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Will the “Big Bang” Theory Blow Up Now?
Vishal Mangalwadi, September 23, 2011
Dear Friends

I cannot resist commenting on the possibility that tiny neutrinos may help explode the Big Bang theory . . . even if that does not happen at the speed of light . . .
My purpose in starting this email was to say that in case you missed watching the interviews on CTN’s “It’s Time for Herman and Sharron,” you can watch them now on The theme of these interviews is “Transforming America is Not Rocket SciencePart 1 and Part 2.” Next week we plan to film a few more segments on that theme.

My second objective for this email was to say that next month (October) some Indians will celebrate (while others will mourn) two anniversaries: the birthday of Thomas Babington Macaulay and of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) that he drafted. Macaulay, a protégé of William Wilberforce, is loved (and hated) for setting India on the path of modernity. He replaced Hindu-Muslim education and law with Christian ideas. Someone needs to do a Ph. D. level study on how the Bible created modern India through Christian missionaries and Evangelicals who came to India under the auspices of the British East India Company. That is, how missionaries working at the grassroots (or periphery) and Christian politicians working in the heart of the government, transformed a pagan nation into a semi-modern society.  Until such a study is published, on my BLOG you can read my latest essay, “Macaulay Vs Manu: The Making of Modern India.

Now . . . back to Yesterday’s (September 22) big news . . . Antonio Ereditato, a spokesman for a truly international group of researchers, reported that rigorously careful measurements, taken and repeated over three years, show that neutrinos pumped from CERN near Geneva to Gran Sasso in Italy had arrived 60 nanoseconds quicker than light would have done. The researchers are finding it very difficult to believe their own finding. Therefore, they are urging other physics labs to independently confirm or deny their profoundly disturbing discovery.

If it is confirmed that some particles with mass do in fact travel faster than the speed of light, then all the scientific models built on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity would have to be reconsidered. Einstein’s conclusion E=MC2 assumed that the speed of light in vacuum was absolute and that nothing could travel faster than it. That assumption was one of the bases for calculating the age of the universe to be 13.7 billion years.

I have always suspected that number. For even if the universe began as a big bang:
  • Why does light have to be the original form of radiation?
  • Why does a particular speed observed today have to be absolute? Why can’t radiation or even galaxies move faster at first and then slow down due to factors such as gravity?
  • If the original speed was hundred or even ten times faster than today’s, then the universe could be only 0.137 - 1.37 billion years old.
  • Of course, a more basic question has always been: how and why does radiating energy acquire mass? How does it become matter/galaxies? When we see a firecracker or an atom bomb explode, the energy is released. It radiates, but it does not seem to re-arrange itself into matter.
Models built on Einstein’s physics have raised questions that have not been easy to answer. The new observations – if confirmed – will send the scientific community back to the drawing board. They will need to question their fundamental assumptions and only if one or more assumptions gain general acceptance they could re-start constructing models totally different than we have taken for granted for decades. Scientists may have to now slaughter sacred cows of the 20th century science.

A devastating tragedy would be if this discovery brought Science Faculties under the sway of the same absolute, pessimistic Skepticism that already rules Departments of Humanities. Postmodern professors of Humanities do not believe that the human mind can know truth. That is why their Faculties have become forums for propaganda and power play, rich in information and skills, but destroying wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in Western culture.
Thankfully, faculties studying hard sciences had continued to hope (albeit faintly) that by studying the works of God alone (without studying the words of God) the human mind may be able to know truth. Discoveries such as the one about the speed of neutrinos could help demolish that feeble optimism. I am not speculating: this is what happened to Greek science and Rationalism. Absolute skepticism about the possibility of knowledge killed Greek philosophy and science.
Science re-started in Europe only because the First Commandment required the believers to know and believe Truth. If the universe was made by the word of God, then the only way to know truth is to study both the books that God has written: The book of God’s works (science and culture) and the book of God’s words (the Bible). That is what Jesus told Sadducees: “You are mistaken because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God.” The power of God is studied by looking into the works of God in nature as well as in culture (e.g. history). 
Next week I hope to send out a short article that explains the crux of the crisis of Western civilization, which is: The Bible Institutes have been studying the words of God and post-Christian universities have been studying the works of God. Neither can be understood without the other.
As you watch the education proposal on our website, please do consider donating $20 per month. The initiative is getting traction in other countries; our Board will move forward with action in the USA, only if the Lord raises up a band like Gideon’s that says, “Let’s transform America.”

Vishal Mangalwadi
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