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Ten years ago, Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) with AV Festival 12 created the Radio Boredcast as a response to the modern world’s obsession with speed. Radio Boredcast, over 744 hours of online programming, instead celebrated the detail, complexity, and depth of experience through different approaches to audio. Check out the many archives here and remember to slow down.

Olivia Bradley-Skill
Music Director
  • THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE - The Day Computers Became Obsolete (No Type)
  • JOSEPHINE FOSTER - Godmother (Fire Records)
  • HABIBI - Somewhere / A Place We Call Our Own (Kill Rock Stars)
  • KIT SEBASTIAN - Melodi (Mr. Bongo)
  • SVEN WUNDER - Natura Morta (Mr. Bongo)
  • HÉLÈNE BARBIER - Regulus (Celluloid Lunch)
  • TYLER BAUM - Zwulkabemipthfojnyd (Self Released)
  • MOUTH CONGRESS - Waiting For Henry (Captured Tracks)
  • CAT POWER - Covers (Domino)
  • MASSAGE - Lane Lines (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  • COURTNEY BARNETT - Things Take Time, Take Time (Mom + Pop)
  • GROUNDHOGS - Road Hogs: Live From Richmond To Pocono (Fire Records)
  • THE JAZZ BUTCHERS - Dr Cholmondley Repents A-Sides, B-Sides and Seasides (Fire Records)
  • COIL - Love's Secret Domain - 30th Anniversary (Wax Trax)
  • PAMELA Z - Echolocation (Freedom To Spend)
  • MIKAYLA MCVEY - Time Turns Everything (The Long Road Society)
  • NALA SINEPHRO - Space 1.8 (Warp)
  • ELLE BARBARA'S BLACK SPACE - Délice Créole / Peach Purée (Celluloid Lunch)
  • MARCOS VALLE - Marcos Valle (Mr. Bongo)
  • KRISTYL - Kristyl (Gear Fab)
  • LAUREL PREMO - Golden Loam (Self Released)
  • SOCIETE ETRANGE - Chance (Bongo Joe)
  • L'ECLAIR - Confusions (Bongo Joe)
  • BONOBO - Fragments (Ninja Tune)
  • MERIDIAN BROTHERS - Paz En La Tierra (Bongo Joe)
  • ARTSICK - Fingers Crossed (Slumberland Records)
  • ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS - The Boy Named If (Capitol Records)
  • FRUIT BATS - Sometimes a Cloud Is Just a Cloud (Merge Records)
  • BOBBY VOLKMAN - Yellows (Beautiful Music)
  • CINEMA CINEMA - Ccxmdii (Nefarious Industries)
  • LIZ ALLBEE - Rille (Relative Pitch)
  • THEON CROSS - Intra-I (New Soil)
  • IRREVERSIBLE ENTANGLEMENTS - Open The Gates (International Anthem)
  • NOVELTY ISLAND - How Are You Coping With This Century? (Think Like A Key Music)
  • LUIS PEREZ - Ipan In Xiktli Metztli, México Mágico Cósmico, El Ombligo de la Luna (Mr Bongo)
  • WHITE MANNA - First Welcome (Cardinal Fuzz / Centripetal Force)
  • ALFA MIST - Bring Backs (Anti-)
  • PAYS P. - Ca V Aller (Peculiar Works)
  • PHEW - New Decade (Mute)
  • KIDS ON A CRIME SPREE - Fall In Love Not In Line (Slumberland)
  • TIM STORY - Moebius Strips (Curious Music)
  • ELIZABETH S. - Gather Love (Klang Galerie)
  • MATT LAJOIE - Red Resonant Earth (Flower Room)
  • MATTHEW SHIPP - Codebreaker (Tao Forms)
  • SUN RA & HIS ARKESTRA - Omniverse (Modern Harmonic)
  • TYLER MITCHELL FEATURING MARSHALL ALLEN - Dancing Shadows (Mahakala Music)
  • NAKED RAYGUN - Over The Overlords (Wax Trax)
  • CUCINA POVERA - Lumme (Primordial Void)
  • LIL UGLY MANE - Volcanic Bird Enemy And The Voiced Concern (Fashionable Death)
  • TOBY OLER - Hillbilly Mind Eraser (Self Released)
  • CHUBBY AND THE GANG - The Mutt's Nuts (Partisan)
  • LOST GIRLS - Menneskekollektivet (Smalltown Supersound)
  • DELVON LAMARR ORGAN TRIO - Cold As Weiss (Colemine Records)
  • FAY VICTOR - We've Had Enough (ESP-Disk)
  • BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD - For The First Time (Ninja Tune)
  • DON CHERRY - Organic Music Theatre Live 1972 (Blank Forms Editions)
  • DON CHERRY - The Summer House Sessions (Blank Forms Editions)
  • JOSEPH SPENCE - Encore (Smithsonian Folkways)
  • NICFIT - Fuse (Upset! The Rhythm)
  • STEADY HOLIDAY - Take Corners Gently (Teethy Dreams)
  • JAKE XERXES FUSSELL - Good and Green Again (Paraside of Bachelors)
  • THE BEVIS FROND - Little Eden (Fire Records)
  • NARROW ADVENTURE - 1981-83 (Spacecase Records)
  • AEON STATION - Observatory (Sub Pop)
  • LOS MICROBIOS - Cognitive Thinning (Self Released)
  • MALCOLM JIYANE TREE-O - Umdali (Mushroom Hour Half Hour)
  • MULTUMULT - Now and Then (Lollipoppe Shop)
  • VARIOUS - Yhteenveto: Ensimmäinen viisivuotissuunnitelma 2016–2021 (Komitea)
  • IBONRG, ENRIKE HURTADO - oMOrruMU baMAt (Repetidor)
  • DEAN MCPHEE - Witch's Ladder (Hood Faire)
  • GREGORY ACKERMAN - Still Waiting Still (Self Released)
  • JAIMIE BRANCH - Fly or Die Live (International Anthem)
  • MELVINS - Five Legged Dog (Ipecac)
  • MOON AND BIKE - One (Self Released)
  • MZYLKYPOP - Kiedy Wilki Zawyja? (Discus)
  • SPICE - 10 (VP Records)
  • ALBERT AYLER - Spiritual Unity (ESP-Disk)
  • KEELEY - Brave Warrior (Dimple Discs)
  • BRAINSTORY - Ripe (Big Crown)
  • GOOD LOOKING SON - Fantasy Weekend (Feel It Records)
  • PSYMON SPINE - Charismatic Megafunk (Northern Spy)
  • TEX CRICK - Live in...New York City (Mac's Record Label)
  • AL DOUM AND THE FARYDS - Freaky People (Black Sweat Records)
  • KHOOMEI BEAT - Changes Baglaash (Arc)
  • RICHARD MARKS - Love is Gone The Lost Sessions: 1967-1977 (Now-Again)
  • SPACE PANTHER - Glamdemic! (Main Man)
  • THE PREACHERS - Stay Out Of My World (Beat Rocket)
  • VARIOUS - Club Coco (Bongo Joe)
  • GREEN/BLUE - Offerings (HoZac)
  • ABIODUN OYEWOLE - Gratitude (Fire Records)
  • BIPOLAR EXPLORER - Forests, Voices, Coastlines, Dreams: Recordings for The Dark Outside (Slugg Records)
  • GENEVIEVE MURPHY - I Don't Want To Be An Individual All On My Own (Unsounds)
  • HEAVY COLOR - River Passage (Curious Music)
  • THE PORCHISTAS - BellA (Self Released)
  • CLAIRE CRONIN - Bloodless (Orindal)
  • TREASURES - s/t (Cimiotti Recordings)
  • DAVID LEE MYERS - Intervals / Interludes (Pulsewidth)
  • JANIS IAN - The Light at the End of the Line (Rude Girl Records)
  • MABILENE - The Other Side (Self Released)
  • NOLAN POTTER - Music Is Dead (Castle Face)
  • VARIOUS - This Love Was Real: L.A. Vocal Groups (Ace)
  • VARIOUS - This Is Lowrider Soul Vol. 2 (Kent Soul)
  • THE BUG - Fire (Ninja Tune)
  • GRACE CUMMINGS - Storm Queen (ATO Records)
  • LOVE, BURNS - It Should Have Been Tomorrow (Jigsaw Records)
  • MICHAEL WINTER - Counterfeiting in Colonial Connecticut (XI Records)
  • NITON - Cemento (Shameless Records)
  • NOV3L - Non-Fiction (Flemish Eye Records)
  • RUTH GOLLER - Skylla (Vula Viel Reocrds)
  • ANNE WALDMAN - Sciamachy (Fast Speaking Music)
  • THE MOTHER HIPS - Glowing Lanterns (Blue Rose Music)
  • ALYSSA GENGOS - Mechanical Sweetness (Egghut Records)
  • BEECHWOOD - Sleep Without Dreaming (Alive Naturalsound)
  • CEDRIC BURNSIDE - I Be Trying (Single Lock Records)
  • HAMILTON YARNS - Outside (Hark!)
  • LIZ COOPER - Hot Sass (Sleepyhead Records)
  • MUSKEG MUDSUCK - Mired In Muskeg (Self Released)
  • ROBERTO LANERI - South of No Border (Black Sweat Records)
  • SAINT ABDULLAH - Inshallahaland (Room 40)
  • THE JAZZ BUTCHER - The Highest In The Land (Tapete Records)
  • THE VEX COLLECTION - The Vex Collection (Carrier Records)
  • GUS CALLAHAN - From Sun To Sound (Atlantic Rhythms)
  • ANDREW GABBARD - Homemade (Colemine)
  • VARIOUS - The Daptone Super Soul Revue LIVE at the Apollo (Daptone)
  • THE HOLDOUT - Won't Be Leaving Here Today (Grafton Records)
  • ANGEL BAT DAWID & THA BROTHAHOOD - Live (International Anthem)
  • BABY GODZILLA - Daly City Presents Baby Godzilla (Dale City)
  • DAS RAD - Laik Tors (Discus)
  • ERIC CHENAUX - Say Laura (Constellation)
  • VASCO TRILLA - Acoustic Masks (577 Records)
  • CIMAFUNK - El Alimento (Terapia Productions)
  • FABIANO DO NASCIMENTO - Ykytu (Now-Again)
  • GALACTAPUS - You Better Not Cry (Galactapus)
  1. TREASURES - s/t (Cimiotti Recordings)
  2. GUS CALLAHAN - From Sun To Sound (Atlantic Rhythms)
  3. DONKEY NO NO - Bloom (Feeding Tube)
  4. LA GRIETA - Askeroso Getxo Sound 2005​-​2015 (Crystal Mine)
  5. ROB MAGILL - The Beast Of Our Nation/ Tired Times (Atlantic Rhythms)
  6. LINDA SMITH - I So Liked Spring (Self Released)
  7. RK FAULHABER - Dugong Weeps (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
  8. SHOEB AHMAD - Breather Loops (Atlantic Rhythms)
  9. NICKOLAS MOHANNA - Nerve Plexus (dadaist tapes)
  10. SU SOUS TOULOUSE EN ROUGE - Caveat Audiens (Important Drone)
  1. HABIBI - Somewhere / A Place We Call Our Own (Kill Rock Stars)
  2. BILLY SWIVS - Time Is Not On My Side (Wick)
  3. NEGATIVLAND - No Brain EP (Seeland)
  4. KRANG MUSIC / BROWNING MUMMERY - Split (Novichok)
  5. CASH & SKYE - No More Candy / Sweeping Wet Floors (Third Man)
  6. BUFFET LUNCH - Cheeks b/w Mild Weather (Upset the Rhythm!)
  7. SCHIZOS - Come Back With A Warrant (Sweet Time Records)
  8. KATH BLOOM - Long Way To Go Home (C/Site)
  9. SOCIO LA DIFEKTA - Kreski (Beach Impediment)
  10. SOFT ON CRIME - You've Already Made Up Your Mind (Eats It)
Night Scream Sessions Vol III 
Friday, February 18th, 9pm - 11pm 
on Primal Ice Cream with Solo Mon 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Primal Ice Cream presents “Night Scream Sessions Vol III” - therapy you can dance to.

Bob Brainen & Pete Tomlinson present the music of THE YOUNGBLOODS 
Saturday, February 19th, 11am - 2pm 
on Bob Brainen's show 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Their version of "Get Together" was a huge hit and became a '60s anthem. The band covered a lot of ground from well-crafted songs juxtaposed with free improvisations on their eight albums on Mercury and RCA as well as their own Raccoon label, which had 15 releases by themselves and other artists of their choosing, with wildly diverse content. 

Drop-In Presents DJ Lesley K 
Saturday, February 19th, 6pm - 7pm 
on Drop-In 
(on FM radio & Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
Guest DJ Lesley K brings you an hour of ska, rocksteady, and reggae to keep all the rude boys and girls warm on a cold night. 

Cities and Memory guest hosts! 
Sunday, February 20th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Stuart from Cities and Memory, one of the world’s largest sound projects, will do a global tour of some best sound of 2021 (from field recordings to sound art based upon remixing field recordings). 

Kelly Weill, author, "Off the Edge" 
Monday, February 21st, 6pm - 7pm 
on Techtonic with Mark Hurst 

The Flat Earth conspiracy continues to thrive, thanks to Facebook and YouTube. On the next Techtonic, Mark speaks with Kelly Weill about her new book, "Off the Edge: Flat Earthers, Conspiracy Culture, and Why People Will Believe Anything." Kelly will also tell the story of meeting the musician known as Flat Earth Man. 

Bappi Lahiri (1952-2022) 
Wednesday, February 23rd, 7pm - 10pm 
on Bodega Pop with Gary Sullivan 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Crowned Bollywood’s “Disco King” in the 1980s, Bappi Lahiri was the nephew of famed playback singer Kishore Kumar. Though best known for his upbeat hits dance-heavy films, Lahiri’s oeuvre also included soundtracks for numerous romantic classics. Lahiri passed away last Wednesday, and this three-hour tribute will honor the full spectrum of his output. 

Coco Maria 
Friday, February 25th, 3pm - 6pm 
on Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B. 

Mexico-born, Amsterdam-based radio host, record collector, artist, and compilation producer Coco Maria brings all that is joyous, tropical, and colorful to her morning show, Club Coco , broadcasting from Monday through Wednesday on freeform internet radio station, WorldWide FM. She’ll be joining Sophisticated Boom Boom to chat about her journey from Mexico to Europe, her love of radio, and the responsibility she feels towards her listeners. Plus a selection of her favorite female-fronted records. 

Drop-In Presents DJ Desdemona 
Saturday, February 26th, 6pm - 7pm 
on Drop-In 
(on FM radio & Rock'n'Soul Radio stream
DJ Desdemona shall be casting Psych-Prog-Synth Space Spells. Will u take a musical journey aboard her musical "shroomstick"? 

Attia Taylor guest hosts! 
Sunday, February 27th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

Attia will celebrate BIPOC women and non binary artists in the indie folk and psych space. 

"Whatever Happened to Kornholdt Collins" 
Friday, March 4th, 9pm - 11pm 
on Cha Cha Heels with Arb and Solo Mon 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Cha Cha Heels Returns with “Whatever Happened to Kornholdt Collins” - Our host has been missing since Jan 8th, or maybe longer. Find out what happened to Kornholdt in the gripping return of Cha Cha Heels. 

Sarah Van Buren guest hosts! 
Sunday, March 6th, 5pm - 6pm 
on Radio Row 

A sound collage of downtempo 90s mixed with spoken word, my own field recordings, found sounds, oddities, and other strange stuff. Recent gems from fave labels + genre-spanning artists, my own field recordings and other oddities! 

“They Shoot Whoreses Don’t They?” 
Friday, March 11th, 9pm - 11pm 
on Cha Cha Heels with Arb and Solo Mon 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Cha Cha Heels presents an interactive dance marathon featuring all the most irritating and complicated dance crazes. Win prizes and try not to die of fatigue as you cling to your partner. 

“Be a L.I.V.E.R.” 
Friday, March 18th, 9pm - 11pm 
on Cha Cha Heels with Arb and Solo Mon 
(on Give the Drummer Radio stream
Cha Cha Heels presents a motivational pyramid scheme wrapped up in a fundraiser and then drowned in cheap tactics. If we don’t make our quota, we will cancel ourselves. And you too. 

The Marathon Grand Finale with the Hoof and Mouth Sinfonia 
Sunday, March 20th, 7pm - Midnight 
on Marathon Finale

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