Welcome to five cities of Greece!

Autumns in Greece are mild and fascinating, setting the perfect backdrop for touring through some of the most enchanting cities of the country. Age-old history, culture, special events, and local traditions provide an alluring urban canvas for you to discover.

This month’s suggestions include a visit to Athens, where you can attend the 30th Classic Marathon of the city, among thousands of world-class athletes; travelling to Patras and enjoying a visit to its Archaeological Museum, an example of modern architecture and one of the most modern museums in Europe; watching great films at the 53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival; relishing the city of Volos and some delicious fish dishes at its tsípouro tavernas; relaxing in Rethymno and letting the locals treat you with warm-hearted hospitality, just like our friend Günter Exel did!

You want more? Visit the new Visit Greece Youtube channel and watch wonderful videos from across Greece.
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Get ready for the 30th Athens Classic Marathon!

For the 30th consecutive year, thousands of runners from the world over are going to compete on the classic course connecting the legendary battlefield of Marathon to the impressive Panathenaic Stadium, celebrating stamina, fitness, sports spirit, and the great victory of the Athenians over the Persians in 490 BC.  

On your marks…

In the famous tsipouradika of Volos!

Dozens of little bottles with pure tsipouro – the famous 25ers – and an incredible variety of delicious meze in small dishes: that is the image you will definitely see in the quaint tsipourádika (tsipouro tavernas) in Volos.


Welcome to our new Youtube channel!

The Visit Greece web team is happy to announce the launch of the redesigned and improved Official Visit Greece Youtube Channel! Explore Greece's unique sights, travel through its beaches and mountains, marvel at its culture and discover it through the eyes of its visitors. 
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Chania or Rethymno?

Visitors and locals fight over which of the two is the most beautiful city in Crete. It is to this dilemma that Günter Exel, a friend of Greece and a “TrueGreece” ambassador answers through his personal experience.

And the winner is…

Love cinema

If you are a cinema fan don't miss out on the 53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival (2-11 November). The Festival invites you this year to a special cinematic celebration, with a renewed viewpoint, many special tributes and a clear preference for the independent cinema.

Let's meet in Thessaloniki...

A visit to the Archaeological Museum of Patras 

Whether you are in for a daily excursion to Patras or a short break visit to the area of Achaia, don’t forget to schedule a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Patras. Museum exhibits will definitely inspire all ages! 

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Greece is amazing! The food, people and landscapes...and of course the beaches! @HTGlobe on Oct. 16

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