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July 2021

Our Early Dreamers

To say that the early dreamers’ stories we received in the past month were moving would be putting it mildly. The inception of the UAE undoubtedly carries with it extraordinary encounters between the rulers and the people, both the locals and the newcomers, in the process of establishing the foundation of the nation. Almost each and every early dreamer story is a personal recollection of these intimate experiences.

These stories don’t just add depth to the momentous achievements that we celebrate as a nation every year but also reflect the value that the country’s leadership placed on cultivating meaningful relationships with those who contributed to the development of the UAE. To the city that appears as a concrete jungle to the outside, its soul lies in the people that built it. From the sentimental telegram from Sheikh Zayed in response to a Syrian immigrant, and the prized necklace from Sheikh Rashid that’s been in a family for decades; these anecdotes show that the human dimension of the country’s success is as integral, if not more, to its continuous prosperity - not to mention the remarkable unity despite such diverse backgrounds of the people that have come to form this nation.  Do you or someone in your family and circle have similar memories you would like to share? 


Extraordinary Encounters 

The inception of the UAE undoubtedly carries with it extraordinary encounters between the rulers and the people, the country and its inhabitants, and the recollections documented here are an ode to the beautiful bond shared between the people and the UAE in the last 50 years. 

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"The UAE also meant something special to those of us who grew up in the West, with family and cultural heritage in the Middle East and South Asia. It was a way to re-root oneself in the region." 

Lara Setrakian READ FULL STORY
Culture 15 July 2021

Kaltham bint Mohamed: Visual Archives

Read more about Kaltham's documentation of the UAE history through collage
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THE UAE Year of 50 brand

The Year of 50 brand is a celebration of the Golden Jubilee and an investment into people-building and a recognition of those who have contributed to this nation’s development - Emiratis and non-Emiratis alike. 

It is an inflexion point to plan for the next fifty years. Find out about our narrative, design thinking and brand elements. 



The brilliant spice displays in old and new souks across the UAE don’t just speak to the country’s long history of trade and commerce within the region and beyond but also to the countless influences that have organically woven themselves into the Emirati cultural tapestry.


Read more about the remarkable journey of Al-Tayeb Al-Badawi Madawi Muhammad, one of the UAE's most prominent Architects and City Planners. His journey of 44 years in the country tells of magnificent contributions to the urban landscape of Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.


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