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Brigade Level Simulation in VBS4
BISim recently demonstrated a Brigade vs Battalion scenario in VBS4, with over 2,000 high-fidelity military entities, all of which were moving and engaging along the Polish border. Every entity moved with high-fidelity animations and behaviors and every round was simulated with accurate ballistics. This represents a massive capability enhancement over VBS3. This huge scenario was generated rapidly and intuitively using the new VBS Plan capability within VBS4.
BISim also demonstrated the capability of VBS4 to simulate and render large crowds, demonstrating 5,000 moving civilian entities in the field of view at 60fps. Both pedestrians and traffic can be represented with support for traffic lights, lane following, etc.
VBS4 can meet training use cases that were previously only achievable with traditional constructive simulation, but with unprecedented visual and behavioral fidelity.
The “ready for training” VBS4 20.1 release is scheduled for mid-2020.
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BISim’s World Server Technology: Powerful, Comprehensive, Flexible
The majority of today’s existing terrain servers simply provide a mechanism for serving prepared data for visualization to a single runtime format. These servers do not dynamically propagate terrain changes (e.g., craters) to all instances at run-time, they cannot take limited terrain data and enhance it (procedural enhancement), nor can they serve correlated data to other runtimes. Without these capabilities, a customer’s simulation training capabilities are severely limited — participants in the same scenario see different terrain representations, third-party run times cannot be connected, and the time and cost of building terrain databases weighs heavily on budgets and training timelines.
Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ World Server technology is designed from first principles to overcome these limitations with cutting-edge networking, cloud deployment, procedural enhancement capabilities, and is built on open standards to facilitate easy enhancement with future technology advancements. TerraSim, a spinout from Carnegie Mellon University and wholly owned subsidiary of BISim, has applied its vast terrain-building expertise to create this next generation World Server technology.
The first productized application of this World Server technology is VBS World Server (VWS), which is a terrain server that supports both dynamic terrain deformation and procedural enhancement for BISim’s own run times, VBS4 and VBS Blue IG. VWS is provided for free with both VBS4 and VBS Blue IG.
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BISim Releases Updates to VBS4
Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) has released patch updates recently for VBS4, continuing to enhance the robustness and stability of its new virtual desktop training environment and simulation host.
The updates include optimized scene refinement loading times, shadow rendering optimization that benefits CPU-limited systems, and improvements to shadows from the vegetation. The updates also introduce new features and capabilities like the ability to delete individual recorded AARs from a Battlespace, a new ‘Navigate’ button to quickly and easily navigate to a Battlespace location, and the ability to use ‘location search’ when disconnected from the VBS World Server.
In VBS Plan, VBS4’s new mission planning tool, users can now add Mil2525C unit symbology using the new Unit Symbol Tool in the Drawings tab (Note: These drawings will not create VBS4 entities when building a mission). Also new to VBS Plan, users can also create new symbols using the symbol library and easily place them on the 2D map.
The updates also introduce styling changes further streamlining the intuitive user experience to complete the Prepare - Execute - Assess workflow. These changes include a reskin of the Points of Interest dialog to match the look and feel of the VBS4 environment, a new right-click context menu for administrators to create a Battlespace or Point of Interest and new right-click context menus to open, execute, edit and delete Battlespaces.
The most recent patch update also includes support for TerraTools 5.8, which introduces the ability to create terrain insets for VBS4.
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Enhance Your VBS Simulation Skills in 2020
BISim’s training courses can help you get a jumpstart on creating real-world training scenarios in VBS3. Our courses can also help you enhance your scripting knowledge to create training scenarios with a higher level of realism. BISim training courses cover a wide range of content creation and modification in all areas of VBS3 use including administration, scripting, rigging and import of models, and terrain development. We offer training courses designed to enhance your skills with VBS3 at our facilities in the US, the Czech Republic and Australia on a recurring basis year round.
Attending training courses at BISim training facilities also can provide opportunities to interact with trainees from other companies as well as speak with our developers, who are eager to hear customer feedback about how they can continue to improve VBS software.
For 2020, the following courses are scheduled:
Orlando Office (USA)
Week 12, March 18 – 22: VBS3 Administrator Course
Week 23, June 3 – 7: Model Rigging and Import Course
Week 38, September 14 - 18: NEW! VBS4 Administrator Course
Week 50, December 9 – 13: VBS3 Administrator Course
Prague Office (CZ)
Week 18, April 29 – May 3: Scripting Level 2 Course
Week 50, Nov. 9 – 13: NEW! VBS4 Administrator Course
Williamtown Office (AUS)
Week 20, May 13 – 17: VBS3 Administrator Course
Week 43, October 21 – 25: Integrator Course
If you’d like to sign up for the courses or want more information, contact our sales team.
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The DiSTI Corporation Signs Distribution Agreement with BISim
BISim recently signed a Software Value-Added Reseller agreement to resell The DiSTI Corporation’s GL Studio as an integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) tool for their VBS4 virtual desktop trainer and simulation host.
“DiSTI is highly regarded as a world leader in simulated instrumentation, and we’re pleased to be able to offer sample instruments to customers in future versions of VBS4 as well as a route for customers to add highly detailed instrumentation,” said Oli Arup, BISim’s Senior VP of Product Management.
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Customer Showcase: Sweden’s CV9040 Part-Task Trainer
The Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) needed to enhance the training functionality and vehicle simulations for their existing CV90 simulator in a cost-effective way. Since their StrisimPC program is already based on VBS3, the SwAF saw advantages in using VBS3 for their CV90 simulator so they could run the CV90 training at every site with a StrisimPC classroom. After comparing VBS3 with other competing solutions, the SwAF contracted BISim to develop an updated CV90 part-task trainer.
“The maintenance cost is much lower since we now have one [virtual] training environment for basic VBS3 training, CV90 training, RWS training and forward observer training,” said SwAF Senior Warrant Officer Anders Jakobsson. “In the earlier days, we would have had one simulator system for each of these needs, meaning one support contract per system, a lot fewer installations around the country, higher costs and less training capability.”
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MS&T magazine highlights BISim’s VBS4 as part of their show review of XR training aides.
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MS&T magazine writes about Novatech’s recent contract award to provide RHIB simulators to all Royal Naval Reserve establishments across the UK and Northern Ireland. The system uses BISim’s VBS3.
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Army Technology includes BISim’s involvement in the Virtual Reality in Land Training project in the UK as part of its top 2019 news stories.
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Monch Training & Simulation Channel report on BISim’s Distribution Agreement with DiSTI.
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BISim’s Tim Turcich is quoted in TechRepublic about the future of mixed reality in 2020.
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BISim’s CCO Pete Morrison is quoted extensively in Electronic Engineering Times about AI and simulation.
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CBS 8 San Diego reported on Marine West, held at Camp Pendleton, where BISim demonstrated VBS4.
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