upcoming Events

Greensand Country Festival 2022

Across the Greensand Ridge and surrounding area in Bedfordshire, which stretches from Woburn Sands to Sandy (the clues are in the names!), events are taking place between 30 May and 5 June as part of this year’s Greensand Country Festival.

Lots of churches in the area are built from the distinctive brown/green stone and there are lots of ways local church communities can get involved. For details, see the Country Festival website.


Love Your Burial Ground Week: 4-12 June 2022

Join in with this dedicated week to celebrate your burial ground. Caring for God’s Acre is asking churches to use Love Your Burial Ground Week as a springboard to start recording the wildlife within their churchyards. So, if you fancy running a wildlife spotting event in Love Your Burial Ground Week then please join in with Churches Count on Nature

Sustaining God's Creation: Eco Church 
18th June 10-1pm

This conference is aimed at anyone who is anything to do with a church - clergy, churchwardens, PCC members, congregations - to help people find reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and increasing biodiversity a less daunting prospect.  Further details of the programme, speakers and how to register can be found on their website.

Heritage Lottery Fund priorities

The Heritage Fund established priorities for 2021-22 in response to the Covid pandemic and we have had confirmation that the priorities remain unchanged for 2022-23. This will be relevant to any parishes developing a Heritage Fund application or expression of interest.

Church Halls survey

from Iain Blythe, Estates Secretary

"As we emerge from two years of lockdowns and restrictions we have begun to focus on how we might best support the amazing work done by PCCs and volunteers within the Diocese of St Albans.
In our discussions it has become clear that to offer training and support in the right areas we need a fuller understanding of the resources available to you and we have produced this survey. Church halls and other parish properties are used both directly for mission and outreach and indirectly to generate income for the PCC.  We appreciate that growing income is a challenge and this survey seeks to define the range of resources needed to support you in your endeavours. Our aim is to provide training events, guidance and fact sheets on as many topics as are required but on areas that matter to you.  
You will see from the survey that there are questions on a number of subjects including car-parking, telephone masts, church and parish halls, electric vehicle charging points, housing and bike racks but our hope is that other areas you identify will also be covered. Please do get in touch if there are particular areas you would like to see covered.
Nationally, through fundraising and grant applications over £125million is raised by churches annually and we hope that what we provide you in response to the survey will increase your ability and confidence to grow your PCC income."
Complete the survey
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A piece of good news!

The National Churches Trust has offered St Mary the Virgin, Northill a grant of £99000 towards the repair of the church roof. You can read about the church and grant on their website.
Best wishes, the DAC Team

Emma Critchley, DAC Secretary
Joanna Chandler-Clarke, Pastoral and Advisory (DAC) Officer
Jenny Dart, Team Secretary 
The DAC Team
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