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Statue of 'Mad' Anthony Wayne

Newburgh is a monumental city. On Sunday, April 3, 2016, the Society will welcome members and guests for an opening day that will include a slide presentation entitled “Monumental Newburgh.” A panel led by Tom Knieser will showcase the many beautiful sculptures and memorials installed in the city. There is a story behind the motivation and creation of each public monument.

“In the years we traveled with our kids to various cities, the outdoor sculptures became a part of the memory,” Knieser reflected on how he came to appreciate the topic.

One of the most interesting back stories to local public art is that of the debut of a life-sized equestrian statue of General Anthony Wayne. General Wayne had been headquartered here for a time serving under Commander-In-Chief George Washington. He is best known for his heroic service at Valley Forge during that desperate Pennsylvania winter encampment and for his win at the Battle of Stony Point here in the Hudson Valley. Read more→

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Message from the President

The December 2015 Candlelight Tour was a great success. We had the highest number of attendees ever! The tour was a lovely tribute to the memory of Anne Coon, the official and unofficial chair of the event for many years whose untimely death last April left us all feeling bereft.

The committee, board, volunteers, homeowners, and our wonderful director, Matt Colon, all did their best to put on a great tour in Anne’s memory - and we did. Crawford House looked great with the dining room, Anne’s room to decorate every year, spectacularly done with greens and flowers by Bill Mocko in Anne’s memory. Flo Aruza made the goodies for the dining table. Flo along with Patty Caserto and Jan Heidelberg staffed the gift shop, another of Anne’s former bailiwicks.

The Flower Ladies made beautiful arrangements of flowers and greens which require many hours of work. Their faithfulness in coming back year after year (Barbara DeMeo even brings homemade soup and bread!) is so much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Tour, our sponsors, and also to everyone who attended.

Image: Sue Knieser, Warren Cahill, and Carla Decker celebrate the 2014 Candlelight tour with Anne Coon.
CANDLELIGHT TOUR COMMITTEE: Florence Aruza, Warren Cahill, Patty Caserto, Matthew Colon, Gayle Fedigan, Jan Heidelberg, Tom Kneiser, Allynne Lange, Russ Lange, Bill Mocko, and Roy Spells. Volunteer coordinator: Lily Norton.

DECORATIONS, ARRANGEMENTS AND GUIDES: Lucy Attreed, Julia Attreed, Alan Axelrod, Marianne Butwell (floral). Cathy Cahill, Lucille Carcaramo, (floral)., Patty Caserto (floral), Susan Cassidy (floral), Barbara DeMeo (floral), Jeff Doolittle, Susan Havko, Paul Hill, Jim Hoekema, Paul Huber, David Manning, Jenny Manning, Ingrid Mazzola (floral), Mary McTamaney, Bill Mocko, Karen Monti, Jacob Nelson, Cathy Nugent, Lily Norton (floral), Joan Paese (floral), Cathy Prager, Richard Rosencrans, Patty Sofokles, Sheldon Stowe, Michele Stowe, Marion Teehan, Tomas Uhliarik, Dora Wright (floral).

We particularly want to thank the homeowners for opening their homes for the tour. Visitors always enjoy the chance to see Newburgh’s finest houses decorated for the holidays. Thank you very much also to Bonnie & David Fekishazy , 2015 Tour Sponsors, and to Overlook Farms of Middlehope for providing the fruit used in this year’s decoration.
- Allynne Lange, President -

Welcoming New Board Members

The Board of Managers of the Historical Society would like to introduce two new members, who joined the Board last year and have already been participating in Historical Society activities. They are Alan Axelrod and Glenn Marshall.
Alan, who volunteered to speak at the Growing Up in Newburgh discussion last fall and who joined the large group of volunteers decorating the Crawford House for the last Tour, has been a prominent lawyer in the Newburgh area with the Sobo and Sobo law firm. A graduate of NFA—class of ’64—and a member of that team’s basketball program, Alan then graduated from Union College in 1968 and joined the army after that leading to law school at Boston College. He returned to Newburgh and became involved with the community, coaching several team sports in the area. He and his family became very active with the Multiple Sclerosis Society, both on the national and local level. He has helped sponsor the “Madeline’s Marchers” named in memory of his wife who died from the disease in 2003.
Image Right: Alan Axelrod sharing his memories of “playing ball” as a young man for Newburgh Free Academy. Alan was one of five panelists who shared their memories during a popular 2015 Growing Up in Newburgh event.
Glenn is also a graduate of Newburgh schools, and currently resides in New Windsor, where he was a member of that town’s police department for 30 years. He attended Mercy College for a BA/BS degree and then John Jay College of Criminal Justice, for his MPA. Glenn has been the Town of New Windsor Historian since 1997, and has worked on compiling records of the town’s history. His interests include the American Revolution as well as local history of the area. He is currently compiling a power point program about the Newburgh shipyards which he will be presenting this August for the Historical Society.
We are fortunate to have both Alan and Glenn on the Board.
In August, Glenn Marshall will present a slide show focusing on the construction of the Newburgh Shipyards, some of the people, local involvement, the ships and their fates and finally follow the yard from 1917 to the present. In the spring of 1917, Thomas C. Desmond announced he would build a new shipyard on the Hudson near Newburgh. The public met his announcement with skepticism. Shipbuilding was thought to be a dead industry in the area. Glenn looks at the history of the Newburgh Shipyards and what it took to rise to success. More information→

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Upcoming Exhibit:
Newburgh-Beacon Ferry

View of Newburgh from the Hudson River aboard the ferry, Orange, 1926.

The Newburgh-Beacon Ferry is the subject of a new exhibit by the Newburgh and the Beacon historical societies to open this summer at the Crawford House. This is a collaboration between both organizations to tell a complete history of crossing the Hudson River from the eighteenth through the twentieth century when motorists began to span the newly completed bridge. The exhibit is curated by Newburgh Historical Society member Russell Lange, creator of the 2015 award-winning exhibit, Growing Up in Newburgh. It features documents, photographs and objects that showcase a heritage shared between the two river cities. An opening reception will be held for on Friday, June 17 from 6 p.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $5 per person and free to members of the Society. Refreshments will be provided.

Support our 2016 Projects

Oral History!
Have you ever taken a ride on the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry before the bridge opened in 1963? Was it for pleasure, business or both? If so, then we want to hear from you. We are collecting oral histories related to the ferry to use in the upcoming exhibit and a upcoming presentation. Interested? Good. Call (845) 561-2585 or email us at to find out how you can participate.
Scholarship! The Society is pleased to announce that a $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to an eligible student who shows an interest in history or related fields of study. Applicants must be deserving college bound high school seniors or college students from the Hudson Highlands region who have shown an interest in the history of the area and have demonstrated this interest through participation in activities that relate to the history of the area. Applications are due June 15, 2016. Please call (845) 561-2585 or visit our website for details and to download the application.



Visitation to both the Crawford House and special events was an all time high last year, which the Society saw as an indicator of an alluring schedule of activities. The program committee has assembled an equally appealing calendar for the 2016 season.

Jacob Nelson, a volunteer on railroad and traffic duty, was surprised about how many people typically attend the annual Candlelight Tour. This past tour there were a record setting 468 visitors. We learned that Jacob has never been on tour before last December. As you can tell from the photograph he shared with us, Jacob was very busy!

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Matthew Colon
About Society: The Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands was incorporated in 1884. Serving as stewards of our history, the Society is dedicated to collecting, preserving and interpreting historical documents, artifacts and personal mementos of the Newburgh area. The story of our unique local history is told through these Society collections.

Society Mission: The Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands preserves the history of the Greater Newburgh area be promoting and appreciation of the region's unique attributes and protecting its architectural, cultural and historic resources.

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