Office of Catholic Schools Enrollment Marketing Newsletter  
Summer 2012

Marketing & Enrollment Newsletter

We hope that you are enjoying some "down time", even as you contribute toward our 10 weeks, 10,000 kids summer goal.
You know that summer is a critical time for marketing and enrollment efforts and we want to remind you of a few suggestions for summer marketing.
  • Call families-   Work with families who haven’t re-registered because of financial reasons. Offer financial aid. Call families on your prospect list and remind them that you are still registering for next year.
  • Mass Presence- Ideally your pastor can promote the school at Mass over the next few weeks. After mass, be sure to have a few parents available to have conversations with prospective parents.
  • Religious Education Outreach- Call families who were enrolled in RE last year. Start by identifying grade levels with open seats and call students in those grade levels.
  • Contact your local churches (Catholic and Non-Catholic) without schools- Will they allow you to place school information in the bulletin, speak at Mass, or have a table after Mass?  Ask the pastor if he knows of any families who might be interested in your school?
  • Community Outreach/Summer Programs- Are there any upcoming community events where you could promote your school? Ideas include: health fairs, carnivals, block parties, parades, “back to school celebrations” etc. If you are hosting a summer program, call any families who are not enrolled at your school and encourage them to register.

We'd also like to remind you to post summer office hours on your front doors and be sure that voicemail is updated with summer hours.  The summer is a great time to calendar for next year.  Here is our marketing calendar .  Take some time in July to plan your marketing activities for next year.

If you are working on a creative project or have an idea, please email us at
For more info and resources please visit:
We appreciate all of the hard work that you are doing and want to continue to support you as much as possible. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance. 
 Technology Resources

Take some time this summer to evaluate your website and social media presence.  Here are some sites that might help.  If you'd like somone from our office to help you revamp your website or social media sources, please contact us.

 Tips for Choosing a Parish Social Media Coordinator

Latino Marketing Summer Strategies

  1. Ask to place a plexiglass stand with a flyer and a highly visible headline in English and Spanish (e.g. “Latinos who attend Catholic school are more likely to graduate high school and college”, “100% of Students Who Graduate from St Joseph Catholic School Attend Their First Choice High School, More than 95% of St Mary Catholic School Alumni Graduate College, etc.) along with a sign-up sheet where interested families can leave their name, number, e-mail in a binder/notebook left permanently at the entrance of church; follow up with prospective families regularly
  2. Visit parks around the neighborhood on Saturdays and Sundays where Latino families are attending soccer and baseball games; hand out water bottles with labels listing your school information and Spanish messages e.g. success rates of Latinos (as listed above); or have your students host “lemonade stands” at these games to attract families
  3. Schedule your participation at upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) events e.g. Mexican Independence Day parades and festivals (on or around September 16); ask local businesses if you can join their floats or have your school represented individually, again promoting the school with key success rates marketing materials e.g. Children wearing t-shirts reading “My Goals: College, Heaven”


Summer Projects

- Be sure someone will be available throughout the summer to handle questions/tours etc

- Update Voicemail to include summer hours

- Place sign on school door communicating summer hours and contact info for school

-  Summer Activities:

  • Canvass local businesses
  • Send mailings
  • Participate in summer festivals/activities
  • Speak at your mass as well as local parishes without schools
  • Send press releases
  • Follow up with prospective families throughout the summer
  • Reach out to newly registered families to see if they have questions
  • Host small event at school to bring in new families
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