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Urgent 3MTM 9322A+ Respirator Recall

Whilst not currently showing on the ACCC Recall notice website, our team have confirmed with 3M this is a legitimate recall.
3M confirm that these respirators were sold through multiple retailers around Australia, so anyone using these respirators should check for the affected lot numbers here

You're invited!

Join us for our upcoming Queensland Branch Meetings, Women In Contracting Events and Christmas celebrations:

6 Nov, Bundaberg Branch Meeting
14 Nov, Gold Coast Branch Meeting
5 Nov, North Brisbane Christmas Branch Meeting
16 Nov, Brisbane Christmas Branch Meeting
20 Nov, Kingaroy Branch Meeting
22 Nov, Townsville Women in Contracting Lunch
7 Dec, Gold Coast Branch Christmas Party

13 Dec, Women In Contracting Christmas Lunch

For more information about the events, visit our website here.

Keeping Safe at Work

We all know that a safety accident can occur at anytime and anywhere. SafeWork Australia reports that one Australian worker is injured every five minutes.

Injury is a major contributor to mortality, morbidity and permanent disability in Australian workplaces, so it’s essential that preventative measures are established to ensure that everyone is safe at work.

Safety should be your number one priority!

Australian workers have succumbed to agonising injuries and left behind grieving families and friends. Unfortunately, many workplace injuries and deaths can be prevented and are often a reflection on the poor health and safety standards applied by employers. Work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths also impose significant costs on employers, workers and the community including $61.8 billion to the Australian economy.*

* Statistics from SafeWork Australia

Australian Workplace Statistics

As we come to the close of National Safety Month, we provide an overview of the latest national statistics.


As at 10 October 2019*:

  • 121 Australian workers have been killed at work in 2019 which is up from 111 from the same time last year.
  • 6 workers from the Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste services and
  • 17 workers from Construction
Note: The number of worker deaths listed is a preliminary estimate of the number of people killed while working. 

According to the most recent data on fatality statistics across the Construction industry, (from the years 2012-2017), falls from a height caused 46 fatalities, of which 35% involved falls from a building or other type of structure, and 22% involved a fall from a ladder.*

Work-related injuries:

The most common work-related injuries experienced by workers in 2016-17* were:
  • 40,330 Body stressing
  • 25,070 Falls, trips and slips of a person
  • 16,565 Being hit by moving objects
  • 8,070 Hitting objects with a part of the body
  • 6,675 Mental stress
  • 4,645 Other mechanisms of incident
  • 2,650 Vehicle collisions
  • 1,455 Heat, electricity and other environmental factors
  • 800 Chemicals and other substances
Of the total of 106,260 work-related injuries reported, Construction accounted for 12.5% of all workplace compensation claims with 13,280 claims made.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), of the 13.4 million persons who had worked during the 12 months until June 2018, 4.2% experienced a work-related injury or illness during the same period.**

More than half of the people who experienced a work-related injury or illness were men (54.4%). However, the proportion of females who experienced a work-related injury or illness in the same period increased to 4.0% in 2017-18.**
Of the 306,800 males who experienced a work-related injury or illness:
  • 36% were Technicians and trades workers;
  • 13% were Professionals;
  • 11% were Machinery operators and drivers; and
  • 15% were Labourers when the injury or illness occurred.
Don't be a statistic. For more information on providing a safe workplace for you and your employees, contact our ME Safety team on 1300 889 198.

*  Statistics from SafeWork Australia injuries
** Statistics from ABS

Create a Safe Workplace

Our ME Safety platform can help you manage your safety, quality, environment, and business all in one place. With our three ME Safety levels, you will get all the functionality and flexibility you need to run a professional, efficient, and safe business.

All ME Safety levels (including Express) feature Beyond Blue – Mental health in the workplace safety meeting. Beyond Blue have kindly allowed us access to their resources to develop this meeting and promote this very important subject. The mental health in the workplace safety meeting can be found in the Training area of ME Safety.

Ask us how we can assist you and your team here, or contact our Safety Team on 1300 889 198.

Available Apprentices

Master Electricians in conjunction with Electrogroup is pleased to offer Apprentices in need of on the Job Training/Work Placement. Click here for a current list of Apprentices.














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