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April 2015
Social Media

The power of social media is undeniable. It is a (mostly) free way to promote your school to current parents, prospective parents, and donors. Is your school doing everything possible to effectively harness the power of social media? As we prepare for spring and summer recruitment and retention efforts, it is critical to make sure that we are employing best practices around social media. We hope that you'll join us for the webinar on April 21st as we discuss some of the top strategies. We will also feature representatives from Bloomz, an online app, that is similar to very private and individualized Facebook for school communities. It works to drive parent engagement and improve communications. St. Catherine Laboure has been utilizing Bloomz for the entire year and they will also be sharing their experience with the app.

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Save the Date: AMEN Webinar focusing on Social Media is April 21st : REGISTER HERE


Bloomz: An App to Improve Parent Engagement

Connect + Coordinate + Communicate = Success 
For the past year, the St. Catherine Laboure School in Glenview, IL has been testing a new mobile and web app that promises to help improve parent engagement by streamlining communication and coordination with teachers through a secure, easy to use tool. Adam Dufault, Principal of St. Catherine Laboure, had the initial conversation with the Redmond, Washington startup to understand how this app could help.

Taking a measured approach, Mr. Dufault started testing the app with a couple of teachers and classes, asking those who were more tech savvy to try the app for some time and report back the results, and if the test went well, he could expand to 4 or 5 more classrooms before asking the whole school to use the app.

After months of testing, the results have been really positive and teachers have quickly embraced the new technology. “Bloomz has taken the place of dozens of parent emails and endless paper newsletters and flyers in student backpacks,” said Dufault, adding that parents now know more about what their children do at school because “Bloomz gives a bigger window into the classroom”. Unlike email, when using Bloomz, teachers feel more confident that communication is reaching parents, “knowing it’s popping right up on their phone” – referring to the notifications functionality in the app, which can also come very handy when urgent matters require attention. Bloomz has an ’alert’ feature for urgent communications that sends a notification to your phone and via email, improving the chances parents will see it.

But it’s not just communication, the Bloomz app allows teachers to schedule classroom volunteers, parent-teacher conferences, and even share pictures of students with their parents in a private environment. The experience feels familiar too (think Facebook for teachers and parents), so it’s no surprise it has caught on. All these can help parents stay on top of what’s happening at school, and reduce the amount of time teachers dedicate to these endeavors.

“Bloomz has allowed us to strengthen the relationships that make a difference in the learning of our students. Communication is fast and easy - nothing gets lost in backpacks or in email inboxes anymore,” said Dufault. This positive experience at St. Catherine Laboure could easily be translated to many of the schools within the Archdiocese of Chicago as a way to improve communications and parent engagement.

You can learn more about Bloomz here:

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