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 January 2015

Hey friends and Free Music Archive'rs!

This'll be a quick one! We don't want to cut into your New Year's resolution gym (or gym-avoidance) time.

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Man, everyone's attention span has shortened to almost nil. That's why we're launching a microSong contest this month - gotta stay current. Our blog will have more info, but here's the gist: make a song that lasts 15 seconds or less. Enter it into our contest from late January til mid February and you could win a 3-D printer or swag basket from WFMU or Creative Commons! Achieve greatness with minimal effort! [image credit]

Want to use the FMA, but a little confused about how to use Creative Commons licenses? It's okay. We're professionals! Not only can you ask us questions whenever you want, you can also attend one of our upcoming Webinars! We're going to have three: one for Video Producers (1/21), Educators (1/27) and Audio Producers (date TBA). Can't make it? No prob! We'll archive them all for you. Keep an eye on our blog for details. [image credit]

Creative Commons made you a mixtape for 2015!
It has 25 tracks from 25 countries!

Download it here

Keep the Free Music Archive free for all! We have more than 75,000 songs in our catalog to date - and growing! Do you love what we do? Would you like to help keep us up and running? Consider making a donation today

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