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December 2015

The most wonderful 

time of the year! 


The most magical time of the year is finally here. Houses, streets, squares and buildings get decorated with lights and ornaments to make the season even more special for children and the young at heart. Public spaces get swarmed with people and music bands play their happy Christmas tunes elevating everybody's spirits. This is the season when everybody celebrates and the Visit Greece team is at its best! This month we suggest you:
  • depart for a journey and discover cosmopolitan mountainous villages around mainland Greece
  • explore the picturesque waterfalls of Edessa
  • taste the reminiscent of our childhood citrus fruits in a cake for your Christmas dinner
  • discover why Greeks decorate boats for Christmas
  • read our Greece on the Spotlight article
  • watch our new video about ‘Athens’
  • enjoy the Chocolate Factory in Athens and Oneiroupoli in Drama
  • see what ‘Athinorama Suggests’ has for us this month.
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The Visit Greece webteam
Cosmopolitan Mountainous Villages
Citrus Fruits
Waterfalls of Edessa
Chios Mastic a Natural Remedy
Greek Christmas Boat
Off to Athens we go
Oneiroupoli in Drama
The Chocolate Factory in Athens
'Athinorama Suggests'

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