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June 14, 2013
WFMU News: If You Listened Here, You'd Be Home By Now

We're back! Not that we ever left the airwaves or anything but ye olde monthly newsletter did miss the entire month of May, due to bad planning and our stubborn clingish devotion to the May-less Gregorian calendar. 

Now that we know for sure that the US government is recording every single thing we all do all the time, please join us in doing the only possible thing we can do to protect our privacy: we must flood the NSA's channel so as to overwhelm them. Therefore, we do ask the WFMU faithful to begin posting as much inconsequential nonsense on the internet as humanly possible. I know, you're going to say that it can't be done. But that's what they said to Franz Reichelt, the man who flew off the Eiffel Tower. It can be done, and we present this June's monthly newsletter as part of the raw material needed to protect out civil liberties. Take it and GO! Use it for good and not for evil. At least not for really evil. 

Last April's pointless listener challenge asked for fake Prog Rock Albums and after enduring hours of synthesizer solos, the winner was decided upon: Aphodite's Polyp, the band concocted by Listeners Cecile, Cheri Pi and Rev Turnip Druid. You can bask in the glory of The Polyp and the other runners up on this page here. Congratulations to the Polyp crew - contact Station Manager Ken to collect your winnings! The Pointless Listener Challenge shall return next month with fresh pointlessness. 

Picture of George Orwell with a WFMU Microphone

Listener Meet-Up at Barcade in Brooklyn - Thurs 6/20! Join WFMU for a live broadcast, listener meet-up, and Galaga throw-down at Barcade in Brooklyn (388 Union Ave, Williamsburg) Thursday June 20th, 7pm-midnight. Dave the Spazz's Music To Spazz By will broadcast live 9pm-midnight, featuring Dave the Spazz's Cavalcade of Stars: Gaylord Fields, Michael Shelley, Rex, Mr. Finewine, Todd-a-Phonic Todd, Joe Belock, and Matt Fiveash. Proceeds from selected beer sales will benefit WFMU, thanks to Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn Brewery, Bronx Brewery, Lagunitas, Founders, Port Jeff, Captain Lawrence, Bluepoint, and Allagash for their generous donations. Don't forget to bring quarters! RSVP here.

WFMU's new schedule took effect Monday, June 10th and runs until December 2nd. Check it out! Some new voices join the ranks, some old voices return, and a few folks warm the bench this season.

For the fifth year in a row, WFMU broadcasted live from Barcelona's excellent Primavera Sound festival. We aired sets by Tinariwen, Thee Oh Sees, Mulatu Atatke, Meat Puppets, Omar Souleyman, Daniel Johnston, Wu-Tang Clan, and more! Check out the archives: day 1 | day 2. We'll be working on getting permissions to post some sets for download on the Free Music Archive... stay tuned!

Still waiting for your swag to arrive? Fear not, we are still in the throes of sending out goodies to everyone: the whole swagification process takes us months. The more swag you requested, the longer it will take. Thanks for your patience, and if you have any concerns about your pledge, payments, or swag, hit up Joe McGasko.

Engadget recently posted a video and article about WFMU and KCRW making radio in the digital age.

Give the Drummer Radio Web stream continues its march toward total global domination as it's is excited to announce a new show as part of its roster of live programming. Hinky Dinky Time with Uncle Michael (we can already hear the theme song in our head - it features jug) will air every Friday, noon to 3pm (ET), right after Doug Schulkind's Give the Drummer Some. Broadcasting from Topeka, KS, Uncle Michael promises "gloriously mismatched musical Lincoln Logs" and "drunken soccer anthems." Uncle Michael's playlists and archives will be accessible here.

Off-Mic DJ News / Gigs

Chris T. will MC the 31st annual Mermaid Parade on Coney Island on Saturday, June 22 at 1 p.m. Chris has been "The Voice of the Mermaid Parade" since 1989, the debut year of his long-running WFMU call-in show Aerial View.

The same day as the Mermaid Parade, Dave the Spazz will play a reunion show with his band The Sea Monkeys at The Gutter as a benefit for former drummer and WFMU DJ John Dolan.

In other Spazz news, Dave hosts the Dave the Spazz Movie Club at Videology on June 29 at 7 p.m. This month's feature is the gritty New York classic Blast of Silence. Cast member Molly McCarthy (Michael Shelley's mom!) will be present for a Q&A. (Busy Dave also DJs at Union Pool every Sunday at 6 p.m.)

Brian Turner was featured in the New York Times article "Digital Credit Where It's Due" about liner notes for downloads. Read it here.

Speaking of liner notes, Irwin Chusid authored liner notes for a new collection by the Metropole Orkest consisting of new arrangements of songs associated with the bandleader Esquivel in the 50s and 60s. Perfect Vision: The Esquivel Sound (Basta) is released on June 10th overseas.

Dave Mandl's article about how many classic songs are rerecorded appeared in Slate last month.

Faye of Hello Children wrote an article for arts blog Bad at Sports about the current trend of using plants in contemporary art. Read it here.

Kurt Gottschalk interviewed the legendary composer Robert Ashley for the esteemed if impossible to find (but available online) arts journal "White Fungus."

Upcoming Special Programs

The Oblivians bring Memphis soul-punk to Brian Turner's show, Tuesday June 18th, 3-6pm.

Irwin presents five new Joe Frank radio dramas in June and July. Tune in on select Wednesdays (6/12, 6/19, 6/26, 7/3, and 7/17) at 4pm to hear each half-hour episode.

Kurt Gottschalk wants to hear you jamming with the emerging Brood II cicadas. Go out and play with them, sing with them or record and remix them. If you don't live on the East Coast or they aren't cooperating in your area, other insect duets will be accepted. Get them done and send them in to miniature.minotaurs [at] gmail [dot] com by June 18 for broadcast on the first day of summer. But first, please go to for full submission details.

Sites for Sore Eyes

We're moving everything onto microfiche this year.

MP3s of North Korean Propaganda Music
First 3 Seconds of Every  No.1 Single from 1956-91

Ian Mackaye on Archiving, Fugazi, His Label, Mom & Skateboarding
Neil Young's 1st U.S. Band w/ Rick James, The Mynah Birds
45 Minutes of Paul Stanley Stage Banter
If we don't support this YouTube thing it's never going to make it.

Dolly Parton & The Tubes Vie For Cher's Soul 

Visualization of Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring"

Women of Punk Video Archive: Poly Styrene, Patti Smith, Slits..
"Take Five" Performed on Tablas, Sitar & Strings by Pakistani Orchestra
Science & Tech
We asked for a Gameboy, we got a cyclotron

Science Proves It! Music Can Be Better Than Drugs
Japanese Scientists Creating a Bonafide Dream Recorder
Oliver Sacks on People Who Hallucinate Entire Musical Scores

Arizona Man's Runny Nose Was Really His Brain Leaking Out

Eye Candy
If the senses were One Direction members, then sight would surely be Harry.

When Google Earth Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong
Beautiful Abandoned Places Around the World
Anti Acid House Propaganda from UK Tabloids, circa late 80s

Rene Magritte's 1920s Art Deco Sheet Music Covers
A Man in Glasgow Draws Pics of What People Say to Him
Depictions of Mental Illness in Art, 1440 to Today
Vinyl Tomfoolery
Providing record store clerks with actual reasons to hate you.

Cleaning Records with Wood Glue

The Price of Analog Audio Perfection

Jack White's Supercool Refurbished 1947 Record-Making Booth
Of More Than Passing Interest
Fancies and fripperies that even a dandy like you could muster.

Scariest. Mascot. Ever: Brazil's "Senior Testiculo"
J.G. Ballard Audio Books
William S Burroughs, Sentimental Cat Lover, Vicious Dog Hater
All About the 50s British Girl Gang Teddy Girls
Recent Gems from the FMA
Like an aural Take a Penny tray, but without discarded fingernails in it.

Download 8 Live MP3s of Outside Artist & Musical Improviser Lonnie Holley.
"Vespers" by Ergo Phizmiz Featured in WNYC Coffee Mug Porno.
Music for Video: Inspired & Flirty Instrumentals for Spring.
One-Woman Arsenal Ashley Paul: Vocals, Sax, Guitar, Bells, Cymbals & Warbly Cassettes

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