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October 1, 2014
WFMU News: Will Your Pet Be Our Mascot?

 Make a pledge to WFMU this October and enter your pet into our mascot contest!

A creature just like Omar the llama (left) will bask in fame and glory as WFMU's mascot for a full year. Could it be Shabba the turtle or Little Baudelaire the crab? We think so.

Here's how to enter your pet into WFMU's mascot contest:
1. Make a pledge to WFMU, be sure to include your pet's name in the comments, no matter how historically insensitive
2. Use this page to upload a photo of your pet 

If we think your pet is cute/cranky enough, they'll be our new mascot. What will this mean? Who knows! You know what it's like with us. But as well as some vague form of animalistic fame, your tax-deductible donation of $50 or more will get you one of our new t-shirts (above) designed by Dan Gneiding, AND will help us purchase audio gear / backline equipment for our new performance space, Monty Hall. And potentially put your pet's name in lights. And by lights we mean, you know, over there somewhere.

Upcoming Monty Hall EventsFri Oct 10th - Seven Second Delay's Almost Amateur Hour where a panel of judges will determine the winning performance, and performers will choose the best judge (email Ken to perform), 8pm. Tickets $5 at the door. It's like The Gong Show without the obvious cocaine use.

Sat Oct 11th - Prove It All Night with Pat Byrne featuring music from Wreckless Eric, comedy from Adam Newman, Nate Fernald, and Jo Firestone, doors 9:30pm. Tickets $5 at the door. As much fun as you can have with your pants on (WARNING: Some performers will not have pants).

Mon Oct 13th
- Glam/folk/metal performance troupe Little Band of Sailors, who combine theatrics, unusual instrumentation, unbridled gymnastics, and haunted caterwauling perform an advance taping for Scott Williams show, 8pm. Free!

Thurs Oct 16th - Transpacific Sound Paradise and Honk NYC present an international activist brass band performance spectacle with performances by PaKaVa It, Radio Kaizman, Chaotic Noise Marching Corps, and Environmental Encroachment, 8pm. Tickets $10.

Fri Oct 17th - The Velvet Underground's Nico is brought back to life by Tammy Faye Starlite in this theatrical spectacle presented by Chris T., 8pm. Tickets $10. Will it feature Hayden Christensen as Kevin Ayers? Or F. Murray Abraham as Brian Eno? You will have to attend to find out.

Sat Oct 18th - We're finally in the talkies! WFMU partners with the Jersey City International Television and Film Festival to celebrate the art and influence of cinema in our hometown.

Sun Nov 2nd - Airborne Event with Dan Bodah presents a night of music featuring performances by Tom Carter / Pat Murano duo, P.G. Six, and Hallock Hill, 7pm. Tickets $12. If your excitement is bridled, then expect a ferocious unbridling to occur.

Monty Hall is located at 43 Montgomery St. in Jersey City.

Happy birthday to us!This month the Rock & Soul Ichiban alternate programming web stream celebrates five years of serving all of your rock and soul needs under the stewardship of Debbie D. Listen live, and check out the great blog, too!

Upcoming Special Programs

7 days of 7 inchers! That's nearly 49! Our annual Singles Going Steady week runs from October 20th through October 26th: a full week of 45s, those little records that run just a little bit faster and finish just a little bit sooner! 

John Strausbaugh, author of The Village: 400 Years of Beats and Bohemians, Radicals and Rogues (and not a novelization of the M. Night Shyamalan classic) joins Irwin Chusid to share colorful stories about Greenwich Village's past on October 1st from 5-6pm.

Go to your iCalendar right now, type in "Wednesday," then "4PM," then add "HOLD ALL MY CALLS - SERIOUSLY" because Joe Frank dramas also continue to air every Wednesday at 4pm on the Irwin Chusid radio program throughout October.

The Pink Tiles from Melbourne, Australia play a live set of their catchy guitar pop on Surface Noise with Joe McGasko, Thursday, October 2nd.

The legendary Mark Stewart has reunited The Pop Group and will be talking about their new album and his upcoming solo album on Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine on Thursday, October 2nd (noon-3pm). Will it finally be revealed if she is beyond good and evil? I can almost certainly promise that it will.

You know that I would never bandy terms like "psychedelic techno wizards" around lightly, so you know I am being frighteningly sincere when I announce that psychedelic techno wizards Elect Erode make their first North American appearance on Imaginary Radio with Chris M. on Friday, October 3rd (9am-noon).

Make sure you have that cassette labelled "Good Stuff" all lined up and ready to go, with the record and play buttons pressed simultaneously and the pause button also activated with your finger lightly held against it with anticipation as Moppa Elliott of avant-jazz band Mostly Other People Do the Killing guest DJs and talks about his band's new remake of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue on Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk on Friday, October 3rd (3-6pm).

New Zealanders Tiny Ruins bring their intimate, delicate songs (likened to the footfall of a scampering Hobbit) to Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison on Saturday, October 4th (6-9am).

Upstate New York rock 'n' roll lifers The Figgs bring their high energy songs and badger obsessed output to Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock on Tuesday, October 7th (noon-3pm).

Julie of Dark Night of the Soul welcomes Zohra Atash (Azar Swan, Religious to Damn) for a discussion of Kate Bush's first concerts in 35 years and to play some Kate favorites on Thursday, October 9th (3-6am).

Author of the book Highway 61: Music, Race and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom Dennis McNally talks to Michael Shelley about his book Highway 61: Music, Race, and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom on Saturday, October 11th (11am-1pm). 

Reunited proto-punkers The Gizmos bring their original 1976 line-up to the Brian Turner program on Tuesday, October 12th (3-6pm). Gizmo Eddie Flowers will also recreate his 1974 WIUS Bloomington radio show "Divine Decadence" featuring obscuro 1974 jams.

For more upcoming programs (and there are plenty!), check here often!

Pointless Listener Challenge

As we are already making your pet a star with our mascot competition (see above - no, not literally above, it's not on the ceiling, I mean at the start of this newsletter) then we are going to keep the Pointless Listener Challenge pretty simple this month. Just tell us: "WHAT SH*TTY THING WILL U2 DO NEXT?" Just send it on over to Chairman Ken and win sensational objects including a copy of the Letters of Not book that Dale is plugging (see below - not, not on the carpet - how many times do we have to go over this?).

DJ News / Gigs

Get your ghoul on! (That doesn't really work - but you can sort of tell what I was getting at). The Hoof 'n' Mouth Slimfonia, a slimmed-down version of WFMU's in-house live karaoke band, returns to the historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery on Saturday, October 25th, for the Ghost of Uncle Joe's Halloween benefit concert. It's a full day and night of tribute bands that are actually fun; the Hoof will tackle songs about death around 7:30. Dress up and drink up, the world's about to end!

Matt Fiveash has a busy month coming up! He'll be DJing on October 1st (and every Wednesday in October) at Daddy's in Brooklyn (free). His band the Piggies will be playing gigs on October 3rd at The Gutter in Brooklyn with the Martinets and Live Ones (10pm) and on October 17th at Harefield Road in Brooklyn with the Jay Vons (featuring sometime WFMU DJ DA the DJ). Finally, Matt will be playing bass with Miriam's band as they open for the Muffs at The Bell House, Brooklyn, on October 10th.

Night People's Andy Theodorou and his Royal Family Productions theater company is performing a new musical called "Cheesecake Girl" based on the life of rocker Genya Ravan at their new theater, 145 W. 46th Street, NYC, on October 5th and 6th, 7pm. Genya will be in attendance both nights and will sing a song or two! More info here.

Former WFMU DJ Noah Uman has produced a new reissue of one of the holy grail records of hip-hop (apart from "Holy Grail" by Marky Mark & His Funky Bunch of Gentlemen, 1991), Rammellzee vs. K-Rob's "Beat Bop" produced by Jean-Michel Basquiat in 1983. The cover art was also designed by Basquiat!

Liz Berg will be presenting during the October 24th afternoon session of the week-long "Make Your Own Radio" podcasting seminar at Union Docs in Brooklyn. Other seminar presenters include Benjamen Walker, Roman Mars, Anna Sale, Jake Shapiro, and more. Register here.

Ken Freedman and Liz Berg will be giving a talk about WFMU's Audience Engine project at New York's CMJ conference on Friday, October 24th at 11am (location TBA).

Check out this article written by Chris T. of Aerial View for The Weeklings web site.

Kurt Gottschalk wrote about his love affair with a less lionized John Coltrane tune to mark what would have been the saxophonist's 88th birthday for the Brooklyn Rail. Personally, I sent an E-Card.

Fabio of Strength Through Failure fame appeared on Clocktower Radio as part of "Living Live: The Art of the Soundtrack," a talk about soundtracks that was part of a radio series co-curated by artist Peter Coffin.

He's had his shots and his documentation is in order. Music Director Brian Turner heads to Europe in November for a series of lectures, workshops, and throwing around the odd record or two! He'll be at Festival BBMix at Boulogne-Billancourt/Paris on the 20-23rd (with performances by Faust, Ghedalia Tazartes, Charles Hayward, La Monte Young, and more), at Berlin's Musicpool for workshops from the 24th-26th, and finally at the Weekend Fest in Cologne from the 27-29th, which will feature performances from ESG, Amen Dunes, A Certain Ratio, the Clientele, and Pierre Bastien.

Mr. Fine Wine, host of Downtown Soulville, will be DJing at Metzger Bar & Butchery in Richmond, Virginia on October 4th from 11pm to 2am. Mr. Wine will also, of course, be at Botanica in lower Manhattan every Wednesday night this month (10pm onwards). Free entry to the first 4 million customers.

The world needs music! Thankfully Dave the Spazz spins records every Sunday night at Union Pool in Williamsburg (6pm onwards). Free!

And finally - WFMU newsletter fiddler and still undisputed Seven Second Delay Audience President Dale Shaw has a book of made-up correspondence to and/or from the famous, infamous, and unfamous entitled Letters of Not out on October 21st. It features Werner Herzog's Note to his Cleaning Lady, Patti Smith's gym application, Mark E Smith's audio tour of Ripon Cathedral, Brian Eno's rejected Oblique Strategies and many others. Find out MORE HERE.

New Releases of the Day

Weekdays on Twitter and Facebook (and maybe Ello soon? No, because no one will send us an invite. We'd be great on Ello, we really would), WFMU presents the Release of the Day curated by Music Director Brian Turner. If you have some music, kindly send a physical copy to the WFMU Music Department, PO Box 5101, Hoboken, NJ 07030 or e-mail Here are some recent highlights:

NGOZI FAMILY, Day of Judgement (Now Again): '76 Zambian rock that sounds like distorto lofi protopunk.

ABY NGANA DIOP, Liital (Awesome Tapes from Africa): Aggro female Senegalese taasukat on the great Awesome Tapes from Africa label.
VARIOUS ARTISTS, C86 - The Deluxe Edition (3CD box set) (Cherry Red): Seminal 80's UK indiepop comp expanded. How about a Grebo box next?
ZEEK SHECK, Joinus (Resipiscent): First release in a decade from great SF experimental artist and friends.
SUBURBAN HOMES, The Suburban Home EP (Market Square Recordings): Contempo Sussex UK DIY punk with a '79 Rough Trade sound.
B-LINES, Opening Band (Hockey Dad): Blink-and-it's-over 45 r.p.m. LP of spiky/snotty Vancouver punk rock.

ROMAN FLUGEL, Happiness is Happening (Kompakt): Robot disco and rubbery house from former Dial man.
KHUN NARIN, Khun Harin's Electric Phin Band (Innovative Leisure): Of viral "mindblowing Thai psych" You Tube fame.
SPRAY PAINT, "Cussin'" 7" (Upset! the Rhythm): Austin band that helped make our 2014 Beerland Texas show rule.
SINOIA CAVES, Beyond the Black Rainbow (Jagjaguwar): Soundtrack to the 2012 dystopian sci-fi film directed by Panos Cosmatos.
PELIROJA, Injustica (Chulo): Excellent pan-Latin/Ethio/Congo fusion combo from NYC.
SKADEDYR, Kongekrabbe (Hubro): Anarchic Norwegian big band greatness.
STEVE GUNN, Way Out Weather (Paradise of Bachelors): Guitar-folk hero expands his sound to full-band realm.
VARIOUS ARTISTS, Algo Salvaje Vol. 1 (Munster): Definitive comp of wild 60's beat/garage burners from Spain.
BAD AURA, Bad Aura (self-released): New cassette of Glasgow psychpunk freakoid action with members of Moon Unit and Vom.

JOHN SCHOOLEY & WALTER DANIELS, Dead Mall Blues (12XU): John Schooley of one-man band fame meets ex-Jack-O-Fire member for an album of roughed-up country blues.

DION McGREGOR, Dreaming Like Mad (Topor Vigil): The sleeptalking tape saga continues...
DOCTOPUS, Wobbegong (self-released): Good 'n' sloppy lo-fi pop from Perth.

BUDOS BAND, Burnt Offering (Daptone): The return of Staten Island's finest purveyors of afro-soul.


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