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Enrollment Management Newsletter

August 2014- Bootcamp Recap

Welcome back to a brand new year! We hope that summer has given you some time to recharge and relax as you gear up for an exciting school year. How are your enrollment management efforts going? Has your enrollment stabilized? Increased? Declined?

What steps can you take right now to improve your efforts? The marketing team at OCS suggests filling out the Enrollment Management Diagnostic. This tool allows you to assess your current work and identify the areas that need improvement. Once you've completed the diagnostic, you can set goals for the upcoming year. And of course, remember that the OCS marketing team is here to support you along the way. 

Just a reminder: Our first AMEN Webinar of the year is Tuesday August 19th from 12:00-1:00 CST.  You can register here:


Save the Dates.....

Webinars and Workshops for 2014-2015

  • August 19- Webinar: Bootcamp Recap
  • September 16 Webinar
  • October 8: AMEN Workshop Quigley
  • November 18 Webinar
  • December 16 Webinar
  • January 14 AMEN Workshop Quigley
  • February 17 Webinar
  • March 17 Webinar
  • April 21 Webinar
  • May 19 Webinar

*All webinars are held from 12:00- 1:00 CST.

You can also view past webinars here


Taking a Look Marketing, New Family Sales and Retention....

In July, we held a day-long bootcamp to prep for the upcoming school year. During the workshop we focused on all three pillars of enrollment management. In an effort to recap, here are a few key concepts from each presentation.

Marketing Key Concepts

The goal of marketing is to:
> Reach key audiences with your value proposition through a consistent brand identity that is meaningful to your target audience- Prospective parents, Current parents, Alumni & friends
> Match the right and relevant message with the right audience

What is your Value Proposition?
> This is your starting place:  What are the distinguishing aspects, programs or dynamics that set your school apart -- that give you your unique identity and “reason for being”?  "Catholic" and "safe" are no longer sufficient.
> The value proposition articulates why your school is worthy of a family’s investment -- it justifies your school’s presence and cost.
> Your value proposition should be stated in terms that are relevant to your target audience (typically a parent -- and most often a mom).  Avoid “academic” lingo without giving proper context.
> Your value proposition is your story!  Tell it!

New Family Sales Key Concepts

Person in office is FACE/ VOICE of your school. Who answers your phone?
>Collect prospective family information
>Ensure that we stay on message with value proposition
>Ensure that we have a call to action (e.g. visit)
>Ensure that family has clear and supportive way to progress through application process

What does this follow-up procedure look like?
>Families need to hear multiple times that they are wanted – from multiple people – principal, teacher, other family member, potentially another student
>Follow‐up communications need to be purposeful i.e.: 1st call says X, 2nd call says Y, etc.
>Ideally, follow-up occurs within 1 day
>Every inquiry is a relationship building opportunity

What is your Admissions Process?
>Must be clearly identified and articulated in on your school website. Includes: application, deadlines, requirements, etc.

Retention Key Concepts

Communication is key....
>Nurture two-way communication with stakeholders
(parents, students, alumni, community members).
>Provide a family-friendly atmosphere and promote a positive and supportive environment for stakeholders.
>Stakeholders are recognized, treated in a respectful and kind manner and positively promote the school.

>How do you personally keep your families informed?
Keep them scripted . . .Constant and consistent messaging centered around a compelling value proposition.
>How do your stakeholders answer the question:
“Why should I spend my money to send my child to your school?”


A New Opportunity for 2014–15

Institutional Advancement 101

Institutional Advancement 101 (IA 101) is a professional training program for those who are interested in positions in the marketing or advancement programs of the schools of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Designed and taught by OCS staff and other advancement professionals, IA 101 sessions are intensive looks at the best practices of advancement work in our schools. The sessions will include hands on experience, group conversations, out-of-class assignments and the opportunity for individual consultation. There is no cost associated with the program.

Who should apply? 
  • Those with excellent communication skills;  strong belief in the mission of our schools and enthusiasm for strengthening them; ability to work independently, to lead and to work as part of a team; good understanding of computer systems; a college degree, preferably in a related field (marketing, business administration, communications, English)
  • Those who are in their first year in marketing or advancement positions with schools in the Archdiocese; those who are interested in making the transition from teaching, volunteer work or administration to advancement; college seniors who are interested in working in advancement for Catholic schools.
  • Because of the significant time commitment to this program by the OCS staff, we ask that only those who are serious about the training opportunity register for the course.

Advancement 101 will meet at the OCS office at Quigley from 8:30 to 3:30 on:
November 13                                     February 19
March 26                                            May 21

Please register for the class online no later than October 24:

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