Club News — 9.4.20
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Dear Members,

GREAT NEWS… Ascension Genesys Health Club will be reopening on Monday, September 14th!

We have missed you tremendously and cannot wait to welcome you back into the club! The last 6 months have been challenging to say the least. The safety of our members and team is extremely important which is why we have worked so diligently to develop a comprehensive, phased reopening plan that encompasses all areas of the club. Each of us, employees and members alike, will play an important role in making the reopening experience safe, healthy, and enjoyable!

Now, you may be wondering why we aren’t opening on Wednesday, September 9th… well, allow me to elaborate:

  1.  The Executive Order to reopen gyms on Wednesday, September 9th was given Thursday, September 3rd late in the afternoon. As you can imagine, staffing a facility of this size (approximately 260 employees) has proven very difficult with such short notice, especially right before a holiday weekend.   
  2. Many employees have left for employment opportunities elsewhere and we cannot begin the hiring process until we are able to reopen.
  3. Since we would be coming off a holiday weekend complete with many social gatherings, we felt from a safety standpoint it would be wise to wait a few extra days so if there were any Covid-19 exposures, employees and members would self quarantine and would not enter the club.
  4. We want to do this right and orderly!  

That said... we are going to completely waive our September dues. Dues will become effective October 1, 2020. However, any outstanding charges prior to the shutdown will still be due.

Finally, each of us, employees and members alike, will play an important role in making the reopening experience safe, healthy and enjoyable!  I can safely speak for the entire team at Ascension Genesys Health Club, WE MISSED YOU and are very excited to welcome you back!

Jim Mongrain

General Manager

Ascension Genesys Health Club


CLICK HERE to visit our COVID-19 UPDATES page for more information as many things have changed.

Temporary Club Hours:

Monday - Friday: 5 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Temporary Membership Services Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Club Capacity: In compliance with the state mandate, Ascension Genesys Health Club must limit capacity to 25% at this time. To assist with this effort we have a new check-in/check-out component called "Club Capacity Counter" which will help to ensure that Ascension Genesys Health Club is maintaining capacity guidelines at any given time.

In order for the Club Capacity Counter to work, members will be required to scan out upon exiting the club. The Club Capacity Counter will be located on our web page. We encourage our members to save the Club Capacity Counter onto their smartphone (click here for instructions). In doing so, you will have easy access to check the club/s capacity at any time.

Face Mask Policy: In compliance with the state mandate (Executive Order No. 2020-176), face masks/covering MUST be worn at all times within the club, with the exception of swimming in the pool. 

Keeping You Safe: Your safety is our top priority here at Ascension Genesys Health Club! To demonstrate that point, we would like to share with you the changes we have implemented to keep our facility clean and our members safe and healthy! Visit the “Keeping You Safe” drop down on our COVID-19 UPDATES page for more information.

Towels: In order to minimize commonly touched items/surfaces, we have suspended towel service until further notice. If you need a towel, please bring it from home.

Membership Check-In: Arrive early, with your mask on. All members will be screened at the check-in tables set up in the main lobby prior to entering the club. Members will need to verbally acknowledge Ascension Genesys Health Club’s Covid-19 Code of Conduct. Once acknowledged, a notation will be made on your account. Finally, you will use hand sanitizer then proceed to the Service Desk to scan in.

Member Portal: The Member Portal will be turned back on to view statements, make court reservations, etc. on Monday, September 14th. 

March Credit: As a reminder, all active and frozen member accounts will be credited the following prorated dues for March (3/14-3/31):
- March Primary dues
- Locker dues
- Unlimited Childcare dues
These credit(s) will be placed on your Ascension Genesys Health Club account
, and can be applied toward future dues and/or charges. However, due to software constraints, the crediting process could not take place until we reopened. We ask that you allow us a few weeks to complete this process due to the complexity of crediting nearly 8,000 accounts. Please be advised that EFT/ACH payments may process before all credits are complete.

Contract and Year-in-Advance Memberships: Upon reopening, Contract and Year-in-Advance memberships will be activated with end dates extended according to the amount of time the club has been closed. Contract memberships are designed for 12 months of primary dues and paid monthly. Year-in-Advance (YIA) memberships are prepaid for 12 full months with one additional month free. If an account is on hold past the reopening date, the membership will remain on hold as requested but the hold end date will also be taken into account when end dates are adjusted. These adjustments may take a couple of weeks to complete. If you have questions, please contact Membership Services at 810-606-7523 or email at

Membership Dues: Upon reopening, all accounts will become active, with the exception of those that have an active freeze request on file through Membership Services. Membership dues are being waived for September and are being temporarily discounted by 30% in October, to reflect a reduction of services due to the new social distancing guidelines, state mandates, CDC guidelines, and new infection control standards. Moving forward, membership discounts will be adjusted accordingly as more services are made available to members. If you have any questions, please contact Membership Services at (810) 606-7519 or via email at 

Freeze Fees Waived thru October 31, 2020:  The waiver of freeze fees has been extended from 9/30/2020 to 10/31/2020. All members that  have their memberships on hold thru or beyond October 31, 2020 will not have freeze fees charged until November 1st. If you have questions or want to confirm if your membership is on hold, please contact Membership Services at (810) 606-7523 or





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