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Hello and happy holidays!

As things settle down for 2021, our DJs reflected back on their favorite show they did this year (each DJ could only choose one!). Carol from Serious Moonlight Sonatas gathered and organized them all into a cohesive list for us to check 'em out. Take a look and a listen here. Catch up on our recent faves from November and December below, and see you in 2022!

Olivia Bradley-Skill
Music Director
  • CIRCUIT DES YEUX - -io (Matador)
  • COLIN BLUNSTONE - One Year (Sundazed)
  • BILLY SWIVS - Time Is Not On My Side (Wick)
  • AURITA Y SU CONJUNTO - Chambacu (Mississippi)
  • STEVE GUNN - Other You (Matador)
  • VARIOUS - People Get Ready: Curtis Mayfield Songbook (Kent Soul)
  • DANIEL O'SULLIVAN - Fourth Density (VHF)
  • MAKOTO KUBOTA & THE SUNSET GANG - Hawaii Champroo (Wewantsounds)
  • RUTHANN FRIEDMAN - Hurried Life (Tompkins Square)
  • SAULT - Nine (Forever Living Originals)
  • GROUPER - Shade (Kranky)
  • MAKAYA MCCRAVEN - Deciphering The Message (Blue Note)
  • KEITH HUDSON - The Black Breast Has Produced Her Best, Flesh Of My Skin Blood Of My Blood (VP)
  • LARAAJI - Flow Goes The Universe (All Saints)
  • HELADO NEGRO - Far In (4AD)
  • SCREENSAVER - Expression of Interest (Heavy Machinery Records)
  • GERYCZ/POWERS/ROLIN - Lamplighter (American Dreams)
  • POND - 9 (Spinning Top)
  • CIA DEBUTANTE - Dust (Siltbreeze)
  • MASUMI HARA - 4 x The Dream (Numero Group)
  • PARQUET COURTS - Sympathy For Life (Rough Trade)
  • THE DB'S - I Thought You Wanted To Know (Propeller)
  • SARAH DAVACHI - Antiphonals (Late Music)
  • ELSA HEWITT - Lupa (Tompkins Square)
  • SCAM AVENUE - s/t (Self Released)
  • SOURSOB - Soursob (HoZac)
  • VARIOUS - Four Stars (****) (Swineken)
  • PEPE DELUXE - Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1 (Catskills Records)
  • THE COWBOY - Riddles From The Universe (Feel It)
  • CHIME SCHOOL - s/t (Slumberland)
  • HAND HABITS - Fun House (Saddle Creek)
  • POP. 1280 - Museum on the Horizon (Profound Lore)
  • SANDRO GALILEO - Ribelle Di Mare (Eraserhood Sound)
  • COLE PULICE - Gloam (Pingipung)
  • ESP SUMMER - Kingdom of Heaven (Disciples)
  • HARD FEELINGS - s/t (Domino)
  • NIKKI GIOVANNI - Truth Is On Its Way (Modern Harmonic)
  • WHY BOTHER? - A Year of Mutations (Feel It)
  • AVA MENDOZA - New Spells (Relative Pitch)
  • LEO NOCENTELLI - Another side (Light In the Attic)
  • CINDY - 1:2 (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  • PHILIP FROBOS - Vague Enough To Satisfy (Upset the Rhythm)
  • JULIA SHAPIRO - Zorked (Suicide Squeeze)
  • ORQUESTA AKOKAN - 16 Rayos (Daptone)
  • THE WIND-UPS - Try Not To Think (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  • WASTED CATHEDRAL - I'm Gonna Love You 'Til The End of Time (Centripetal Force)
  • VARIOUS - It's A Good, Good, Feeling: The Latin Soul of Fania Records [The Singles]  (Craft Recordings)
  • CHRIS LIEBING - Another Day (Mute)
  • MONSIEUR DOUMANI - Pissourin (Glitterbeat)
  • THE MAM'SELLES - It's A Bubblegum World (Beat Rocket)
  • THE DENTS - 1979/80 (HoZac)
  • GBV - It's Not Them. It Couldn't Be Them. It Is Them! (Guided By Voices Inc.)
  • PELT - Reticence / Resistance (Three Lobed)
  • THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - Book (Idlewild)
  • BODY/DILLOWAY/HEAD - Body/Dilloway/Head (Three Lobed)
  • C JOYNES - Poor Boy On The Wire (Sophomore Lounge / Cardinal Fuzz)
  • NUDITY - Nudity - Is God's Creation (Cardinal Fuzz)
  • PETER J. COX - Running Away With Yourself (Dosh)
  • VARIOUS - Timara: Electroacoustic Music At Oberlin Vol 2 (Hanson)
  • BRRDS - Liminal Space (Bungalow Ranch)
  • SALEM WITCH ARMY - Thunder In Solitude / Sundown In Silence (Self Released)
  • THE OPHELIAS - Crocus (Joyful Noise)
  • THE EMBARRASSMENT - Death Travels West (Last Laugh)
  • NATALIE JANE HILL - Solely (Dear Life)
  • FLORRY - Big Fall (12XU)
  • HAROLD BUDD - I Know This Much Is True (All Saints)
  • RAVI SHAVI - Special Hazards (Almost Ready Records)
  • VARIOUS - We Live In Strange Times: A Spacecase Sampler (Spacecase)
  • BLK JKS - Abantu / Before Humans (Glitterbeat)
  • CAROLINE DAVIS - Alula (New Amsterdam)
  • CORRINA REPP - Island (Jealous Butcher)
  • GARCIA PEOPLES - Dodging Dues (No Quarter)
  • WAVELESS - Sugartree (Joyful Noise)
  • BRETT NAUCKE - Mirror Ensemble (American Dreams)
  • F8TLSTK - Skin Deep (No Label)
  • VARIOUS - Reggae Africa (Roots & Culture 1972​-​1988) (Africa Seven)
  • ART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS - First Flight To Tokyo: The Lost 1961 Recordings (Blue Note)
  • THE LOVED ONE - Locate And Cement (Metaphon)
  • MADTEO - Str8 Crooked (Honest Jons)
  • MATT LAJOIE - Paraclete Tongue (Flower Room)
  • PG SIX / LOUISE BOCK - All Summer Long Is gone (Feeding Tube)
  • BARBARA DANG & MUZZIX - Michael Pisaro​-​Liu: Tombstones (Elsewhere)
  • MARK KIRSCHENMANN - Cybersonic Outreach (New Focus / Panoramic)
  • BODY BREAKS - Bad Trouble (We Are Time)
  • CONSTANT SMILES - Paragons (Sacred Bones)
  • EYELIDS - Dubble Live! (Jealous Butcher)
  • MAKOTO KUBOTA & THE SUNSET GANG - Dixie Fever (Wewantsounds)
  • OUT LIKE LAMBS - s/t (Self Released)
  • YVES TUMOR - The Asymptotical World (EP) (Warp)
  • UNDA FLUXIT - Stone Ringing Sorrows (Ever/Never)
  • GINTAS K - Nervus Vagus (Self Released)
  • SOLEA MORENTE - Aurora y Enrique (Elefant)
  • THE ROUTES - Instrumentals II (Groovie Records)
  • MALAGASY / GILSON - Malagasy (Souffle Continu)
  • NATHAN SALSBURG - Psalms (No Quarter)
  • NORTH AMERICANS - Going Steady (2018 reissue) (Third Man)
  • FIELD OF FEAR - Ashes (Self Released)
  • GRYS-GRYS - To Fall Down (Norton Records)
  • VARIOUS - Be Good To Yourself (Seventh Son)
  • MAKOTO KUBOTA & THE SUNSET GANG - The Sunset Gang (Wewantsounds)
  • PEPPINO DI LUCA - La Ragazza Con La Pistola (Dagored)
  • BU.RE_ & CARLOS FERREIRA - Momentary Ghosts (Atlantic Rhythms)
  • BADBADNOTGOOD - Talk Memory (Xl Recordings)
  • BARNES & BARNES - Pancake Dream (Demented Punk Records)
  • BREMER MCCOY - Natten (Luaka Bop)
  • INGAR ZACH / MICHELE RABBIA - Musique pour deux corps (Sofa Music)
  • JACKSON PINES - Close To Home (Self Released)
  • RAZORLEGS / MAXIMUM ERNST - Split (Fadensonnen)
  • THE WAR ON DRUGS - I Don't Live Here Anymore (Atlantic)
  • VARIOUS - Can I Be A Witness (Kent Soul)
  • NIAGARA - 1807: Músicas Retiradas Dos CDRs (Discrepant)
  • VARIOUS - No Funk No Chop (African Roadtrip)
  • FLORALPLASM - Uncertain Sediment (Orb Tapes)
  • LUCY LIYOU / YSKA - A Need / A Want (Notice Recordings)
  • ALEX ZETHSON ENSEMBLE - Some Of Them Were Never Unprepared (Relative Pitch)
  • DAVID SANFORD BIG BAND - A Prayer For Lester Bowie (Greenleaf)
  • JON HOPKINS - Music For Psychedelic Therapy (Domino)
  • MIKE ADAMS AT HIS HONEST WEIGHT - Oscillate Wisely (Joyful Noise)
  • SCOTT TUMA - Nobody's Music (No Label)
  • VARIOUS - Everybody Makes A Mistake (Kent Soul)
  • J. LANSDOWNE - J. Lansdowne (Self Released)
  • MIENAKUNARU - Blood Sun (Cardinal Fuzz)
  • VELOUR ACADEMY - Chisme (No Label)
  • FRANCK VIGROUX - Matériaux (Erototox Decodings)
  • JOSHUA BURKETT - If You Can't Wander The Waffle Wonder In Drizzle (Feeding Tube)
  • RICHARD YOUNGS - blue thirty-nine (Blue Tapes)
  • VARIOUS - Gritty 60s Garage & Punk (Modern Harmonic)
  • DUNUMS / CASUAL PLANES - It's In Your Ribs (Feeding Tube)
  • GRANT CUTLER/CHRIS CAMPBELL - Schooldays Over (Innova)
  • NEIL LEONARD - Sonance For The Precession (XI Records)
  • JEFF SURAK - Eris I Dysnomia (Public Eyesore)
  • AMIR ELSAFFAR - Rivers of Sound (Outhere)
  • IRAN - Persis (Aagoo)
  • LIONEL LOUEKE - Close Your Eyes (Sounderscore)
  • VARIOUS - 10 - Remixes (Jazz Is Dead)
  1. PG SIX / LOUISE BOCK - All Summer Long Is gone (Feeding Tube)
  2. UNDA FLUXIT - Stone Ringing Sorrows (Ever/Never)
  3. BU.RE_ & CARLOS FERREIRA - Momentary Ghosts (Atlantic Rhythms)
  4. LUCY LIYOU / YSKA - A Need / A Want (Notice Recordings)
  5. FLORALPLASM - Uncertain Sediment (Orb Tapes)
  6. IF / WHEN - this never happened (Smooth Space Editions)
  7. LEONI LEONI - Yellow and Why (Bongo Joe)
  8. RICHARD YOUNGS - blue thirty-nine (Blue Tapes)
  9. JEFF SURAK - Eris I Dysnomia (Public Eyesore)
  10. VARIOUS - Skunk'd Gunk (Dihd)
  1. BILLY SWIVS - Time Is Not On My Side (Wick)
  2. KRANG MUSIC / BROWNING MUMMERY - Split (Novichok)
  3. SOFT ON CRIME - You've Already Made Up Your Mind (Eats It)
  4. THE SAVAGE YOUNG TATERBUG - Dropping Splinter Into Baby's Palm b/w Buddy's Room (Lighten Up Sounds)
  5. CASH & SKYE - No More Candy / Sweeping Wet Floors (Third Man)
  6. NEGATIVLAND - No Brain EP (Seeland)
  7. TAMING POWER - Fragments of the Name of God (Early Morning)
  8. RITMOS TROPICOSMOS - Cumbia En La Sierra (Discos Mas)
  9. THE SOUL PATROL - Mara (Feel It)
  10. LIQUOR STORE - Scumbag (Almost Ready)
The 15th Annual Holiday Music Funktacular! 
Wednesday, December 22nd, Noon - 3pm 
on The Evan "Funk" Davies Show 

Mull that cider and put the gingerbread cookies in the oven — it’s time for the most festive show of the year, the annual Evan "Funk" Davies Show Holiday Music Funktacular! Tune in for an audio stocking stuffed with old and new seasonal rock, punk, dance, and power pop favorites presented for the first time in the bright light of day! 

Greg from Zone 5 guest hosts for Honky Tonk Radio Girl 
Wednesday, December 22nd, 8pm - 9pm 
on Honky Tonk Radio Girl with Becky 

Spazz Xmas Fiasco! 
Thursday, December 23rd, 9pm - Midnight 
on Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz 

Celebrate the holidays with Spazzy Claus and his very special 2021 musical guests A Date with Elves (featuring the usual gang of festive idiots). 

New Flanland with Flannery fills in for the Cool Blue Flame on the Drummer Stream! 
Thursday, December 23rd, 10pm - Midnight 
on New Flanland with Flannery 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
FLANN LANDERS: A special two-hour Delilah style episode featuring good advice, great music, and a psychedelic video tribute to some of Flan's favorite women! Call 385-EAR-FULL with all your freaked out, funked up problems to have a song dedicated to you, or write All your problems will be solved... all your questions will be answered... this Christmas Eve Eve on the Drummer stream!! 

A Musical Dose Christmas 
Friday, December 24th, 5pm - 7pm 
on Musical Dose with medson 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
Are you dreaming of A Musical Dose Christmas? If the answer is yes or no, tune in as medson plays some familiar and hopefully not so familiar versions of the holiday classics. It’s the show that promises to be that amazing new toy with batteries not included. 

Put The Needle On The Christmas Record 
Friday, December 24th, 7pm - 8pm 
on Put The Needle On The Record with Billy Jam 

In celebration of the holidays Billy Jam will play non-stop Christmas hip-hop along with guest co-host BAS-One who will also do a WFMU Christmas freestyle rap. Put The Needle On The Christmas Record - Friday December 24th at 7pm 

Jon Nelson fills in for Cratedigger's Lung on the Wiggle Room 
Friday, December 24th, 8pm - 11pm 
on The Wiggle Room 
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream
A Very Special Christmas Eve, in the Wiggle Room, with Some Assembly Required. An hour of Tape Manipulations, Digital Deconstructions and Turntable Creations, with host Jon Nelson." 

Greg from Zone 5 guest hosts for Double Dip Recess! 
Saturday, December 25th, 9am - 11am 
on Double-Dip Recess with Roger 

The Yule Logs 
Saturday, December 25th, 3pm - 6pm 
on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show 

What better way could there be to spend Christmas Day then with a live set from The Yule Logs ? British Invasion hooks, California Surf harmonies and Borscht Belt chutzpah, The Yule Logs are the hardest working band in snow business. 

Melissa Pons guest hosts! 
Sunday, December 26th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Field recordist and sound designer Melissa Pons presents some of her favourite artists of field recording and evoking music. 

The Fourth-Ever Boxing Day 45 RPM Novelty Record-A-Rama 
Sunday, December 26th, 6pm - 8pm 
on Gaylord Fields's show 
(on Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
It's been 11 years since Gaylord Fields has hosted a program on Boxing Day, so as is tradition, expect more novelty records than any sane person should own or listen to. His co-host will be Kathleen O'Malley, host of the "Kitty Korner" segment on WFMU's Bad Animals program, who has had to cohabit with every record played on this show. As a bonus-slash-apology, a remix of her future novelty hit "Kitten Pop Polka" will be making its on-air debut. 

Feeling the Favorites of 2021 
Tuesday, December 28th, Noon - 3pm 
on Feelings with Michele with One "L" 

Join Michele as she feels her favorite releases from 2021! Three hours of hard hitting emotions to flood your little black heart with. 

The Torch Is Burning Holiday Reunion! 
Tuesday, December 28th, 8pm - 9pm 
on The Torch Is Burning with Constance DeWitt and Leland Meadows 
(on Sheena's Jungle Room Stream

A Loose Salute to R. Michael Nesmith 
Wednesday, December 29th, 9pm - Midnight 
on Therese's show 

Amanda Nazario, co-host of WFMU's Bad Animals and Monkees superfan, joins Therese to celebrate the life and work of Papa Nez. 

Miia Laine guest hosts 
Sunday, January 2nd, 2022, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

A love letter radio show to the subways of the world - a mix for listening on public transport including mood setting soundscapes from the Helsinki metro, the Berlin U-bahn and the London tube. 

Special guest Ann Magnuson! 
Friday, January 7th, 2022, 9pm - 11pm 
on Cha Cha Heels with ARB and Solo Mon 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Vampire Glamathons from the Filth Dimension: A musical glam rock spectacle on ice. Yes, that’s right, for the first time, ice skating comes to the radio. With very special guest Ann Magnuson no less! A birthday party for David Bowie mixed with a genre-bending science fiction movie musical. On ice! On Cha Cha Heels! 

EMD returns! 
Sunday, January 9th, 2022, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Chicago's EMD is back with a deeper dive into 90s Boston independent rock music, focusing on the early development of the 'math rock' sound there and how Boston was a uniquely empowering scene for women in that era." 

John Morrison guest hosts 
Sunday, January 16th, 2022, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Free-jazz, psych, prog, breaks or whatever, I'm going through a pile of records I recently got and going wherever the music takes me. 

Jen B. guest hosts 
Sunday, January 23rd, 2022, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

A spiral down the rabbit hole and thru the underworld; Featuring dream sequences, simulations, and definite mind mischief.

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