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Save the date!  The  Momma Grizzly herself will be in Tyler for a book signing at Sam's Club on November 20th from 10 AM - Noon.



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The Rise of Radical Islam - the #1 Threat to Civilization
Grassroots America features special guest - Jewish author, international speaker Avi Lipkin
Date:   Friday, November 15
Time:  11:30 AM - 11:40 AM lunch line; 11:40 - Noon Announcements and Director's updates; Noon - 1 PM Speaker
Location:  10818 University Blvd. (Spur 248), Tyler, TX 75707
About the speaker:
Avi Lipkin has spoken to numerous churches, synagogues and civic groups (including radio and  TV appearances). He offers compelling proof that the fanaticism of radical Islam is the number one threat to world peace today!

In his first book, Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat?, Avi presents his belief that Christians and Jews must forge an alliance to stop Islam’s secret goal to destroy Judaism and Christianity and dominate the world. His second book, released in late 1999, Christian Revival for Israel’s Survival expresses the need for Christians to awaken to their responsibility to stand with Israel in the days ahead.

Avi studied for an MA at Israel’s Conservative Jewish Seminary, is a spokesman for the Israel Defense Force (reserves) and is a former Sr. Editor and translator for the Israeli Government press office under Prime Minister Shamir.

For the last several years, Avi has traveled extensively throughout the United States, speaking to churches and groups of every size and denomination. He has appeared on TV many times with Zola Levitt, 700 Club, Carlos Ortiz, (in Spanish), J.R. Church, and on radio with Marlin Maddox, Jewish Voice, John Loeffler, Chuck Missler and many others. He has spoken across the country at Calvary Chapels, Prophecy Club, Assemblies of God, Women’s Aglow and more.
The God of Israel is He that giveth strength and power unto His people. Blessed be God. Psalms 68:35

The Life, Liberty & Property Tour
Comes to Tyler!

Why:   To make Texas strong for the tough days ahead, “We the People” must take the reins of influence away from special interests by ripping the “FOR SALE” sign off our state capitol! How? By electing constitutional conservatives to office – men and women who will resist the lure of lobbyist money and establishment arm-twisting. To do this, we must be ready to make informed decisions for the upcoming March 2014 Primary Elections.  In many cases, the primary election decides the race far in advance of the November General Election!

Who:  Statewide conservative leaders from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Grassroots America, Texas Eagle Forum, Texas Homeschool Coalition, and Texas Right to Life will all be on hand! You will be encouraged to see these fighters lay out what’s broken and how WE the PEOPLE can fix it! Don’t miss this meeting! Be sure to bring friends!

What:   The truth about the 2013 Texas Legislative Session…
Hear firsthand and see the evidence from these constitutional conservative activist leaders! They will show you how GOP “leadership” in Austin once again squandered opportunities to pass constitutional conservative legislation to cut state spending, limit state government growth, reduce regulation, stop the amassing of state debt,  end crony corporate welfare, ban sanctuary cities, end in-state tuition breaks and social welfare magnets for illegal aliens, repeal restrictive gun laws, end abusive toll road policies, and reduce the Lone Star State’s reliance on federal dollars to balance our state budget!  They will tell you about the mind-set that strips fetal pain language from pro-life legislation, fails to end “death panels” already operating in Texas medicine since 1999, and fails to pass American Laws for American Courts in order to prohibit the spread of shariah law in Texas.

When & Where: 
Date:  Friday, December 13, 2013
Time:  11 AM - 1 PM – the presentations will begin on time – get there early!
Location:  Lakeview Church of the Nazarene, 10818 University Blvd. (Spur 248), Tyler, TX  75707
What to do about lunch? Subway sandwiches will be available for purchase, or folks can bring their own lunches. Grassroots America will supply Christmas cookies for dessert.

Spread the word to family, friends, and colleagues, and plan to join us for the last meeting of 2013.

December Events & Meeting
December 2013 Meetings
Friday, December 6: 
Grassroots America's Champions of Freedom Award Dinner honoring US Representative Louie Gohmert and US Senator Ted Cruz.  Both honorees will speak at the event.
Time:  6 PM – 8 PM; doors will open at 5 PM
Location:  Harvey Convention Center, 2000 W. Front Street, Tyler, TX
An “Uptown Supper” will be catered by Eddie Deen and Company of Dallas.
Friday, December 13 - Call to Action Meeting 11:00 - 1 PM. STARTING EARLY!!  The Life, Liberty & Property Tour Comes to Tyler!

Grassroots America's Regular Meeting Schedule for 2014
In an effort to please the most people and encourage a broader group of attendees, Grassroots America will hold a standing meeting on the first Friday of every month (noon meeting) and the fourth Thursday of every month (evening meeting).
In addition to these regular standing meetings, we will make every effort to add an ACTION Workshop once a month in 2014 to give everyone the information and tools they need to be active in our mission to protect and advance the Great Cause of Liberty!



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* Food service & refreshments, as needed
* Website/Email Blast

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