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Enrollment and Marketing Newsletter

September 2012


September is just about over- we hope that you are settling into the new school year.  Congrats again to the 110 schools that are stable or growing.  What can your school do to make the list next year?  OCS has Marketing and Enrollment Consultants who are here to support your efforts.  Don’t be shy, contact us.

A few reminders for October:
1. Parent Ambassador Training is October 3rd at St. Frances of Rome. This will be a new session that we’ve developed based on best practices around the Archdiocese.  You’ll leave the training with practical ideas, tools and resources.  Whether you have a program in place or are looking to start one, we think it will be a valuable session.  Register here:
2. Lightswitch Video: Schools are already taking advantage of this great opportunity.  OCS will pay $200 of your bill which means your school could have a brand new video next month for $300-500. Learn more.  Start the process.
3. Save the Date: AMEN Workshop October 24th focused on Early Childhood Retention, ADC Workshop November 28th.
4. Like us on Facebook- We will be giving away some great prizes in the coming months.  You will not want to miss out!

As always, we appreciate the great work that you are doing and want to continue to support you as much as possible. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance.You can find more information on the portal:

Tip of the month:


It’s never too early to start thinking RETENTION. Take time this month to call all new families and make sure your school is meeting their expectations. If you have an upcoming school event, be sure to invite them!


Cultivating Your Prospects

This month’s newsletter focuses on tracking families who are interested in your school and developing a strategic system to follow up with them. A new school year is a fresh start and a new opportunity to re-evaluate your current systems and follow up procedures.

Take a few minutes right now to think about the process that a prospective family goes through when they express interest in your school.

-Is there someone designated to answer questions about the school? Do you have confidence that this person will answer questions thoroughly and in a friendly manner? Has this person been instructed to collect as much information as possible and to always invite the family in for a school tour? Is this person equipped to discuss tuition in a manner that will not intimidate the prospective parent?

If you lack confidence in any of these areas, take time to improve this process. First impressions are critical and a positive customer service experience can make a big difference for prospective families. Before we can move on to follow up procedures, it’s essential that the person taking calls is collecting as much information as possible. Here’s a form that might help.

Once a family has shown interest in your school, what type of follow up do they receive? Do you send them an info packet? Do you send them a welcome letter? A postcard? Letter from a teacher? Or parent?

Again take a few minutes to examine your follow up procedure. If you currently have no follow up procedure in place, look to add a few elements. Maybe you could have a current parent follow up by calling the prospective family and send a welcome letter from the school a few days later. You can then continue your follow up by inviting prospective families to any upcoming events at the school.

One follow up idea that is really personal and impactful is following up with the child. Let’s say the prospective student is in first grade. You could ask the first grade class to sign a postcard or note and mail it to the student. Kids love receiving mail and parents will be impressed!

You’ll want your process to truly reflect the welcoming and caring community that your school embodies. This is one way that you can ensure that your school stands out from the competition.

Extra credit: Do you already have a terrific follow up procedure in place? Have you incorporated teacher letters, parent/board member letters, press releases mailed to prospects? You might be ready to examine your “acceptance” and registration procedures. Acceptance letters are an excellent way to elevate your registration process. It allows you to welcome a new family into your school and lets them know that they are entering a special community.

Regardless of where your school stands, use time this month to find one way to enhance your tracking and follow up procedures.

New Futuro Fair

 For the second year in a row, OCS has partnered with an organization called New Futuro. New Futuro helps families get their children into college and beyond. They offer free tools, resources and ongoing guidance to help Latinos achieve their educational and career goals -

On November 10th, New Futuro will be hosting their annual education summit at Navy Pier. Last year the summit had close to 6,000 attendees. This year there are over 100 colleges and universities already confirmed, over 50 nonprofit organizations, and 40 workshops ranging from early childhood education to college internships. They will also be giving away $20,000 in scholarships.  More details can be found here:

We will also have an OCS table at the Summit representing all Catholic schools. If you or a bilingual parent or volunteer from your school would like to join us for a shift during the day, please contact Juana Sanchez ( (312-402-5905). The event attracts families from across the Chicagoland area and last year we collected dozens of leads for our schools. This is a great opportunity for your school!

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