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At I/ITSEC 2014, BISim demonstrated its latest product VBS IG and unveiled a range of new capabilities coming in future releases of VBS3. Thanks to all the visitors to our booth who helped make I/ITSEC 2014 a successful event for BISim, TerraSim and our booth partners eurosimtec, Fujitsu, Motion Analysis and SimCentric.


The latest innovation in image generation. We demonstrated VBS IG running at 60 hz and perfectly synchronized across all displays, including particle effects and vehicles. VBS IG includes a VBS3 host communicating via CIGI v3.3 protocols and allows users to connect desktop instances of VBS3 with full mission simulators. It will be available in early 2015. Learn more here.

Oculus Rift integration

BISim also showcased our VBS3 integration with the Oculus Rift DK2. At I/ITSEC we showed the value of the DK2 integration for helicopter training. The DK2 allows users to track your yaw, pitch and roll and provides greater situational awareness for identifying obstacles when landing.

Maritime Capabilities

One of our newest developments for VBS3 is expanded capabilities for maritime training. BISim is implementing sea states from zero (calm seas) to 10 (stormy seas). BISim’s maritime simulation includes white caps for waves, sea spray, and ship wakes, all of which provide training cues for mariners. VBS3’s maritime simulation also allows administrators to adjust the color and opacity of the water, which affect visibility. We will soon add bow and stern waves. Look for a video in early 2015 demonstrating these new capabilities.

Electronic Warfare Capabilities

Electronic warfare training is vital for today’s warfighters. BISim has developed new capabilities to simulate and visualize radio frequency propagations (emissions and scattering) in VBS3, so commanders can understand and control the virtual electronic spectrum. These new capabilities allow users to visualize the transmission signal strength and reflections off objects in Virtual Battlespace. Watch a video to learn more.
Watch the complete I/ITSEC 2014 booth video here and learn more about ways our booth partners are adding value to VBS3 for training and simulation.

VBS User Group Video Now Available

At I/ITSEC, about 80 representatives from military organizations around the world attended BISim’s VBS User Group meeting. Co-CEO Pete Morrison presented information on current and new features in VBS3 v3.6, and he provided a sneak preview of forthcoming capabilities and new products. See this video for highlights from Pete’s presentation to the User Group.

VBS3 and 32-Bit Support

BISim is considering only supporting 64-bit computers in future versions of VBS3. Please note that if we do this, all 32-bit VBS Fusion plugins will need to be recompiled for 64-bit.

If you run VBS3 on computers that don't support 64-bit, please complete this survey. Thank you for your feedback.

Bundeswehr Significantly Expands Use of VBS3

The Bundeswehr has significantly increased its investment in Virtual Battlespace 3 licenses as part of an agreement with Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) and eurosimtec, announced during I/ITSEC 2014.

Read the announcement here.

VBS3 NATO Allows Coordinated Training for NATO Nations and Partners

NATO Allied Command Transformation, working with the United Kingdom Joint Forces Command and Bohemia Interactive Simulations, now provides VBS3 licenses for joint training exercises, experimentation and more to NATO countries and partners. The Joint Force Training Centre in Poland and the Greek army are among the first groups who have or plan to take advantage of VBS3 NATO licenses.

Visit the VBS3 NATO website to learn more and to request licenses for specific training dates.

Enhance Your VBS3 Training

BISim offers a suite of VBS3 training courses in our Orlando, FL, Farnborough, UK, and Williamtown, AU, offices. In January, we’ll begin offering a new course, Introduction to VBS Scripting, which caters to those unfamiliar with scripting concepts and builds upon lessons learned in the Administration Course.

Book a course online at or contact our training manager to arrange onsite courses.

VBS in the News

Army Times and Defense News covered the human dimension modelling capabilities in VBS3 and an Army official highlighted future directions for distributing VBS to users. Read more here.

Soldiers with the Stryker Brigade Combat Team at Joint Base Fort Lewis-McChord discuss the value of virtual training with VBS in this DVIDS story.

PC Magazine featured a story about Alelo, which uses VBS3 for its product VRP MIL, a virtual role-playing application that helps soldiers learn “soft” skills such as language and culture training. Read the full story.
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