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November 2011

Marketing and Enrollment Newsletter

As we enter into the hectic holiday season, it is important to continue your marketing and enrollment efforts. There are four areas that we'd like your school to especially focus on this year- Enrollment Management Framework and Teams, Parent AmbassadorsValue Proposition, and Enrollment and Revenue Growth Strategies.  If you missed our recent AMEN Early Childhood Marketing seminar or Value Proposition webinar, this month's newsletter offers a recap.

The foundation of any marketing plan is a solid Value Proposition.  Your value proposition should clearly answer the question- “Why should I spend my (precious) money to send my precious child to your school?” Once a value proposition is in place,  it should be consistently communicated to your constituents on an ongoing basis. Take time this month to develop or refine your school's value proposition.
A value proposition:
  • Identifies the key value drivers to why parents should select the school and proof points that support these key value drivers.
  • Shows through clearly in all of our marketing efforts and deliverables – including web sites, brochures, ads, etc.
  • Differentiates the school – What makes your school unique/special?
Consider the following suggestions when creating your value proposition:
  •  Use stories and testimonials to bring your story to life
  •  Photos are an excellent way to communicate elements of your value proposition
  •  School surveys can illuminate aspects of your school that should be highlighted in your value proposition
  • Avoid language that only school personnel will understand- your value proposition should speak to parents

On November 8th, John Moran from the Big Shoulders Fund led a webinar focused on value proposition. Here is the presentation in case you missed it. Need more help in developing/refining your value prop?  Contact someone from the OCS Enrollment Marketing Team.
On Friday October 28th, OCS and Big Shoulders Fund led an AMEN workshop focused on Early Childhood marketing strategies.  Take a moment right now and consider the size of your 8th grade class.  Whether you are graduating 70 students or 7, increasing enrollment in your early childhood programs presents a tremendous opportunity. In our guided discussion, we covered four main topics.

 Visit the Portal for more information on Early Childhood Programs-

For more info and resources please visit:
We appreciate all of the hard work that you are doing and want to continue to support you as much as possible. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance. 

 School Snapshot-    St. Colette 

St. Colette School in Rolling Meadows has grown its enrollment by more than 13% since the 2010-2011 school year.  Along with school marketing events and community canvassing (handing out flyers at farmers markets, resale shops, and neighborhood homes) by their Enrollment Management Team, St. Colette made targeted outreach to the Latino community.  A visit to a local Spanish-speaking Catholic parish with student, alumni and parents yielded not only huge interest but several new students to St. Colette.  The same students, alumni and parents made outreach at St. Colette’s Spanish mass, realizing new interest and increased enrollment from their own parish.  Word of mouth has been the most effective recruitment tool amongst the new Latino parent ambassadors.  By simply reaching out to the all-Latino parish with no school five miles away, attending masses, offering information about the school, and having existing parents there to showcase the school and letting the prospective parents know that a Catholic education is a very viable choice for them, St. Colette has become a more active and growing school.

November Projects


New Family Sales

  • Encourage current parents to call prospective parents who have expressed interest in the school


  • Communicate results of survey to current families- highlight success and address concerns (if you conducted a survey)
  • Ask students to write a note of “thanks” to their parents for sending them to a Catholic school- or send a note to parents thanking them for their dedication to the school

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