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WILL BLACK DISPATCH Fan Newsletter / Issue 03
I am an independent recording artist. My hope is that this newsletter will entertain you and convey my gratitude for your support of my musical art. Rock on - WB

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Good Evening, Planet Earth!


Happy Holidays to everyone out there and it is my pleasure to launch this brand new edition of the WILL BLACK DISPATCH directly to your inbox.  In addition to having the newsletter sent conveniently to you via email, I will also start publishing it on a bi-weekly basis.  My goal is to have closer communication with friends and fans around the world who enjoy listening to my music and I believe this newsletter will be key to achieving that.

This month marks the end of my 5 year run as entertainer at Hog Penny Pub here in Bermuda.  It has been a fantastic experience for me that I will never forget and I will always be appreciative for.  Along the way I made many new friends, performed nearly 1000 shows, finally got back into songwriting and released my first album of original material.  Unfortunately Bermuda has not been spared from the global economic downturn and tourism here as dropped huge since I first started in 2005.  Therefore the owners of Hog Penny have decided to not have any live entertainment for next season and I have in turn decided that it is time to make a much needed return to Toronto, Canada...



  Beautiful Losers - Player



Beautiful Losers is an epic song at over 8 minutes in length.  Why so long?

  • The ballad portion of the song never changed much while I was recording, but the ending certainly did.  Once the band got the go ahead to open up and go for it over the outro - everything just took off.  I wanted an ending full of loud rock ‘n roll drama to finish off the song, so Mike Conto and I ended up deciding to trade guitar solos.  I take the first one and he plays the following.  I was really happy with how the outro took the theme of the original ballad and brought it to a whole new level.
Who is performing the heart-wrenching string parts throughout the song?
  • Karen O’Brien flew in from London, England to play both the viola and violin parts heard on the recording and in one chilly afternoon at Metalworks Studios in Toronto we laid it all down.  Her strings performance was what really made this song special for me.  During my 5 years of playing at Hog Penny Pub, Karen performed with me regularly as a member of Irish Jam Night.  Great times and I look forward to working with her again on the new album in 2010.

Is Will Black a “beautiful loser”?

  • Only when I’m true to my heart ;)

Click the song player above to listen to Beautiful Losers.

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"What kind of songs would you like to hear on my upcoming album, The Blinding Heights?

Use examples from any of my previous recorded songs or maybe one of your other favorite bands that you really love.  Your valued insight will help in deciding which direction to take my next collection of songs."

Beginning this issue I am posting a new, regular article called Fan Feedback.  This will be a forum/wall where YOU get to respond to various questions and ideas that I put forth.  I would love to see this open up a new channel of personal dialog between me and everyone out there listening to my music.  This is a great chance for you to tell me your thoughts, make a recommendation or offer your opinion.


Please post your comments on my homepage at or email me at  I will publish the best responses in the next issue.
Thanks ;)

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