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 June 2021

What will the next 50 years look like? 

Imagine this: it’s the year 2071 and we are a vibrant nation teeming with possibility. No longer young, our feet are steady and grounded in the rich soil of a land trodden by many who have come from all corners of the earth, making the UAE their home. One hundred years of incredible stories, too many to count. From the descendants of the seafarers and desert dwellers of this land, to those who fled hardship and made this place their refuge, to the builders of the nation who work tirelessly around the clock, your stories are the wind that carries this nation forward. 

In the year 2021, you, dear reader, are standing at a milestone that deserves a moment of celebration and reflection. It’s the “Year of the 50th”—half a century of going against all odds, of building towers of dreams and alleyways of memories from the ground up, of families raised and projects realised, of all of that and more in the safety and security of this great nation. 

What will the next 50 years look like? 

Perhaps you, reader, will have children and grandchildren marking the nation’s Platinum Jubilee in 2071. What stories will you want them to remember? How will you describe your early years? Or your present moment and your visions for the future? Can you think of one photograph that captures the spirit of this home for you? We want to hear your stories. We want our future generations to know your tales. 

Come, grab a seat, have some tea, and tell us your story. 


Vernacular Memories

Discover Fadel AlMuhairi larger collection of superimposed photos of the UAE, capturing the historical and the contemporary space and place at once. 

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“Soon, I had the opportunity to work closely with experts from different walks of life. All of us, citizens and residents, worked hard in an environment of care and camaraderie... “

43 Years in Highlights

by Wissam Al Dabbagh


News 07th July 2021

Year of the 50th Fellowship Programme Opens 

Applications are accepted from UAE citizens and residents
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Early Dreamers

The Unsung Heroes of Your Family

You know how when your grandmother begins to speak of her memories, you feel like you can sit and listen for hours? That’s exactly what we’re inviting you to do, only this time we want you to record her story and share it with us.

It can be a conversation with your aunt, your father or your mother’s uncle - you know, the early dreamers in your family who have all the good anecdotes about the way things were (and sometimes, the funniest stories!). Not sure where to begin? We have some tips for you in the conversation kit below!




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Celebrate your stories in the UAE

To celebrate your stories in the UAE, we’ve created ‘Year of the 50th’ stickers on Instagram that you can now use to highlight your stories. 

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the incredible story of Ian Fairservice

Read the incredible story of Ian Fairservice, who started the UAE's first English language magazine, What's On, in 1979.


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