Will Black Dispatch Newsletter ♪ October 13, 2016

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Good Evening, Planet Earth!


Getting ready tonight for Hurricane Nicole to make a direct hit tomorrow here in Bermuda - yay :) Got my Perrier, some wine, a bunch of mac & cheese and most importantly - a brain full of songs waiting to be written. So by the time you are reading this newsletter, the eye of the storm will basically be overhead and I will be off the grid. No worries, I got the safety checkboxes all checked and will see you on the other side.

This year's Will Black OPS fan event took place in rural Wisconsin in honour of Tim Deaton's 50th b-day. 3 days of music performances, celebrating, bouncy castles and wobbly pops took place this past Sep 23 - 25 in Waterford, WI with folks flying in from as far away as Norway.

A big shout-out to Tim & Sue Deaton for hosting us and to Brian Tiernan (Boston, USA), Lynnette Holle (Nebraska, USA), Mason Frost (Alabama, USA), Kerry Blakemore (Brighton, UK) and Anne Ragnhild Kroken (Norway) for making the trip. Our little family troupe from Bermuda had a great journey as well.

WE.. ate the best burgers in town at Sobelman's.
WE.. toured the Harley-Davidson Museum (very cool rides there).
WE.. spent an afternoon watching NFL football and playing "Cards Against Humanity" (my favourite of the weekend).
WE.. sang along and rocked out to 3 different acoustic performances.
WE.. enjoyed the warmth & hospitality of rural Wisconsin courtesy The Deatons.

Click the photo above or go here to view the awesome photo album from TimmyFest this year.

This Friday October 14 my 2017 Wall Calendars will be on sale too!

$25 for 12 months of rock star poses from my live shows and album studio shoots.
Sales open at 11 AM EST / 4 PM UK Fri Oct 14 on my website exclusively at

* Limited Number, so don't delay * The plan is to sell and ship my entire order out to the fanbase before Halloween this year - so I'm feeling very ambitious :)

And finally I want to give a quick update on the growing success of my live stream shows that I perform daily on Facebook (except for tomorrow, see Hurricane Nicole above). I started doing these daily first week of September and a month later things are still going strong and slowly growing.
I've finally settled on a schedule that seems to work best. These are free, song request driven shows that you can watch live and interact with OR catch the replay afterwards.

From the heart of the Bermuda Triangle
I perform YOUR requests planetwide online!

Daily shows streaming live on Facebook
Watch online free here:

2 PM EST / 7 PM UK

11 AM EST / 4 PM UK

Hog Penny Live WED thru SAT
From the bar 9:15 PM EST / 2:15 AM UK

Song request list (600+ tunes to choose from)

Next week I'll announce the release day for my international release of my 3rd album "Cry Like Hell" - get excited.

Thanks so much everyone for your support.

Rock on, Will

Will Black - The General (Lyric Video)
Lyric video for "The General" from my new album "Cry Like Hell" releasing Nov. 2016.
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