Tonight, Andy Attempts to Save Face!
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Andy finds out that Don McLean died in a tragic hot air balloon accident.

Tonight, Andy Attempts to Save Face

Last week, as you may recall, Ken, with the some listeners and some fake news screenshots, convinced Andy that Don McLean had just died.

Tune in tonight to hear Andy try to convince Ken that he knew he was being punked that whole time. Andy also hopes much of tonight's show will be taken up with Ken apologizing for punking him.

This week our quest for a perfect phone call resumes.

We are hoping to get the perfect 10 phone call. A perfect phone call has all these qualities:
  • Interesting anecdote
  • Stay on topic and have a point
  • Let Ken and Andy get off the perfect number of zingers
  • Good phone line
  • Perfect diction
  • Natural organic chemistry 
  • No hesitations or brain farts
  • No repeating
  • Perfectly nice
The Topic:
What should Ken and Andy include on the Wheel of Fate next week?

New Phone Number:

Watch Ken and Andy Tour WFMU in 1999!

Fifteen years ago it was 1999, and Ken and Andy gave a tour of WFMU shortly after we moved into Jersey City studios. The video includes great cameos from Kelly Jones, Brian Turner, Kyle the Dog, call screener Dan, and Bob Brainen. At the end of the video, Ken and Andy climb up on the roof together to admire a view of the Hudson. Pay special attention to how a-scared Andy is of the short climb to the roof. 

Watch it all online here. Thanks to John L for this!


Here Comes Wet Noodle Underwear

Show you support for Seven Second Delay, the longest running trainwreck in radio history. Pledge to Seven Second Delay from this page here.

For our first marathon show (Feb 26), we'll continue our annual tradition of soaking Andy. Andy will match dollar for dollar whatever is pledged during the soaking period!

Both marathon shows will be watchable via WFMU's marathon videostream. When the video becomes available each Wednesday at 6pm, it will appear on the WFMU homepage.

For our second marathon show (Mar 5), we'll continue our annual tradition of the Wheel of Fate. These are the items that were on last year's wheel. Let's think of new great tortures for 2014!
  • Have hot wet noodles poured into their underwear;
  • Drink body shots! Drink a shot out of the other guy's belly button;
  • Give the other host a piggyback ride around the phone room while the rider high fives all the volunteers;
  • Receive a lapdance from a male volunteer;
  • Talk on-air in babytalk for 2 minutes;
  • Commission Black Velvet artist Jorge to make a realistic velvet painting of them romantically intertwined;
  • DJ a music show with Andy's iPod (if Ken) or co-host Ken's morning show (if Andy);
  • Stuff their faces with marshmallows until they can no longer utter the phrase "Chubby Bunny" in a discernible manner;
  • Sing a karaoke song of the other's choosing on the air;
  • Give everyone in the phone room ten bucks;
  • Get a lapdance from their co-host;
  • Crawl through the volunteers' legs as they get whacked on the butt;
  • Use The Eagles as bed music for his next show (if Ken) or do a Satanicpornocultshop special (if Andy);
  • Perform one of Andy's songs in its entirety;
  • Disrobe down to a towel and have FMU volunteers stroke them and say positive, encouraging things like "Andy, you're so powerful."
  • Tell a boiler story or do a tabletop drum solo

Ken's Korner

Replace Bogey with me, and Ingrid Bergman with Andy Breckman, and you will get a pretty good approximation of how Andy's mind was blown by last week's "Don McLean is Dead" prank. If you missed the show, you can listen to it from this page. I took all the fake news articles down after the show was over last week, but now I have re-uploaded them so you can play along at home. And thanks again to Brian, Nick the Bard, Matt, Andrea and everybody else who called and emailed in and made it a prank to remember! 

Here are the fake news links:

New York Times article

CNN Article

TMZ Article

Don McLean's Twitter Feed

Last week's prank worked so amazingly well that we decided to prank Andy again TONIGHT! After all, he would never be expecting it less. But then we devised a new prank so devious and perfect that Andy DEFINITELY would've fallen for it again, and you know what? I just didn't have the heart to do it to him. We are friends, after all. But here is what we were going to do (and since Andy NEVER reads Ken's Korner, maybe we can do this in a few weeks): 

First, I was going to put the station's fire alarm in "test mode" so that the fire alarm could still go off, but the fire department would not actually be called to investigate.

Then, during the show, Andrea was going to hold a lighter underneath a smoke detector to make the fire alarm go off. It's really loud. 

While Andy and I were talking on the air, the fire alarm would go off, and Andy would say "what the hell is that?" and I would answer, "oh nothing, just another false alarm." 

But then a few minutes later, somebody would take the smoke machine we've borrowed for the marathon finale and pipe smoke into the main studio through a duct. Andy would see the smoke and freak out! I would say "relax Andy, it's hardly any smoke at all, we have to do the show! Somebody probaby burned a bagel in the toaster." And more and more smoke would pour into the studio, and Andy would scream "That's No Bagel!" and flee into the street like a scared little girl. 

I'll let you know right here when we do it. 


Andy's Korner

I considered writing a few witty and snarky paragraphs, but that would have inconvenienced me. We thought you'd be interested in SEEING what Andy's corner looks like.

By the way, here's a photo of Ken's Korner.

Anybody want to guess what they're looking at?
Yet another panting dog GIF from Ken's illustrated radio playlist. Full playlist, gallery and audio archive here.
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