Rudolf Steiner Health Center
Learn-Work-Share Summer program

From July 9-21, the Rudolf Steiner Health Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan will be hosting the Learn-Work-Share Summer program, a new Youth Initiative for 16- to 30-year-olds.

All participants will take part in the Learn portion of the program, July 4-8, where they will be introduced to anthroposophical medical, nursing, therapeutic, and biodynamic principles while building a community of anthroposophically oriented youth. A smaller group will stay for the Work Program, caring for low income patients who otherwise would not be able to attend a Retreat session.  The session will run from July 9-14 and will give the young people an opportunity for hands on work experience in an anthroposophical setting. 

The next section, the Share Program, is a week long day camp program for 10- to 14-year-old girls, teaching them about healthy lifestyle, movement, nutrition and gardening. The participants will work together with the girls on a variety of activities including preparing a healthy meal each day.

As many participants as possible will be housed in the Rudolf Steiner Health Center, a large beautiful building on the historic West side of Ann Arbor. Simple vegetarian meals will be provided.

The youth program is free and is now accepting participant applications online at until the end of February.

Interested professionals who would like to work with the young people as mentors in disciplines such as medicine, movement, nursing, art, music and nutrition should contact Sara at 734-663-4365.

Weaving a Mat for the Future

Te Whariki and Waldorf Teacher Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Morning lectures are over; the classroom has been transformed into a wool-weaving workshop and the students, each assigned a simple, wooden loom, are working hard to complete their practical skills assignment – in this case, a scarf or shawl to their own design.
Students come from all over the world to study at Taruna. They are united by a common interest in Waldorf education and they view arts and crafts as an essential complement to the cognitive, intellectual learning many of them experienced during their previous training as ‘mainstream’ teachers. Working creatively with their hands becomes a joyful part of their new career.

The Teacher Training Diploma offers them a one-year vocational pathway with which they can find a new way into a holistic and satisfying way of working with children. As well as immersion in the world of arts and crafts, the students spend the year studying the theory and practice of Waldorf education, culminating in an extended teaching practice in one of the New Zealand Steiner schools.
The students’ finished woolen articles will be one of the fruits of a program which includes learning handwork skills, wood-carving and bio-dynamic gardening. For most, it is a new and deeply satisfying experience to produce a beautiful article from wool and they are strongly motivated to take this further. 
Later in the year, they will have such an opportunity – unique to the country in which they are studying. This will be when they learn raranga, the maori art of flax-weaving so characteristic of Aotearoa/New Zealand The students learn about the respect given to harakeke, the great flax plant of New Zealand.
They hear the story of Hine te iwaiwa, the goddess of weaving, and begin an understanding of the unique Maori way of life and some of its key concepts. These leading principles are: Mana, the source of spiritual guidance and leadership;  tangata  whenua, the people’s awareness that they are stewards of the land and guardians of its conservation; Tapu, which defines that which is sacred or forbidden and Whakapapa, a deep respect for lineage and the wisdom of age.
As they weave, the students become mindful of the two craft traditions which have shaped the face of the country: the wool industry brought to the islands by European settlers in the Nineteenth Century and flax-weaving which has been an essential feature of Maori culture since the first canoes arrived, hundreds of years previously.
New Zealand is a land where two distinct and complementary cultures meet. Over the past two centuries, it has become a modern Western country with a good infrastructure and well-developed public services. Long before the first Europeans arrived, Maori lived close to nature, sharing a deep, traditional understanding of human spirituality with a profound responsibility towards the land, the water and the living creatures it sustains.
It is out of this that a memorable image of educational weaving has arisen.  Embodied in the Maori name, Te Whariki, the image is presented of a woven mat on which a whole community can meet and construct a life together. It pictures the complex process where children with diverse strands of experience, coming from very different backgrounds, respond well  when their different perspectives are recognized and understood. A curriculum and pedagogy which weaves together the many colored strands of the culture of its children stands to see strong, grown-up individuals taking their place in the world, respectful and appreciative of the gifts and talents offered by different cultural streams.
The Waldorf education course at Taruna plays a role in weaving such an educational mat for the future. In addition to practical skills, the college enables students to study music, painting, modeling, story-telling, speech and drama, within the orientation of anthroposophy and Waldorf pedagogy. These subjects constitute the traditional preparatory background for becoming a Waldorf teacher and the college is keen to explore ways in which such activities, originating in Europe, can be integrated with the spiritually-rich culture of the Pacific.
The aim is mutual fructification; ancient spiritual traditions can be enlivened by the insights of Western esotericism derived from anthroposophy: Waldorf practice flourishes when it takes root in other cultures. With the rising of new economies in South-East Asia, our teacher education course on the Pacific Rim is well-placed for supporting future developments in the region. One of the most important themes is this creative meeting of differing streams and traditions. 
Taruna has a long history of students from around the world. Currently, in addition to a core group of New Zealanders and Australians, there are students from the USA, Brazil, Malaysia, Italy and France. It’s a rich and diverse learning community in which the traditions and future potential of Waldorf education in the world can be explored and researched.
Students from the Northern Hemisphere experience the reverse of the seasons, unfamiliar constellations in the night sky and are challenged to find new ways of celebrating Festivals. The academic year of the Southern Hemisphere starts in January and runs through to December – quite different from the Autumn to Summer rhythms Northern students are used to.
The woven mat of Te Whariki is a picture of diverse strands of cultural experience combining to form the basis of a common learning community.
At Taruna, our aim is to take this much further – weaving an integrated approach to adult learning for teachers for the future.
For more information about the courses Taruna offers, please visit

Galleries of Student Work

If you haven't had a chance to take a look at the galleries of student work, there are galleries of paintings, form drawings, main lesson book pages and much more.

Just click here or on any of the images below to see the galleries.

Have fun!


Main lesson book pages

Form drawing

Contextual Studies
Registration form


Last week's article about the Teachers' Colloquium in Hadley, MA in March didn't include the registration form with the course description.

This week it does.

So, just click on the image to the left or here to see the registration form with all the necessary details.

From March 1-3, the Center for Contextual Studies will host a working colloquium at the Hartsbrook School in Hadley, MA focusing on the second lecture of Rudolf Steiner’s Study of Man. In this lecture, Rudolf Steiner develops the basic ideas of a new approach to educational psychology. This approach takes into account the presence of the spiritual dimension of human development in the learning process.


Tempus Social Entrepreneurship Conference
This weekend in Kimberton, PA

A Social Entrepreneurship Conference for High School and College age young people is being held in Kimberton, PA the weekend of February 1–2. Students and adults from the Kimberton Waldorf School and Triskeles have planned this event. We all know many young people who want to change their world for the better and who are ready to put their skills, passion and energies into new creative ventures – help us reach out to them.

This is a conference for just these young people. They will have a chance to meet with other young people and share their passions and interests, hear inspiring stories from successful social entrepreneurs and business entrepreneurs, and attend workshops and forums on many topics, including “Finding your angels: What do investors or incubators look for?”, “From here to there: Getting from the idea to the market”, “Show me the money: Financing a social enterprise” and others. National caliber speakers such as Jay Coen Gilbert, founder of B Lab and Zoe Seltzer of Good Capital will speak. Many successful young entrepreneurs will lead panels and forums.

This is a great opportunity for youth to take part in something that teaches them and touches their hearts and gives them hope for the future. This is the first conference of its type and we hope it becomes an annual event. We are asking you to help publicize this event and encourage your students to come and share and learn with this creative opportunity.

The conference will be affordable for all; a very low $15 registration fee ($12 for groups of 5 or more) will include a healthy breakfast and lunch on Saturday, prepared by the Kimberton Waldorf School Food For Thought lunch program. We want this opportunity to be available for everyone. If someone has a financial hardship, please let us know and we will find a way to help him/her come. Registration information at or through Triskeles at (610) 321-9876.

-for the Tempus conference planning committee, Hezi Haut, KWS


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First Grade Position 2013-2014, Great Oak School, Houston, TX

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Director, Mountain Oak Charter School

Full-time Grade One Teacher for public Waldorf-education, Desert Sky Community School, Central Tucson, AZ

First Grade Teacher 2013/14, Greenwood School, Mill Valley, CA (Marin)

Preschool Lead Teacher - 2013-14 School year, Greenwood School, Mill Valley, CA (Marin)

Grounds and Garden Specialist, Taos Waldorf School, Taos, NM

Dean of Education, Olympia Waldorf School, Olympia, WA

Summer Camp Coordinator, Olympia Waldorf School, Olympia, WA

First Grade Teacher, Olympia Waldorf School, Olympia, WA

Waldorf Inspired Childcare Seeking Co-Teacher, Sweet Waters Childcare, Excelsior MN

Job Seeker - French Speaking Nanny, New York City

Kindergarten Assistant, Tidewater Waldorf School, Eliot, ME

2 Upper school Teachers, The Moray Acorn School, Moray, Scotland

First Grade Teacher Position 2013-2014, Sebastopol Charter School, Sebastopol, CA

First Grade Teacher, Wellspring Waldorf School, Tunbridge Vermont

Band Teacher, Middle and High School, Honolulu Waldorf School, Honolulu, Hawaii

Immediate opening, Administrative Director, Honolulu Waldorf School, Honolulu, Hawaii

2013-2014 High School Math and Sciences, Honolulu Waldorf School, Honolulu, Hawaii

2013-2014 Grade One Class Teacher, Honolulu Waldorf School, Honolulu, Hawaii

2013-2014 Sixth Grade Class Teacher, Honolulu Waldorf School, Honolulu, Hawaii

Job Seeker - Teacher / Tutor / Home educator, Europe / Asia

Kindergarten and Grades teachers needed, Ocean Charter School, Mar Vista/Playa Vista, California

Needed: Class teachers committed to Waldorf Education, Ocean Charter School, Mar Vista/Playa Vista, California

First Grade Teacher, Bayou Village School, Houston, TX

Kindergarten Teacher, Waldorf Association in Murcia (Spain)

First Grade Teacher, Waldorf Association in Murcia (Spain)

Job Seeker - Class Teacher/ Art Instruction/ Grades Support, North Bay, California

HS Life Sciences/ Biology Teacher, 2013-2014, Highland Hall, Sunny Northridge, CA (southern California)

Job Seeker: Assistant in handwork or kinder care, Findhorn, Scotland

Director of Admissions, Waldorf School of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland

Strings Teacher- 3/4 salaried, w/ benefits, Emerson Waldorf School, Chapel Hill, NC

Full-time Eurythmy Teacher, ECC thru Grades, Highland Hall, Sunny Northridge, CA (southern California)

Class Teacher, 2013-2014, Highland Hall, Sunny Northridge, CA (southern CA)

Eurythmy Internship 2013-2014 School Year, Merriconeag Waldorf School, Freeport, ME

Spanish Teacher, Richmond Waldorf School, Richmond, VA

Director of Development, Kimberton Waldorf School, Kimberton. PA

Part Time Early Childhood Lead Teacher, Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI

First Grade Teacher 2013-14, The Brooklyn Waldorf School, Brooklyn, NY

Nanny Position in South Florida, Gulf Stream, FL

Job Seeker - Grades Class Teacher (lower or upper), Western US

Au pair in Italy, Waldorf, Anywhere

Pedagogical Chair, Orchard Valley Waldorf School, East Montpelier, Vermont

Job Seeker - early childhood/music opportunity, anywhere

Lead Teacher for Special Needs students, Raphael Academy, New Orleans

Tutor/mentor for twin-toddlers and their parents, At/around home care, Berkeley, CA

Art Director at Camp Augusta, Camp Augusta, Nevada City, CA

Change Lives at Camp Augusta, Camp Augusta, Nevada City, CA

6th Grade Class Teacher, Mountain Phoenix Community School, Wheat Ridge Colorado

Immediate 5th Grade Class Teacher Needed, Mountain Phoenix Community School, Wheat Ridge Colorado

First Grade Class Teacher, Mountain Phoenix Community School, Wheat Ridge Colorado

Remote Wilderness kids look for teacher with own kids, homeschool

High School Spanish Position, Credo High School, Sonoma County, California

English Position, Credo High School, Sonoma County, California

Math Position, Credo High School, Sonoma County, California

1st Grade Teacher, The Running River School: A Sedona Family Cooperative, Sedona, Arizona

Job Seeker - Class Teacher, west coast

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