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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER - Issue 5 November 26, 2010

Top Pet Sites to Browse & Bookmark

SadieBy now you’ve probably seen Woof Report’s Links We Love page. It’s a handpicked collection of the most useful links for pups and pet care. From top dog health and training resources to sites that will help you find a new activity or plan a trip with your dog, they’re all in one place.

Read on to see the latest additions, then visit
Links We Love to see the complete list. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back often since new links are added as they're discovered. Swing by the Blog Roll too for a peek at Woof Report's favorite dog and pet blogs and sites.
Direct from the FDA
How do you keep track of all the pet food recalls that are in the news? Now you have your resource: the US Food and Drug Administration’s 'Pet Food Recall Products List.' Access the site for a searchable database of all pet food recalled since March 2007, and the list is updated whenever there’s new information to add.
Fur or Fat? 
An estimated 51% of dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese, and that extra weight they’re carrying adversely affects their health and overall well being. It’s all the more reason to visit the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) website. Find pet weight loss tips and
ideal weight ranges for 100+ dog breeds, and learn how to tell if your pet is overweight.

Dog Activity Directory
Explore to find a new sport, game or activity to do with your dog – he or she will be glad you did! This resourceful site lists a wide variety of activities, all you need to know about them, and links to take action and get started. You’ll find details about agility, flyball, herding, earthdog trials, dock diving, and canine freestyle, just to name a few.

Easy Ways to Make a Difference
If you're looking for ways to help homeless pets and animal welfare causes and don't know where to begin, check out The site offers endless ideas and inspiration for volunteering, fundraising, setting up a pet food bank, involving kids, and more. See how simple it is to be an advocate for animals and offer assistance, even on an individual level.

Access to Experts
If your furry family member needs to work on his leash manners or other behaviors, head over to This resource from the American Humane Association is primarily for animal welfare professionals, but all are welcome to access its library of behavior and training videos, articles and more from experts in the field.

Dog Food Facts
What's in your dog's food, how do you read a dog food label, and what ingredients should you look for? Find answers to these questions and more at This educational site does not sell or endorse any specific products, but it does help you make a more informed decision when buying dog food.
The Scoop:
See the full list of Links We Love at Woof Bookmark the page and check back since new links are added as they're discovered.

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