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Innovate Disrupt Serve
VBS4 20.1 is Available Now!
Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ (BISim) proudly announces the release of VBS4 20.1, BISim’s most important software release since 2013. VBS4 20.1 is a full and complete replacement for BISim’s highly successful VBS3 product and starts the next revolution in Virtual Battlespace technology.
Visit BISim’s dedicated microsite to watch videos and learn more.
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VBS4 is an easy-to-use, whole-earth virtual and constructive simulation. It offers a massive step change over VBS3, providing greater ease of use, enhanced performance, and a whole-Earth terrain representation.
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VBS4 becomes BISim’s flagship product — a fully featured desktop training and simulator-ready replacement for all VBS3 capabilities, with its hundreds of use cases and integration possibilities. On top of that, VBS4 introduces VBS Plan and VBS Geo modes for fast and accurate scenario and terrain generation and VBS World Server (VWS), a complementary companion product to VBS4 which allows training anywhere on planet earth instantly out of the box.
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Put those together and add in the underlying VBS Blue engine technology and you have literally opened up the ‘world’ of training possibilities - leverage robust cutting-edge gaming and geo-spatial technology to train a vast array of missions at many different echelons whilst utilizing VBS Plan and VBS Geo to minimize the need for technical knowledge. VBS4 is truly a game changer.
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