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February 2013

Enrollment Management Newsletter

Whether you work in a retail store, a doctor's office, or a school, focusing on customer service is critical in keeping your clientele as well as attracting new customers.  In Catholic Schools, customer service is a key part of our enrollment management framework.  Happy parents will share their excitement with other prospective parents thus increasing the number of new families enrolled in your school.  Happy parents will also gladly decide to "repurchase" or re-enroll year after year.  The Office of Catholic School Marketing Consultants have been busy presenting to faculty and staff around the Archdiocese on the topic of Customer Service.  Here's a sample presentation.  Are you interested in having us present at your next faculty meeting or staff development day?  You can contact us at:

Here's the litmus test that we encourage all of our school faculty and staff to use on a regular basis. 

Is the decision I am about to make or the action I am about to take going to:
–Build the Brand?
–Eliminate an obstacle?
–Deepen a relationship – build trust?
–Enhance the experience for a parent or student?
–Advance the mission?

Want to print this and share with faculty and staff? Here's a sample you can use.

We're here to help- Here are a few ways we can help!

Check out the February Calendar.


Social Media and Websites

February is a great time to step back and evaluate your online presence. Take a minute and google your school's name. What site pops up first? Are there any sites that review your school? Are those reviews positive? Do any negative references to your school appear when you googled your school's name?

In December, we hosted a Social Media webinar led by Ricky Austin from the University of Notre Dame. He discussed the value of social media in marketing and retention. Here's Ricky's sample conversation calendar.

Websites should exist as our 24/7 campus. Prospective parents often browse the web as a starting point for their school search. Take time this month to evaluate your website from the eyes of a prospective parent. Is your site up to date? Do you have engaging photos? Is there a section specifically aimed at prospective families? Do you have a contact us page with an intake form?

If you need help with updating your website or improving your social media presence, feel free to contact us!  We are happy to help.
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Customer Service and Cultural Responsiveness
The school leader has the unique potential to energize and galvanize faculty and staff for demonstrating great customer service, especially in being responsive to other cultures. But, regardless of the ethnic culture, consider these questions about your school from the desk of Fr. Joe Corpora, C.S.C., Director, University-School Partnerships Alliance for Catholic Education, Catholic School Advantage Campaign:
  • Front Office - How do we make people feel when they first approach us?
  • Feel of the School - What does the home culture look like? Does the school reflect the faith, culture, and values of the home community of the kids we seek to serve?
  • School Programs and Policies - What are our families’ needs? Do our school programs and policies adequately serve the day-to-day lives of the families we serve?
  • Recruiting - Who are the important people in this community, and what do they value?
  • The School Leader - What culture am I coming from? What do I need to learn about culture of the people I want to serve?

View the entire article (The Catholic School Advantage: Culture in Catholic Schools) here.


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