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Lookout Hill HANDICAP - 16 June 2012, 1pm start
Please pre-register (details below)

The excitement of a handicap is sure to test riders across the peloton as we use the flatter roads around Lookout Hill, Tharwa and Point Hut. The start is at Lookout Hill. The race finishes on the long straight on the Tharwa side of Lookout Hill.

The course will be from Lookout Hill to Tharwa return past Lookout Hill to Point Hut and return to Lookout Hill. The loop is approximately 17 km. Riders will do two complete laps and then continue to the Tharwa turn and return to finish on the straight (heading north) towards Lookout Hill. Total distance is approximately 41 kms.

Pre-register if you are planning to race by emailing the club handicapper at before Thursday 14 June with your race number. If you haven’t raced any other CCC races in 2012, please include in your email a little about your previous racing experience and results. Entries are still taken on the day but it will smooth the process of handicapping if we have some idea of who will be racing.

Full race and information regarding handicap racing here

Call for Race Directors

Your club aims to run a road race approximately each fortnight through the year or nearly 25 races per year. We are seeking members to assist with the running of these events. The schedule of races for June to November 2012 is on the club website. We need to appoint a Race Director of each event. The Race Director role is necessary, important but not onerous. Over the last few years the club committee has refined the arrangements for running a race: the race secretary and race subcommittee arrange all the matters pre-race day like getting road approvals and setting the course, the marshals coordinator arranges marshals, the equipment officer coordinates bringing the club van and everything necessary to run an event to the race location and the club pressie handles race rego and the Times7 timing system.

Essentially on race day, the Race Director makes sure the marshals are in position, briefs and starts the riders, and works with other race officials to finalise the results. The club has very detailed instructions extending to including, such things as, the words used to brief riders. The club committee is now seeking members to be involved as race directors. Club members that are able to help out should send an email to the club race secretary:

Call For Volunteers

Yes it’s that time of year again. The DBR Canberra Junior & Women’s Tour will be held over the period Friday 6 July to Sunday 8 July 2012

I have had a trickle of volunteers come through but it’s now time to get serious. I need everyone’s help to provide a safe and successful event.

This year will be one of our most exciting. The Women’s race is again a part of the National Road Series, this means that SBS will be there to film highlights for broadcast on Cycling Central!

More details.

A Short Note from the Handicapper

Recent CCC races have seen some a large turnout for C Grade, but smaller numbers in A and B Grade, often leading to a need to combine A and B Grade. This has made for some tough racing for mid-B graders. To address that we are instituting a gradual shift of stronger riders from C Grade to B Grade and likewise for some riders from B Grade to A Grade. We hope the result will be viable bunches and races for separate A and B Grades and a good consistency in standard within both A and B Grade. If you have any concerns please let me know at

Recent grade changes following results this year:
Jared GREENVILLE now in A Grade
Warrick HANCOCK now in A Grade
Matt HUCKSTEPP now in D Grade
Chris LINDEN now in B Grade
Tim MATUSZYK now in B Grade
Martin MULLIN now in B Grade
Leo PHILLIPS now in B Grade
Ben SMITH now in A Grade
James TOOLE now in A Grade
Avinash VASUDEVA now in A Grade
Kenneth WEBSTER now in A Grade

For clarity, the following grades are provided for these riders:
Megan BAGWORTH – WA Grade
Matt BURGESS – D Grade
Robert DIAMOND – D Grade
Tristan DIMMOCK – C Grade
Blake HORE – B Grade
Jane JONES – WC Grade
Mathew MENZ – E Grade
Dave MULLENS – D Grade
David ONEILL – B Grade
Nathan SCHUBERT – C Grade
Tom SCULLY – C Grade
Kimberly WELLS – WA Grade
James (Paul) WELSH – C Grade

Questions and queries about handicapping should be directed to Miles Prosser at

Green exercise- Promoting outdoor fitness

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Applied Science in psychology (Honours) at the University of Canberra, Australia. My honours project is titled " Green Exercise, Stress and Mood: The Role of Cognitions and Connectedness to Nature " Green exercise can include any physical activity undertaken in relatively natural outdoor locations. This is relatively new field for psychology and sports science and has many future implications, including land and school planning, policy development, and mental health outcomes.

As a part of my research, I am seeking to survey a number of pre-existing outdoor exercise groups before and after an exercise session. I am interested in attending one or more of your group exercise sessions to conduct a brief pre-post survey of participants. Participation is entirely voluntary, and all information is anonymous and confidential. The study has been approved by the University of Canberra human ethics committee (Project # 12-54). It is expected the survey will take a total of approximately 20 minutes, which will consist of one 10 minute survey being completed before the exercise and one 10 minute on completion of the exercise.

If you are interested in participating, or you would like further information, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I can be contacted on 0403261816 or

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 Alison Rice in last years DBR Womens and Junior Tour (Eric Li)
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