Free bounce strokes video lesson for drummers.
Nick Langley on worship rehearsals.
Andy's smaller pedal rig. Like Andy's new pedal rig. Free video lesson for drummers. Worship rehearsals & more. on Facebook

Free video lesson for drummers
This week we have a free video lesson for drummers on how to use bounce strokes. This is pretty challenging so if you get to grips with bounce strokes from our Intermediate Drum DVDs this will massively improve your playing.

Gabba, Gabba Hey - Nick Langley's first experience of worship team rehearsals

"The Worship Leader started playing, the rest of the band drifted in as and when they felt like it, and before you know it, we’re all going hell for leather thrashing out exactly the same chords, oblivious to what’s going on around us." More humorous observations from Nick Langley.

Gear confessional - Andy's pedal rig

An insight to Andy's new condensed pedal rig featuring the Line 6 M13.

Ask the expert - laptop sound issues

Wonderfully detailed post for sound technicians and anyone having problems with getting sound out of laptops in a live church sound setting.

New MultiTrack Player - news

We are hoping to be able to launch the new MultiTrack player within the next week or so. We'll email you as soon as its live.

Friday Facebook Question - which keyboard do you use?

This week we are asking which keyboard you use and why.

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