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2011 Is Alive - Are You?

(*NOTE - As of January 2011, ROCKSTAR RADIO officially changed its name to THE BLINDING HEIGHTS PODCAST*)

Good Evening, Planet Earth!

Happy New Year and I hope everyone has taken their first steps into this fanastic new decade in a great way! 2011 can be everything you want it to be and more.. be alive and follow through with your dreams.  I am currently booked to return to performing 5 nights a week at Hog Penny Pub in Bermuda again this April 1.  Taking 2010 off from nightly performing was a great refresher (after a steady 6 years of gigging full-time) and I'm really looking forward to starting up the live show again and bringing some new material and energy to my performances.   Hope to see you at the show ;)

January is shaping up to be a busy month for me as I am designing my all-new website for  Currently leads to my Facebook Fan Page, but after careful consideration and talking with other independent artists I've decided it's time to take better control of my musical presence online and get my own original homepage up and online.  It will feature links and connections to all my songs, photos & videos all in one convenient place while taking advantage of social media resources like Twitter, Facebook and as a new home for my blog.  I'll send out a special launch email to everyone once the new site is up and ready to roll.. right now I'm shooting for an early February launch.

Have you heard my album, 'Dancing With The Dead' yet? Since the release of my debut album back in April 2008, I have made the album available for free download as a 'Digital Edition', but this version is going to be taken offline permanently next Friday, Jan. 21!  To generate funds for my next album project 'The Blinding Heights' I am needing to sell many more copies of DWTD so from next Friday on it will available only in its original format as a paid download or CD from  Therefore, if you don't yet have a copy of the Digital Edition of DWTD, head over to its homepage and get your complimentary copy now (..sorry, now expired!)

Would you agree that it makes sense (cents?) to fund my next album with sales from my current album?  Let me respond by saying that the main reason I am launching a brand new website is to kickoff the start off an all-new marketing campaign to raise awareness about DWTD and my indie rock podcast, ROCKSTAR RADIO.. which leads me to my next point.

It has just come to attention this morning (yes, literally the morning as I am writing this blog entry) that ROCKSTAR RADIO is infringing upon a previously filed trademark for that title in use as part of radio/broadcast program.  IT's my own fault for not researching the title more thoroughly before I began using it, but it's all good (lots of living and learning goin' on)!  I'm going to create a new title for the show and basically nothing else will be affected in regards to the program.  In fact, my biggest concern with 'Rockstar Radio' has always been that's it a little generic, so let me get something fresh and new happening.

Here are the Feature Artists that appeared on December's episodes of ???Insert Snappy, New Title Here??? Podcast, in addition to all the other great indie bands that performed on each show:

The Hot Toddies - Episode 8 on Dec. 5

Nick Sterling - Episode 9 on Dec. 19

I'm also posting a daily ROCKSTAR RADIO 'Song Of The Day' that you can hear via my Facebook Fan Page or Twitter.  Please leave comments below the tunes that you enjoy and I'll respond :)

I appreciate your support and look forward to performing for as many of you as possible throughout 2011.

Thanks for listening and rock on!





With the launch of ROCKSTAR RADIO Podcast on October 10, I also began a challenge I have wanted to undertake for a long time - write a bunch of new original songs.  Therefore I am attempting to premiere a brand new, original demo song for free download on each week's show.  These songs are demo recordings, meaning they are not overly produced and likely just a vocal and acoustic guitar.  The second part of the plan is to make this collection of songs the foundation for a proper new Will Black studio album called 'The Blinding Heights' to be recorded in late 2011.

Click the little pictures to hear the songs and read the lyrics:

   Alexandra Falling (demo) - Alexandra gets her wings... embracing the Out-Of-Body experience.

   Firing Squad (demo) - Caught! Facing the sentencing of a woman's scorn..



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