In which I summarise ALL OF THE THINGS, thank some VIP & provide handy links to my productivity. Also - sharing is caring! Please forward this to anyone you think may enjoy my stuff or benefit from listening to my podcast. *hearts*

This month's episodes

  1. The Most Important Thing - Contemplating our own impermanence helps us appreciate life.
  2. Bones & Marrow - In which I have a guest! And we discuss pithy teachings. 
  3. Compassion - One of the most essential things we can cultivate. 
  4. Season 1 wrap-up! - 25 episodes later and the first season of Everything is Workable comes to an end. Season 2 launches February 11th! Loads of time for you to catch-up on every episode. :)

All of the THINGS

Can you even believe that it's almost the end of the year?! I suppose I can. And what a year it's been! This month I wrapped-up the first season of Everything is Workable. I want more interviews in season two so if you'd like to be a contributor OR you can put me in touch with a suitable guest, let me know! 

I've not completed any new art this month - although I am working on a few new things - but I've definitely been busy with the blogging! I published my interview with Emma Sexton of Make Your Words Work. I did a piece on my observation of the the man-splaining aspect of 'How To Be Successful' style articles. And for Anti-Bullying week (UK) I wrote about workplace bullying and ways to recognise and combat it.  


Thank you to everyone who has shared, liked and commented on my stuff this month! Your support means so much to me and I'm UBER grateful! 

This goes a long way to helping me when I launch whatever crowdfunding campaign I end up going with come the New Year (Read more about my waffle on using Patreon over on my blog.) 

This month my special thank you goes to Nic! She's a HUGE fan of the podcast and gives me great feedback on it and always shares stuff I post. She's also pretty much one of the nicest people I know. 

You can order tea from her online. I recommend Monk's Blend and Earl Grey de la Creme. 
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